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Camp Virtual

Now that you have the toolbox, it's time to create.

Welcome to Samurai Camp Virtual - the ultimate lifestyle and habit-building experience! Are you tired of setting goals and then struggling to follow through with them? Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the challenges of daily life? Well, it's time to create a new normal with Samurai Camp Virtual.


Our virtual event is split over two optional breakthrough weekends, providing a comprehensive three-month process designed to help you achieve your goals with confidence. In a small group setting, leveraging Klemmer tools, you'll experience breaking through roadblocks and overcoming obstacles that stand in your way. Samurai Camp Virtual is a unique product because every piece of the experience is a la carte you pick and choose which mechanisms within the process you would like to leverage to achieve your goals. Everything is available and everything is optional.


At Samurai Camp Virtual, we believe that accountability is key to success. That's why we provide a supportive system that encourages small groups of people to work together and accomplish their goals and dreams. With our structured accountability program, you'll have the guidance and motivation you need to stay on track and achieve your full potential.


Whether you're looking to build better habits, achieve a personal or professional goal that appears out of reach, or simply create a more fulfilling lifestyle, Samurai Camp Virtual has everything you need to succeed. Join us for an unforgettable experience that will transform your life and help you achieve your wildest dreams.

The fairest way to gauge anything is on results; often harsh always fair.

Let's look at the results of 2022:

From our most recent Samurai Camp:

  • 72% of students achieved their professional goals

  • 85% of students achieved their self-honoring goals

  • 88% of students achieved their contribution goals

  • 89% of students achieved their personal goals

84% of students achieved their goals in all four categories and collectively:

  • Released 613 lbs.

  • Contributed 4,538 hours of service

  • Created $71,227,420.30 of new revenue

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Samurai Camp is a 3 month seminar, made up of two formats: Weekly small group zoom calls accompanied by two optional, breakthrough weekends in Bandera, Texas.


Financial Abundance

Depth in Relationships


Meet professional milestones

Discover the Strategies

Create and Solidify Vision

Leverage the Power of Team

Unprecedented Accountability 

Integration of Klemmer Tools in Daily Life

Stepping Into Balance

Embracing a Bigger Plate

Time Management Strategies

Weekly Progress Reports and Accountability Journals

Commitment to a Quality Driven Life

Our Graduates Report

Increased Income

Better Family Dynamics

More Time Freedom

Heightened Resiliency 

Skills that keep giving an advantage in life

Increased Sense of Purpose & Passion

Deeper Spiritual Walks

Better Skills in Conflict Resolution

More Meaningful Relationships 

A More Fulfilled Sense of Self

Healthier Lifestyles (weight loss, mental health, emotional well being)

Increased Success in Setting and Achieving Goals

Pastor Ken Hart
Alycia & Ben Testimony

Tuition is $4,195

Ready to take action? 

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