Klemmer Certified

Klemmer is proud to present the graduates of the Klemmer Coaching Academy’s  “Foundational Coaching Certification”.

Members listed on this page have completed our six-month coaching program and we are pleased to announce them as Klemmer Certified Coaches.

Klemmer Coaching Academy graduates are assigned star rankings based upon the level of work they have completed in K&A's core courses.

  • Two-star coaches have completed Advanced Leadership

  • Three-star coaches have completed Heart of the Samurai

  • Four-star coaches have completed Samurai Camp

  • Five-star coaches have been a Team Leader at Samurai Camp.





Zoe Jones


Zakiya McCormick


KCA Coach - Janis Albeck


Coaching through life's transitions, gaining momentum in retirement, achieving balance, healthy life and nutrition coaching

Loves Park, IL
4 Stars.png
(815) 262-7387

We are all unique individuals and deserve a rich fulfilling life in which we feel empowered, inspired and confident. Is that where you are in your life? What are you dreaming about or hoping to accomplish? Are there areas in your life where you feel as though you have settled or are just plain stuck? Several years ago Janis began a quest of self-discovery that brought her to where she is today. She is passionate about helping others find new meaning, purpose and focus for their lives. Whether you are young, old or in between there is probably something in your life that you would like, something more, something better or something different. Janis is the one to walk alongside you to help you realize those dreams. Janis has a wealth of experience in both life and nutrition and her Klemmer and Associates journey brought all of those experiences into sharp focus. She found a way to give back to others by providing the support and guidance to create a clear vision for their life purpose, their career goals, and their dreams. Janis is a loving mother and grandmother and loves the Lord. She is involved in her church and community and has a home-based business - combining a positive forward moving life and healthy nutrition. Janis began her Klemmer & Associates journey at the beginning of 2013 with Champions Workshop then continued with The Quickening, Advanced Leadership, Heart of the Samurai, and then while working on Samurai Camp also completed her certification in Klemmer Coaching Academy. Here is what one client said about Janis. "I am so thankful for my life coaching sessions with Janis. She is a fantastic listener and always has just the right questions to guide me. Janis tailored every lesson specifically with me in mind and was eager to hear how each lesson had been reinforced in my life during the week. I appreciate how she truly came alongside me for this part of my journey - not just coached from the sidelines. Our time together was a blessing!" Jenn Paulsen, Illinois ​ Every aspect of life is a celebration - let's work together to make it happen!

KCA Coach - Donnie Alexander


Personal, Business & Life Coach

Grand Junction, CO
4 Stars.png

Donnie began his Klemmer journey as a student in December 2009. He is a member of ALS Team #143, Heart of the Samurai Team #42, Sam Camp Team #32, SCV Team #1 and was a Team Leader in Sam Camp Team #38. His passion for connecting with people, his energy and Good Vibrations contribute to him living in his purpose; to be a servant, guide and support others in discovering their Eternal Light. His “Team” oriented coaching approach, locking arms with and getting in the trenches with you, will support you in discovering your “WHY” & discovering the More, Better Different Life of your dreams. He can support you in vision and dream building, goal creation and tracking those goals to completion and achieving the results you say you want to create. Donnie has 30+ years experience coaching High School and Collegiate Baseball & leverages that expertise in helping you see your Internal power and light that you may not be able to see in yourself,,, YET. Donnie can help coach you in your personal life, professional & business life, help with team building in those areas and that coaching can cross over into many other areas of your life as well. Are you ready for the next level of your greatness?? Well then...Put me in coach, I’m ready to Play. Contact Donnie to get in the Game of life and play to your full potential.

KCA Coach - Kathy Anderson


Executive & Business Coach, Life Coach

Minneapolis, MN
5 Stars.png

Kathy is passionate about supporting others in realizing their full potential and creating the life of their dreams. She comes along to help you discover what is truly important to you and guide you through a goal driven process that will deliver measurable results. Her objective is to empower you with tools that will propel you forward, and to hold you capable of creating the results you say you want. When you choose to work with Kathy, you will navigate the process of setting smart goals, learn how to track your progress and develop a skill set that will equip you to overcome obstacles. Kathy believes that a coach gets to walk their talk and demonstrate they can achieve results for themselves as well as others. She has created a six-figure income, released 50+ pounds and has a 10 relationship with her children and her husband who she has been with for over 30 years. Kathy's coaching certification is complimented with: - Over 10 years of experience in leadership and personal development training - Over 20 years of experience as a successful business leader, entrepreneur, start-up member, owner and manager - Published author of professional articles "Kathy not only coached me through achieving my goals, she held me to a level that I thought impossible and she knew was achievable. It was awe inspiring to see what I accomplished." "Kathy could relate to me and she was engaging, easy to talk to. I felt like I was heard." Kathy's journey started in 2008 at a corporate event leading to her PM enrollment. She was a member of ALS 180, Heart 39 and Sam Camp 29. She held leadership/senior leadership roles in SC32, SC34, Virtual 1 & 2 and SC37. Ready to take your life to the next level, own your greatness and move forward with momentum and support? Kathy is ready to work with you so reach out to get started today!

KCA Coach - Lauren Archibeque


Coaching Specialties: 
The life of your dreams is waiting for you…
I will support you in your journey to live it! 

Gilbert, AZ
4 Stars.png

Like you, Lauren Archibeque has always had an appetite for self-development and searched for a life that works! What does that mean? It means actually living the life you dreamed about. It means being completely and absolutely satisfied exactly where you are AND still moving forward, playing an even bigger game of life. What does that look like in your world? That can look like being happy in a good relationship and moving that into a #10 relationship filled with all the things that are important to you! It can look like going from paycheck to paycheck in a decent job into a place of loving your job and earning an income that provides you with exciting options. It can look like finally finding your passion and moving fully into it! So many are living lives of quiet desperation … knowing there is more, but not sure how to get there. Lauren will provide the support and the guidance to get you where you know you belong. She will be using all the tools she has learned along the way, mixed with her unique life experiences and humor to keep you moving forward. Lauren has been on the K&A journey since 2008 with Personal Mastery and to date has completed Advanced Leadership, Heart of the Samurai and Sam-Camp. She continually uses the tools to move herself forward into her own vision of more/better/different. One client put it this way … “Lauren has been very instrumental in coaching me into making positive shifts in my life. I have laughed, worked hard, cried and had fun! It has been a great experience with life changing effects!” Expect to be held accountable. Expect to be loved. Expect to be challenged and stretched. Expect to get results…and expect to have fun!

KCA Coach - Alan Beech


Business & Life Coach

Hamilton, ON, Canada
5 Stars.png

Do you have audacious goals in your life, Alan is your guy! There is nothing more exciting that to see clients stepping into their greatness. Alan has worked in the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds for the more than the past 30 years. Alan still actively owns a number of successful businesses but his passion is to be involved with clients who want to “dent the universe”. He has been actively working as a business coach for the past three years doing: Facilitation, performance groups and one on one coaching/consulting. Alan started his Klemmer journey back in the spring of 2012 and since then he has completed all the work including a highlight of a Team lead at Sam-camp 27. He believes that this work has been life changing, allowing him to see the abundance in his own life. “Imagine a life of abundance: Inspired and fulfilling, imagine your life as you wish it to be, then prepare to step into greatness.” Here is what Alan’s Clients are saying: “I had the opportunity to be coached by Alan over a 5 month time period. My experience of Alan was completely life changing. His constant commitment and ability to coach me through a variety of challenges resulted in me reaching all four of my goals." “Alan has made a profound difference to my business and my life. When Alan first came to my business it was in trouble and just scraping by. Within a few months of his guidance we managed to turn each month into a record month and turn a profit. Within the last year of using his coaching my shop has gone from blah to WOW. Customer retention is up and my business is growing at a great pace. Alan’s proven techniques help him to help others in ways that most others would not understand. I would recommend Beech Consulting to any business owner who is tired of spinning his wheels and wants to get more out of their business and life.” “Alan is an encouraging and effective Coach because he isn’t afraid to ask the questions that lead clients to undercover their own answers. Alan has opened me up to an abundance mindset and has helped to clear my head of unproductive programs that have held me back. Alan coaches from a place of abundance and gives from his heart.”

KCA Coach - Melanie Birky


Personal and Professional Coach

Goshen, Indiana
4 Stars.png

Melanie is passionate about empowering others to discover their purpose and transform their life to its fullest potential. She believes the dreams and ideas you have aren’t there by chance, but rather to be manifested. She knows everyone is capable of creating a life they love and being the person that they genuinely enjoy. “Life is too short not to love your life so let's create the life you want to live!” –Melanie Melanie values walking the talk and strives to lead by example inspiring others through her actions and results rather than her words alone. Before the age of 30, she was a 5-time martial arts world champion, a self-made millionaire, the CEO of a company leading over 20 Team Members and 800 students, and an adoptive mother! Goal setting and a commitment to growth is something Melanie has practiced from a young age and continues to live out every day. Ready or not, here you come. Let’s do this! What Melanie's clients are saying: "Melanie is tough, but kind and doesn’t let excuses get in the way. She continues digging through the excuses to get to the root of what is really holding you back, but she does it with kindness and compassion. She is always there to cheer you on with your success and encouragement through the tough things." -Trina "I am fundamentally, at my core, a different person. Melanie’s whole person approach has helped me realize where I was letting some parts of myself go. I am now able to see where I am not nurturing myself in certain areas and set goals and obtain a greater balance in all areas of my life. I am more apt to give myself grace and talk more positively about myself than ever before. Coaching has given me confidence in who I am." -Lori

KCA Coach - Danielle Butler


Coaching Specialties:
Personal and Business Leadership Coaching,
and Creating the Life You Say You Want.
(one-on-one, groups, teen, adult, speaking engagements)

Waianae, HI
5 Stars.png

Danielle Butler started her K&A journey in Jan 2015, 9 years after her divorce and move from California to Hawaii. She realized she’d been “hiding out” from life and was ready for a change. When she walked into the Champions Workshop, she knew she was where she was meant to be. She completed the K&A journey in Nov 2015 and was invited back to lead the next Samurai Camp in Dec of the same year. She successfully coached 6 students into reaching their goals, making the impossible suddenly possible, and had a tremendous amount of growth, fun and connection while doing so. Danielle graduated KCA while volunteering as a Samurai Camp Team Leader in Jan 2016 and opened Infinite Possibilities shortly thereafter. Danielle Butler is a Powerful, Abundant, Intuitive, and Cherished Woman who will masterfully guide you into creating the life you say you want. Using the K&A tools, the teachings of KCA, and her own life experience, she easily taps into her intuition and allows the Universe to flow through her so you can receive the message that was meant especially for you. When you choose Danielle as your coach, you will: Discover what is truly important to you. Have the opportunity to create more, better and different in any and all areas of your life. Feel supported and held capable, likely in a way you’ve never experienced before. And you will learn to set goals, to be held accountable, and to achieve the impossible. Danielle coaches without judgment and from a place of love and curiosity that creates a space where you get to explore in a safe and confidential environment. Danielle’s specialties include: - Network marketing growth - Business development - Relationships, personal and business communication - Health and wellness - Parenting - Spiritual growth - Increased self worth And breaking through habits that hold you back. If you’re looking to create real results in your life, click the link below or give Danielle a call to schedule your free 20-min discovery session. You’ll also find more information about this month’s specials, package pricing and an have opportunity to follow her blogs. It is sure to be an incredible experience and the investment is one that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

KCA Coach - Destiny Dehaven


Coaching Specialties: Life Transitions,
Walking Through Pain and Loss,
Coaching Coaches,
Removing Limiting Beliefs,
Breaking Through Competing Commitments

Loveland, CO
5 Stars.png

Born and raised in Honolulu, HI; Destiny began her Klemmer journey in 2011. Personal Mastery changed her life so much that she staffed the next two classes that were in town. She continued her K&A journey and is a graduate of ALS 158 (August 2011), Heart 34 (April 2012) and Samurai Camp 24 (November 2012). She continued on by staffing Heart 36 (June 2013) and Sam Camp 26 (November 2013); and supporting the Headmaster of KCA as an admin assistant. In 2012, Destiny and her husband decided to move from Hawaii to Laramie, WY. At the time her husband needed a kidney transplant and the list in Hawaii had shut down. The move would also create the opportunity for her husband to attend WyoTech (an automotive technical school). In May of 2014, her husband received a kidney and has since been doing very well. Shortly thereafter, Destiny decided to start her own coaching business. Diving into additional training she has certificates in B.A.N.K. (www.bankcode.com/larryanddestiny), training others in communication with the four personality quadrants. It’s not just identifying their respective quadrant, but also how they need to be spoken to and what they need to hear regarding communication. She also studied and earned certificates in Neuro Linguistic Programming (http://bit.ly/LoveCommunicatesVideo) training under Paul Jensen. She uses all of her training to customize her coaching to fit what the client needs. In 2015, she and her husband moved to Loveland, CO. Destiny lights up while coaching and watching others get their a-ha moments. Her ability to make concepts simpler and communicate effectively allows her to be an amazing asset to her clients. Aloha!

KCA Coach - Lisa Dettinger


Christian Life Coach:
family relationships, spiritual growth,
and life management.

Sun Prairie, Wisconsin
4 Stars.png

Have you felt trapped in a box of stifling expectations about "what life should look like?" Are you ready to bust out of the box and be all God made you, His masterpiece, to be? Isaiah 43:19 declares, "Behold, I am doing a new thing." Let's discover together what He's desiring to do in you. My husband Travis and I were married in 1993 and have raised three kids that never cease to amaze us. We credit our rock-solid marriage to our Solid Rock, Jesus. We've experienced life-altering trials, ineffable joys, and everything in between. I've spent 30 years working with adults, children, and teens in public and private classrooms, auditoriums, churches, libraries, gymnasiums, and homes, and I've concluded that the best part of teaching and presenting is witnessing that "aha moment" - that instant when the light turns on, the student owns her discovery, and she is eager to move forward with it. Life coaching enables me to be a vessel that draws out aha moments from my clients so they can move forward with LIFE. When that Light within them gets flipped on, they can shine from the inside out with joy and purpose. To God be the glory. Lisa is a gifted teacher, author and presenter. Her work as a life coach expands into yet another way of helping people to make valuable connections that move them forward. Her commitment in her approach allows plenty of space to discern, process and apply challenging information in a productive way. Her commitment to God in all she does encourages me to seek out how God is using her to speak to me. - Katy L.

KCA Coach - Jillian Dillon


Coach: Communication + Ideas + Business

Redding, California
4 Stars.png

Hey there! I’m Jillian! Most days you'll find me at my desk, an audible book playing in the background, and brewing my next pour-over cup of coffee. I am a coach, business developer, and a lover of solutions + creativity. The things I am most passionate about in life are: -Coaching /creating solutions to problems/ helping people hear one another fully. I coach people: + who are taking their potential to the next level. + who want to improve their relationship from a 5 to a 10. + who are ready to live their best and thrive in life. + who have business ideas that scare them and want to really explore them. I am lucky to give them tools to connect with themselves and others, with authenticity and clear communication. Reviews from clients: “My biggest gain from coaching has been awareness. I know I've got miles and miles to go in deeper awareness, but I feel like I have really seen a difference in my life, even to the point of checking my heart motivations a lot more often. Being faithful and being kind to myself and letting it not be hard. I have learned to put myself as a priority in my own life.” “I really appreciate my coach. She gives me the space to let my guards down before going after the difficult things, which is helpful. I don’t feel attacked or on trial. I feel very heard and known and even though it can be uncomfortable to have hard questions asked, being able to learn that it doesn't have to ‘suck’ and it doesn't have to be hard when you're working through and processing vulnerable things has been really powerful.” “I’ve learned that me not showing up for myself in my own life, doesn’t work. I feel very safe answering honestly. She believes in me and sees me. It’s really helpful to know I’ve got someone on my side. I’ve grown so much through coaching, it has benefited my life and growth immensely.” “Accountability has been the strongest growth point for me. Having someone to come back to about my goals, to challenge me, that was super helpful. Someone who is willing to talk through things when I can tend to box up or wall up, that created a safe communication space to say, ‘I see you're you're doing this, what's going on around that? Why are those walls going up? What's happening right now?’, has meant the world. Becoming able to actually discover more about myself, process and being able to become aware of a lot, I’ve been able to make some big differences in my life.”

KCA Coach - Joseph Duerr


Business and Life Coach

Palm City, Florida 
5 Stars.png

Honesty, Trust, Respect, Love. These are the cornerstone to having a great relationship in any capacity whether it is business or personal. My goal is to make people aware of those qualities that they cannot see in themselves. This is what is holding people back from getting what they say they want in life. Time is the one thing we cannot get back. So stop wasting it. Experience change! I am a Dedicated, Joyful and Abundant Man. My career started in the entertainment business in NY for 6 years back in the late 80's were I work for the Sci-fi Channel in design and production, at the same time traveled with a company called Dancejock Productions entertaining High net worth clients and corporate clients such as Visa MasterCard, People magazine and Donald Trump's Atlantic city Casino just to name a few. This was a Great time in my life. Then in Nov. 1994 moved to Sunny Florida where I received all my financial license's Series 7 , Insurance and Mortgage License's and I have spent the last 23 years in the financial Industry Leading managing and support clients. I have spent the last two years in Leadership and Character Development and looking to give back to the world one by one spreading the knowledge of how precious life is and to live it to the fullest without regret never leaving anyone behind creating a win-win world. I look forward to meeting you and working together to create the life you say you want.

KCA Coach - Michael Fenner


Coaching Specialties:
teens, grief/loss,
and owning choices.

Drums, PA
3 Stars.png

I really loved that Michael never forced anything on me. He gently guided me to "ah-ha" moments and never pushed me too far out of my comfort zone. I loved being able to talk to him openly and honestly about anything because he was never judgmental. He What clients are saying: “A life isn’t significant except for its impact upon others lives.” - Jackie Robinson possesses a natural trustworthiness that radiates from him and always put me at ease. Most importantly, even when I tried to dodge something or make a joke of it, Michael never lost his calm or got aggravated with me. He would redirect or come at the topic from another direction. Michael is a wonderful coach that I feel honored to have worked with. I have no doubts that he'll continue to be a part of my life and I think others will be lucky to work with him as well! "YOU ROCK!!!" Management HPM • Dale Carnegie 13-week Communication course • Primary Leadership Development Course • Problem Solving and Decision Making • Champion’s workshop - October 2011 • Advanced leadership – November 2012 • Heart of the Samurai – April 2012 • KCA certified coach – November 2014High Performance Additional training • How to Reach Your Personal Best • Dealing with Diverse Personalities • Developing Effective Communication Skills • Communicating with Diplomacy and Tack • How to be a super Communicator • Valuing Differences Front Line Responder • Coaching Skills • Leadership Model Targeted Selection Interviewing

KCA Coach - Beatrice Gahongayire


Coaching Specialties: One on One, parenting, young adults (transitions into a career), and health & fitness. 

Ottawa, ON, Canada
4 Stars.png

My past working and training experience includes my being Bilingual (French & English). I have been a practicing RN since 1989 working in cultural diverse areas within hospitals. Additionally, I have been mentoring RN students from University of Ottawa for a clinical placement within a mental health setting. Some of my other qualifications include: I am a Business owner (USANA). I have my Master's in Nursing (2014). I attended and served in Leadership internationaltrainings. (K&A klemmer.com (2015 - 2017) I obtained my KCA coaching certification (January 2017). It is my honor and my joy to serve those who are excited to grow, in their personal life, in their professional life, and in their spiritual, emotional and physical life. When you are ready for your consult to decide if I'm a fit for you, please contact me. Once we have our consult complete, I will tell you about my special pricing.

KCA Coach - Dan Giordano


Coaching Specialties:
Strategic Business, Health, Faith
& Family Ninja Coach

Palm Beach, FL
5 Stars.png

Daniel Giordano is one of the highest paid business strategists in the world. He has worked behind the scenes with 6, 7 and 8 figure businesses for over 25 years. His expertise is uncovering opportunities that empower people to envision possibilities as it transforms their lives and creates extraordinary breakthrough results. This transcends into every area of his clients’ lives, having a tremendous impact in their business, health, faith and family. He helps his clients build a bold life of excellence and inspires them to step out and do something bigger than they ever thought possible and become true world changers. With his father leading him as a young child, Daniel honed his craftsmanship and work ethic as a painting contractor. His entrepreneurial journey led him to become a successful painting contractor specializing in Victorian restoration. After 20 years of creating beautiful homes for affluent people that were living their dream lives, he had a defining moment… He and his wife had their first child; he recognized that he wanted to be the father and husband that was going to be home - engaged and involved with his family. Dan was hungry to learn and extremely teachable, as he still is today. He stumbled into the affiliate marketing industry back in 2000. Dan took serious action and earned financial freedom. Although he had absolutely no internet marketing experience, no website and no list, he created millions of dollars in sales using the power of the internet for various businesses and clients worldwide. With determination, Daniel was able to create a dream lifestyle for him and his family. Dan’s accomplishments have enabled him to meet some extraordinary people in every industry he has worked in. Dan believes that everyone is extraordinary and has greatness in them. He now shares with the world his experiences and encourages people to get off the sidelines of life and and get ALL IN. Dan assists people worldwide with understanding how to transform their businesses with the power of the internet. He has vast experience and knowledge in personal development, lead generation, product creation and online business systems

KCA Coach - Janelle Gleisner


Klemmer Certified Coach

Durango, CO
4 Stars.png

Janelle began her Klemmer journey as a student in October 2019. She is a member of ALS team #222, Virtual Heart #1 and Live Heart #50, Samurai Camp #40, completed Klemmer Coaching Academy and was a team leader in Samurai Camp #41 and a senior team leader in Samurai Camp #42. She is currently a candidate for facilitation with Klemmer. Her purpose is to be an example to impact, serve and empower leaders. Janelle started training martial arts when she was 14 years old. She recently achieved the esteemed rank of 8th degree black belt. At the mere age of 23, she started her journey to become a successful businesswoman. In addition to earning 23 World Championship titles, she has also owned seven martial arts schools and supported over 20 of her juniors with the opening and operations of their locations. While running her own martial arts schools, she was employed to advise, mentor, and consult 21 different locations for one of the largest individual martial arts operators. Janelle then expanded her dossier and started a martial arts consulting company, Success MAPS (Martial Arts Professional Systems) to consult over 100 other operators. She transitioned into the role of Vice President in Sales and Licensing, where she continued to consult operators as well as build future licensees. She set up operation systems and procedures, and developed business training systems for the licensees.

KCA Coach - Erick Green


Coaching Specialties: Fitness and Life Coaching
(clients/couples/small groups)

Kamloops, BC, Canada
4 Stars.png

Erik is a steward to the earth and realizes the need for people to engage in the great outdoors and wants to encourage people to enjoy the natural surroundings more, he is a Landscape Architect Technologist and creates environments for humans to interact in daily. His love of nature has led him into a passion for the environment and sharing that with others. Sharing nature with people may be one of Erik’s favorite things to do but he also realizes the necessity to grow personally and tackle new and interesting obstacles in life. Erik sets goals, designs a plan to complete them and enjoys completing his tasks. Task completion and new obstacles in life led Erik into coaching. His passion for personal growth and desire to push harder and go farther provided him with a new desire, to help others. He has always been able to talk with his friends openly and honestly, so why not help others! Erik is able to talk openly and confidentially with his clients about what they want out of their lives, he is able to discuss and provide and means to finding answers for what they want. Erik helps people realize their desires, values and strengths and wants as he has. He is always expanding and wants people to grow and expand as well. By jumping into the exciting role of coaching with Erik, you will win. Win with Erik and you will have amazing growth,“ live life to its fullest and don’t look back! As a graduate of a number of the formal K&A seminars myself, I can confidently say that Erik is a natural coach using the K&A information and concepts. I have completed a full slate of coaching Testimonial: Erik, and found it extremely useful in keeping me motivated to use at least one or more aspects of the K&A concepts and the qualities of a “Compassionate Samurai” every day of my life. It helped cement in my mind the fact that each day one needs to find a way to take another positive and courageous step forward in life, no matter how big or small that step is. Erik’s style is to be very organized and he has an excellent grasp of the concepts to be used in the coaching work. At the same time, Erik has a relaxed, yet disciplined style of communication. I am certain that anyone working with Erik will not be disappointed. - Dr. J. Norman Reed, Chemistry Professor

KCA Coach - Jenny Green


Coaching Specialties: Organizational and Life Coaching 

Kamloops, BC, Canada
4 Stars.png

Jenny’s quest for ongoing personal growth and assisting individuals and groups in actualizing their full potential has led her to work in the areas of social work, community development and health policy/planning. As a life coach, Jenny supports her clients to act on their goals through self-exploration, goal setting, encouragement, accountability and fun! Jenny’s vision is to inspire personal leadership, forward momentum and to build healthy communities. Jenny believes in walking the talk. She enjoys working towards her own exciting goals as well as spending quality time with her husband Erik and friends in the great outdoors. Jenny began her Klemmer and Associates journey in 2011 and recently completed Sam Camp. She attributes her strengthened relationship with her husband and greater sense of self to the Klemmer leadership workshops. Jenny believes everyone wins when you play a bigger and bolder game in life. Coaching Testimonial: “I enjoyed the safety to explore my thoughts, goals, and some preconceived notions. I enjoyed being listened to compassionately and without judgement. I enjoyed feeling like my goals are important and worthy and that I am worthy of someone’s time and caring attention.” – Kerri, client.

KCA Coach - Kim Hammack


Coaching Specialties: Offering Encouragement & 
Support for Life's Journey

Roscoe, IL
4 Stars.png

Kim and her husband Dave have been happily married for over 25 years and have two grown children in their twenties. She had the privilege and joy of being a stay-at-home mom and serving in several ministries while raising their family. Kim is an entrepreneur with a home-based business in the health and wellness industry, along with her life coaching business. She has discovered both of these to be great vehicles for helping people gain better overall health. Kim is a “glass half full” kind of girl, always looking for ways to bring a positive perspective. As a life coach, she does not come as an expert but as one who is on the journey of learning and growing herself. Kim brings a wide array of personal and family life experiences to her coaching. Some of these include parental divorce, challenging medical conditions, suicide, shattered dreams, broken relationships, loss, addictions, victory over co-dependency, providing guardianship and foster care for family, rebellion, financial changes and more. These seasons of life have taught Kim perseverance, endurance, surrender and dependence on God. Kim's passion is to offer encouragement and support to others on life's journey. She creates a space for clients to gain awareness and perspective of where they are and where they want to be. She also helps clients set goals and create action plans to not only reach their dreams but ultimately their purpose. Kim's life coaching involves this En-Courage-Ment Process: En – to cause to be; to cover or provide with Courage – the quality of mind or spirit that enables one to face challenges with confidence Ment – result of an action or process. …and she would love to encourage and support you on your life's journey! Kim started her journey with Klemmer in the spring of 2012. She has completed all of Klemmer's Courses which includes Champion's, Personal Mastery, Quickening, Advanced Leadership, Heart of the Samurai, Samurai Camp and is a graduate of the Coaching Academy. In addition, she has Championed a Personal Mastery in order to introduce others to the work as she continues in the work herself. Testimonials: “Working through the coaching process, I was very cautious at first. Kim has a way of building a quick and lasting friendship with those she coaches. She presents as a trusting friend and this is true of who she really is. She helps guides and directs you to find what you are missing in your life through a processes of asking simple questions. All of the sudden through the coaching experience you realize that you have all the answers within yourself and Kim helps you uncover the truth you have been missing all along. She is a REAL person with REAL life experience, she values your time and supports your goals throughout the process. Kim is a lifesaver and a supporter of your process. She is flexible, personable, able to connect, and down to earth. I would recommend Kim as a coach to anyone and in fact I have. I am blessed to have been a part of this process.” ~ Ruth “Kim's unique perspective on life has helped me to look deeper at my beliefs and goals. She encourages me to live outside my situation and focus on my purpose and dreams. She can help you formulate a plan to live life to it's fullest. Her encouragement and help may be just the step you need to owning your life!” ~ Deb “Kim is helping me align my life with my goals, as well as letting me see where I can shine the brightest for myself and my loved ones.” ~ Ben "Kim's disarming personality and temperament instantly put me at ease - not because she's an expert but because she's on the journey as well. I've felt stuck and somewhat chaotic the last few years; Kim has helped me articulate my goals and helped me redirect my energy and actions in order to achieve the results I desire. Her encouragement and support have created a safe environment in which to forge ahead." ~ Diane

KCA Coach - Rebekka Jensen


Specialities: Big Picture Purpose, Balancing Logic with Intuition, Streamlining Goals

Abbotsford, BC, Canada
4 Stars.png

Rebekka is a graduate of the Klemmer seminars and a certified Klemmer 4 star coach since 2018. She originally trained as a holistic wellness practitioner and has been incorporating coaching principles into this work for over ten years. Writing, proofreading and creating art are also part of her versatile skill set. Rebekka’s multi-cultural background has gifted her with seeing alternate perspectives, helping her to create bridges on multiple levels. Because of her avid curiosity she loves noticing significant patterns and making meaningful connections for her coaching clients, often by offering ingenious exercises and powerful metaphors to build intention. Rebekka’s coaching sessions effectively address and involve both the logical and the intuitive mind of those she works with. She delights in navigating direct paths to her clients’ self-understanding and inspiring them to self-responsible, purposeful and fruitful next steps in their lives. Strengths: -Working with strong, logical leaders -Understanding and focusing creative minds -Nurturing a healthy relationship to self -Integrating a multi-faceted identity -Training empowering self-talk Testimonials: “I am so thankful for how Rebekka has moved me forward. She understands how my thoughts and feelings are connected to my choices. Her coaching is efficient and she finds a way to support me in creating shifts in my results.” SW/BC “Rebekka demonstrates perceptive listening skills and packages her insights in a manner that inspires, unblocks and allows for self-generation of solutions.” SA/AB “Rebekka brings a genuine and curious spirit to all she does. Her wisdom and breath of (wellness) modalities make her a fantastic motivator and coach.” AB/BC

KCA Coach - Lisa Keating


Klemmer Certified Coach

Tacoma, WA
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Lisa J. Keating began her experience with Klemmer & Associates three years ago with her husband, Dmitri Keating. True to form, she dove head first into each level, dissecting all areas of her life and began practicing the tools gifted us through this work. Lisa is playful, honest, compassionate and completely dedicated to herself, family, friends and community. As the first graduate of the Klemmer Coaching Academy, Lisa's vision is to build community, strengthen relationships and families and inspire leaders to expand their ripple effect. "She guided me in filling in the cracks that were keeping me from honestly feeling wonderful about myself, my goals and my future. She is truly an amazing coach, able to sift through all the words that I threw at her and get to the brain and heart of me. Lisa’s intelligence, intuition and empathy know no bounds and she has an enormous heart (and a seriously great sense of humor). Add to that what she has taken from her Klemmer experiences and I feel she has the ability and education to take anyone by the hand and walk with them to levels of happiness they thought impossible to achieve." -Coaching client and friend, Victoria Barcus (Heart Grad)

KCA Coach - Kathy Kelley


Coaching Specialties: Life, Budget, Successful Single Mom, Foundation and Confidence Creation

Pittsfield, NH
4 Stars.png

Kathy’s Klemmer Journey started in October of 2018. She is part of ALS #214, Heart #48, Sam Camp #38, and has chosen into Staffing and being a Champion for several Personal Mastery Classes. The Leadership and Character Development training has radically changed her perspective on who she BE and what she gets to contribute to the world. She is extremely grateful for the new possibilities in her life and chooses to share that with others through coaching. Having been a single Mom for many years, her heart is to help others navigate through the challenges of finances, direction, and creating a life that is more than just a paycheck to paycheck survival. If you aim to move into success, create joy, dream bigger dreams and take the steps to turn them in to reality, Kathy would love to support you on that path.

KCA Coach - Trudy Kemper


Health & Wellness Coach and Family Relationship Coach

Coldstream, BC, Canada
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Trudy is a joyful, peaceful, tenacious, and honorable woman. She has an authentic personal message of hope, restoration, forgiveness and abundance. Trudy speaks directly from her heart and with authenticity and intuition. Her philosophy is to co-coach with her clients helping them discover all the gifts buried within them. Using every gift given to her and every training tool & life experience acquired she brings one of the best transformational opportunities you will find on the market. If you want something more, better, or different than you presently have and are finding it challenging to move out of the present state you are in, then you need to work with Trudy. She will help you clear out all that is holding you back, get you crystal focused on what you want and where you are going, and guide you in the creation of the life you say you have always wanted. Trudy began her Klemmer journey in September 2012 when a network marketing friend invited her to a Champions' Workshop. From there, she never looked back. Attending a Personal Mastery in October, 2012, Advanced Leadership in January 2013, Heart of the Samurai in June 2013, and Samurai Camp in the Fall of 2013, Trudy launched into a new purposeful, quality-driven life. Finding this work to be a life-giving, transformational experience like none other she has ever experienced, Trudy has attributed this work to giving her the tools to save her marriage and launch into her new life & career. Going back to volunteer staff Personal Mastery. Advanced Leadership, Heart of the Samurai, and Samurai Camp has given her an even deeper understanding of the quality-driven life. The Klemmer Coaching Academy solidified Trudy's desire and gave her the tools to co-coach others in finding the peace of surrender and intentional purpose-driven living. What Trudy's clients are saying about her: "I have been in and out of therapy nearly all my life but can honestly say I have learned more in the few hours I was with Trudy than I have learned from all my hours in mental therapy! Life coach! I LOVE it! No more therapists for me!" LH, BC, Canada "Her sheer JOY for life is infectious and her tenacity contagious!" HK, BC, Canada "Trudy is truly a Master Coach. Her patience, wisdom, generosity and loving presence allowed me to fully connect to the obstacles I had created in my life and let them go with love and ease. I am forever grateful that I was able to work with such a skilled results oriented coach." CK, NY, NY "Trudy is very knowledgeable and extremely helpful in alleviating my personal issues." ME, Nevada Trudy will support you in taking that next step forward towards the life you say you have always wanted and going after all your hopes & dreams and making them a reality. You will find her very loving, non-judgmental, compassionate, and inspiring. Trained by the Tad James Company in the areas of NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Master Coach, Master Certified in Time Line Therapy® and Hypnotherapy. Certified Five Star Coach with Klemmer Coaching Academy, Trudy holds a Bachelor's Degree from Kansas State University in Agricultural Economics and Certificate of Ministry from Ozark Christian College. Trudy has been involved with business, non-profit, and volunteer organizations in leadership, mentoring, and supporting all levels of organization for many years. She is a life coach, a motivational speaker, a financial bookkeeper, a loving wife, an inspiring mother of 4 daughters, and a home-stay mother to several international students a year. Specialty Coaching areas include and more: Health/Wellness/Fitness Family Relationships/Restoration & Forgiveness S.M.A.R.T. Goals and Finishing Well Business/Leadership Recovery/Freedom Ministries Neuro Linguistic Programming Taking Every Thought Captive Time Line Therapy®/Creating Your Future®

KCA Coach - Nicole King


Coaching Specialties: assisting others in creating SMART goals,
uncovering their Competing Commitments,
and discovering their I AM Statements..

Stuart, FL
4 Stars.png

Nicole is adored by her husband of 14 years and is committed to speaking life into the lives of her two sons, ages 12 and 8 in Stuart, FL. She has been the Executive Director for a local non-profit for the past 10 years and recently discovered her passion to empower others to find their WHY in life. Nicole is certified in assisting others in creating SMART goals, uncovering their Competing Commitments, and discovering their I AM Statements. Nicole is a graduate of ALS 169 (Nov 2012), Heart 37 (Nov 2013) and SC 27 (April 2014). As a result of her K&A journey, she has launched a new non-profit in her local community and is currently launching SMART Consulting, LLC. She is committed to seeing others discover their purpose in life and live in their BEINGNESS. Clients of Nicole can attest to her new found passion in coaching others to see their potential: "Nicole helped me discover the WHY behind my passion. She was dedicated to discovering my goals, dreams and aspirations. Through her coaching, I was able to identify thoughts and beliefs that were holding me back from success. Nicole was able to speak from her heart and connect with me in a way that was inspiring, nurturing and moved me in a positive direction of change." -Helena Beers, Director of local chapter Darkness to Light

KCA Coach - Anita Knight


Coaching Specialties:
Family & Communication
Home School & Mentoring
Identifying & Achieving Goals
Overcoming Procrastination

Kent, WA
4 Stars.png

As your coach, I will help you identify your deep dreams and desires ~ and then assist in dismantling the saboteurs keeping you from them. With a plan to prioritize your commitments, you will be empowered to achieve your goals & dreams! I’ve been coaching and investing in people for a lifetime! My goal is to empower others to walk in their gifting and life purpose, experiencing personal effectiveness and leadership. What her clients are saying: “Married for 31 years, I home educated our 6 amazing sons for 25+years, and have taught Suzuki Violin for 28 years to countless families.” -AR, Portland OR “When aligned with our own truth, we are moved to action with ease. Fine tune your communication with others, life goals, inner self and insight gently guided by Anita Knight!” Anita is an energetic and fun Coach! -Krysten, Maple Valley WA “I was struggling with my identity and role as mom and wife while juggling a full life! Anita’s inspiring coaching empowered me to prioritize my commitments so I could accomplish my goals with minimal stress! I established healthy patterns of communications with family, without getting offended or being offensive (they appreciate that!), and by building open, honest and strong relationships. I am now the confident, committed, vulnerable and beautiful woman I was created to be. SO grateful for my life coach!” -Kellie, Kent WA “I love how Anita is able to listen as well as cut strait to the chase. She guides me to the steps I am looking for in order to accomplish my goal. Her process is immediate and when I get off the phone with her, I always feel energized and inspired to take action.” -Annalisa T, Portland, OR “Anita never shamed me or made me feel like I ought to be any different than I am. With my newly discovered sense of worth/value, I am now actively writing a book ~ a non-fiction book straight from my heart - something I never believed I was capable of! I had convinced myself deeply that I wasn’t beautiful and intelligent, but I know I am! Anita helped me believe the truth and walk in the freedom that the truth brings.am influences what I DO and not the other way around! I am grateful to Anita for the love and effort she spent on my behalf. May she be greatly blessed!” -Genevieve, Sumner WA

KCA Coach - Shabana Knight


Coaching Specialties:
Children, Teens and Ages: 18-65
Faith based, Healing and Forgiveness, Health and Fitness, 
Identity, Purpose and Fulfillment 

4 Stars.png

Can I just be real with you all? Life is challenging with all it’s ups, downs and spins. Sometimes we get lost in the mix and have a hard time finding ourselves through the chaos and stress! Believe me I know I have been there! One time my husband was on a business trip and I was home with our 3 children under the age of 8 - I woke up at 1 am to a toilet that overflowed EVERYWHERE. I chose to step into my power and tackle this disaster. Long story short: we ended up moving into an apartment for 3 months while our house was being remodel – so thankful for insurance! Sometimes we feel like this on the inside- an unexpected overflow disaster, or bits of rage or anger? Do you find yourself saying or thinking? “I’ll never release these 10 pounds!” “Why am I so depressed?” “If I knew parenting or being a mom was this hard, I would have never signed up for this!” “I just want to feel happy and I’m not, what’s wrong with me?” “Why am I angry?” “Why am I stuck?” “Will my life ever not suck?” If you answered YES to one or more of the above questions, I believe coaching would really serve you in this season of life – IF AND ONLY IF you are desiring change and growth in your own personal life do yourself a favor and keep reading. Healing is not found in isolation; healing happens in relationships. Getting started can be simple, but first: Why do we allow fear to hold us back? Is it because we are comfortable how it feels around us or we just don’t know what is truly available out there for us to experience? If you’re ready to make just one step contact me and let’s talk. There was a reason you were drawn to my bio --curious why? Let’s find out that reason AND step into possibilities! Let’s create more peace, joy and energy in your own life to get you unstuck and moving in your right direction. You were designed and created for the abundant life, come on what are you waiting for? Take that step because you and your family are worth you feeling your best. Healing is not found in isolation or hiding, healing happens in relationships. Create a legacy and life you love! Start your journey today! Cheering for your greatness! -Shabana Knight

KCA Coach - Maggie La Hue


Coaching Specialties:
One on One, sales, personal growth,
radio marketing sales, small groups and SMART goals

4 Stars.png

Are you feeling like there is more to life? Are you feeling unfulfilled? Do you struggle with clarity around what you want? Do you make goals, get close to achieving them and then don’t seem to follow through all the way to the end? If any of those questions resonate with you, then I am excited for you!! This only means you are human. If you don’t want to stay stuck where you are, you have a great opportunity to bust through old habits and create more in your life. I would love to be your guide on this exciting adventure to discovering your answers and bringing you to a place in life where you get to choose more and better. You get to choose clarity and the best part is that all the answers are there and we get to uncover them together. Maggie La Hue has been married to Devlin La Hue for over 20 years; she and her husband have two energetic boys and live in beautiful Palisade Colorado. As a wife, mother and career driven woman she has a lot to offer anyone she coaches. Over the years Maggie has invested in her own learning and growing with Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins, and Bob Proctor training as well as Dale Carnegie courses. In 2010 Maggie was introduced to Klemmer & Associates. After discovering the Klemmer opportunity she dove in head first completing Personal Mastery, Advance Leadership, Heart of the Samurai and Sam Camp within eight months. During this time she also hosted a Champions Workshop and Personal Mastery. Maggie Is a life learner and welcomes the opportunity to share in this journey of learning with others. Interested in choosing you and creating more in your life? Maggie can be found at Choose You Coaching on facebook or you can reach her at chooseyoucoaching@gmail.com

KCA Coach - Katrina Lelli


Health and Wellness, One-on-One, Small Group,
Recovery, Network Marketing/Entrepreneurship,

Bonney Lake, WA
4 Stars.png

Katrina’s Klemmer journey began in 2013. A friend was hosting a Champions Workshop. One night, that friend handed Katrina a ticket and told her to show up. Katrina was already seeking more out of life, after having been sober for 3 years. Personal Mastery came at the exact right time for her. Katrina stepped into Personal Mastery and has never looked back. Life took on a new meaning and has forever changed because of the Klemmer work. Katrina has completed Personal Mastery, ALS, Heart, Samurai Camp, staffed several Personal Mastery’s including hosting a Personal Mastery and has hosted a Playful Mastery. Her passion is to support people by guiding them to their best selves and support them to find their own happy, joyous and free. She understands the struggles of life with being a recovered alcoholic, mental health-related issues, struggling to find her ow passion and purpose in life, being a Mom, Wife, Friend, Daughter and human being on this planet. The world is ever changing and people are seeking for more, better, different in their life. Through Katrina’s guidance you can walk that path together to uncover what you’re passionate about. Maybe you are unhappy in your job, want a better-quality marriage with your husband, or a better relationship with your children. Maybe you are feeling "stuck" in your life and not sure which direction to go. Maybe you are struggling with the darkness and desperately desire to feel the light again. She can guide you to creating these things and more.

KCA Coach - Patti Marrin


Life Coaching, Professional Coaching,
Adoption Coaching

Minneapolis, MN
5 Stars.png

I am Known as the Vibrant Coach, I walk with you to reach your goals and dreams, to live a vibrant and wonderful life of your choosing. MY WHY I believe that every person is powerful and wonderful in their own unique way. I choose to walk your path with you until you find clarity and joy in your own choices. MY WHAT I coach business professionals in their work goals as well as personal goals. Adoption: if you are adopted, are adopting or have adopted a child helping you meet those special challenges. MY PURPOSE I am the asker of the questions so that you can find your clear answers. I believe that your answer(s) are already inside of you and just waiting for the right questions to be released. MY SUCCESSFUL CLIENTS "Patti is awesome as a coach, I feel listened to, validated, built up and encouraged every step of the way. Her manner is not overwhelming or overly enthusiastic! I appreciate that she meets me where I am and helps me look at WHY I might not be reaching for what I thought was a good goal." "Thank you for helping me out of my slump. I have accepted a job offer and will begin in the next week or so. Thank you again for coaching me and helping me realize my dreams again!"

KCA Coach - Viviane Martin


Free to Be Co-Active Coaching

Calgary, Alberta Canada
5 Stars.png

Create the Life You Say You Want.

KCA Coach - Laura Matthews


Coaching Specialties: Personal Excellence Coaching
for Individuals and Businesses

Chandler, AZ
5 Stars.png

Laura’s purpose in life is to love mankind and to coach people to success. As your coach, she will lead you on a journey of self-discovery to find your most authentic self, your greatest strengths, and your life purpose, so that you can create the life you’ve always wanted. If you’re stuck in a rut, need more peace or abundance in your life, ready to make all your dreams come true or simply want to “reinvent” yourself as the true authentic YOU, then Laura is the coach to get you there. She is a transformational expert who believes in YOU! Laura will work with you to: - Create your Goals and Action Plans - Be your accountability partner - Strengthen your intention - Increase your EQ (Emotional Intelligence) in the workplace - Identify the Qualities YOU can step into to create the life you say you want - Rid you of your limiting beliefs - Release negative emotions Laura was introduced to Klemmer & Associates in 2012, and in 2013 she attended Personal Mastery, Advanced Leadership Seminar #172, Heart of the Samurai #36 and Samurai Camp #26. In addition to her certification through KCA, Laura is certified as a Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioner and coach. She is also certified in Time Line Therapy ® and Hypnotherapy. Laura’s other credentials include certification as an Angel Practitioner and Angel Life Coach. She holds a BA in Political Science from Wartburg College and is a certified Project Management Professional. Testimonials: “Since coaching with Laura, I feel encouraged and empowered with supportive feedback to help me achieve my goals” - K.R. “Laura is a powerful coach” - S.W. ​ “Laura has a unique perspective on things, and she makes me think twice about my beliefs. She has helped me to see that these beliefs are keeping me from getting ahead in my life” -M.B.

KCA Coach - Carol Matthews


Coaching Specialties: Emotionally healthy spirituality,
grief and loss, marriage and family, business consulting.

Toronto, ON
5 Stars.png

Carol Matthews is the founder of Aha! Life Coaching.com and is a certified, 5 star, Klemmer Coach. She is an old soul who has been in the Klemmer work for over eight years. She has co-founded two successful businesses of her own. Carol has the hands-on, real world experience that provides excellent value to all her clients. She is trained as a Registered Nurse and is mother to 4 teenagers. She is a self-published author of two books and was a professional singer and actress for several years. She specializes in intuition, problem solving, brainstorming solutions, ‘outside-of-the-box’ thinking, and the ability to see the potential in others. When she interacts with you, her goal is to help you experience success, enjoy the process and reach for even more. Carol is masterful at seeking ways to challenge you and will create interactive experiences that stretch you and help you grow. She has been described as being DIVERGENT and will be able to coach you if you are seeking to: Deepen your self-awareness; Have richer more intimate relationships Discover untapped opportunities and resources you already possess Develop your spirituality; explore a richer, fuller life Enhance the quality of your life- get clarity on your purpose Improve your career performance; Make better decisions in your business Build stronger more productive teams; develop better communication Have greater health and well-being Achieve ambitious goals; Improve your self confidence Carol’s strengths: -Grief and loss (widowhood) -Recreating and redesigning your life -Chronic, terminal illness -Parenting; Marriage and Family -Divorce and separation -Business consulting -Team building -Bankruptcy recovery -Inspiring entrepreneurs -Career profiling -Writing/Self-publishing ​ Testimonials: "Carol has demonstrated the strength of her resolve, grit and determination to live her values in good times and in difficult times. As a life coach, “walking the talk” is the cornerstone to a successful practice. Carol will succeed as a life coach, no doubt." -Robert Francis Seguin Aurora, Ontario Managing Partner The Productive Leadership Institute "The World's Transformational Leadership Development Resource "I am currently in a study group with Carol where we work through the junk, wrong-thinking, and agreements or "sunglasses" that keep us from being free to be our very best selves. Carol regularly, carefully, and gently probes the group members each week, digging beneath off-handed remarks to mine the core truth of their thinking. She never tips her hand with her own insights or opinions, but rather she guides people to their own realizations in a way that doesn't make them feel manipulated or exposed. I have watched her with awe and such respect as she carefully, and skillfully turns the conversation to more reflective points which lead individuals to break-troughs in their thinking. She is so natural and sensitive while she does this, and I have never seen anyone retreat or be offended by her questions. It always helps, rather than hinder the individual. As for Carol herself, the thing I admire most is that although life has dealt her so many hard blows, her cheerful spirit, sense of fun, and her faith have never wavered. She has learned to navigate life's highs and lows with dignity, poise, gratitude, faith and joy. She is uncomplaining as she carries on as a widow, raising her four children alone without the benefit of a partner and alternate perspective. Her four teenagers are polite, kind, serving, loving, fun and full of faith, character and grace. They are a credit to Carol and her deceased husband. I have watched her time and time again, stand firm in the face of difficulty and remain steadfast and optimistic in spite of crushing disappointment and loss. I am so honoured to call her my friend." -Patricia MacGillivray Aurora, Ontario Teacher "Carol is a compassionate yet clear, gentle yet guiding, and perfectly pleasant yet powerfully present woman and friend and coach. Her dynamite discernment leads anyone around her to see the best in themselves as well as surfaces the pieces that need continued work. In her life experience, her ministry, her grief recovery and in her being a mom, Carol profoundly impacts this planet for good and is ready to help you do the same." -Jenny Price Florida Life Coach and coaching coaches at Klemmer And Associates "From the first time I met Carol Matthews over the phone, she encouraged me to be the best me I could be. At the time I wasn’t a Christian and had no “thing” in which I could place my faith. Carol challenge me to find it. I know she wasn’t aware at the time but that was the first step in my current journey. I met Carol face to face about two months later and I realized this was a woman I wanted to speak into my life. It wasn’t an “aha” moment but I was drawn to her charismatic, enthusiastic, loving nature. Through the years of knowing carol I have grown and achieved things I never could, had we not met. The gym where I was teaching fitness class was undergoing changes and there was a possibility of the fitness class part of the program may have been phased out. I shared this with Carol. She encouraged me to approach my pastor and ask if I could hold fitness classes in our sanctuary weekday mornings. From that small seed planted by Carol I started a women’s fitness ministry that over 9 years saw over a hundred women change not only their bodies but their spirits and lives as well. The cancer I had lived with for 11 years at that point had made me too ill to carry on and I had to close the ministry. However, the friendships I gained through the seed Carol planted are lifetime relationships, one of them with a woman who has become the best friend I have ever had. She has been such an integral part of my life, I don’t think I could have survived the challenges I have faced over the last 11 years without her. All because Carol Matthews used her God-given gift of seeing and bringing out the best in people, and spoke into my life. Despite the challenges with which I am weighed down because of cancer and single parenthood, Carol still encourages me to be the best me I can be. There are so many stories I have from the 15 years knowing Carol, they could encompass a book. I am so grateful to her for her courageous faith and willingness to help others become the best person possible." -Laurie Atkinson Keswick, Ontario Founder of Fit For Praise Personal Trainer

KCA Coach - James Mitchell


Coaching Specialties: Faith, Health & Fitness,
Relationship (Single & Couple)

Seattle, WA
5 Stars.png

James Mitchell has a message for you: “The saddest life in the entire world IS the one NOT lived!” The dream that we were born with that got away! Living the life of quiet desperation. Have you ever felt that way? Is there anything stirring within you as you read this, that’s searching for a KEY? Do you “know” that somewhere within you, is a door your Spirit is just waiting for you to walk through? That part of you has found James! Who is James Mitchell? First and foremost, a precious “Child of God”. An Entrepreneur. A U.S. Federal Congressional Candidate, with a Servant’s heart! A songwriter, an author, a creator whose persistence to “evolve” is unparalleled, if you only knew his story. Meet him! Not so he can tell you all about his life but so he can learn about you: Your hopes, Your dreams, Your desires, Your wishes! If ONLY someone could help you find your keys to create any and every success in every area of your life! That’s James! What makes James “qualified” as your Coach? James has experienced 99% of everything you either could have gone through previously, or maybe are going through right now! He is “relatable” to you on so many levels. His success track record speaks for itself. You will be touched by his heart for you while empowering you to create any dream you have, using the finest tools he has gleaned throughout his life. James has completed every personal & professional character development course within the Klemmer curriculum. This includes the Klemmer Coaching Academy (KCA) certification program. James has applied these tools to his life experience, in addition to all his personal/professional growth work on himself that began in his early twenties. He continued to evolve into a “seasoned” success story that drew the greed of the sharks on “Shark Tank” in business, yet also he has results that prove he has gained favor with God’s Heart that he has so ferociously pursued through his Bachelor of Ministry Degree and life! James is empowering people everywhere just like you. They are taking action with tools he provides to create their life that includes all they previously only imagined they could have! Why NOT You? James will be honored to provide you the proven and necessary tools that empower you to unlock your doors to your success and create your world on your terms; be it relationship, a deeper walk of faith, health & fitness (you will see in a FREE copy of his book signed for you: photos of his physical transformation, boosting your confidence that you’ve chosen the right coach in whom to invest your time & money) and including any other area you hold goals and dreams currently unfulfilled, unrealized. Your best You is yet to come! Because you get to meet YOU, in ways you never have before, you will step onto a path of self-discovery that will cause you to amaze yourself! James can hardly wait to introduce you to you! The tools you will gain are from the world’s leading leadership & character development company are now at your fingertips, just one action away! Growth only happens when we take action, not by accident! Your coaching package will include a three-day weekend either 1) launching your initial work forward or 2) as soon as you make yourself available to gain an initial set of tools. Why? Because when packaged with your coaching, this process will propel you further, faster, more efficiently and effectively so the results of your dollar and time invested are maximized! How soon do you want to start getting what you want in every area of your life? Let’s begin today! Call or email James right away for a free 15-minute initial consultation. Let’s start NOW! Why? Because yesterday is history, tomorrow’s a mystery and today is a gift; which is WHY they call it “The Present”!

KCA Coach - Trena Morse


Coaching Specialties: Personal and Business Leadership Coaching
Divorce Transitions
Creating the life you say you want
Group business seminars
Teen Training
Speaking engagements

Roscoe, IL
5 Stars.png

Trena Morse began her Klemmer journey in 2016 in the midst of a challenging season of her life and knew she was where she was meant to be. She competed her Klemmer journey in just over a year and went on to staff PM, Heart, Advance and become a TL for Sam Camp. This work gave Trena the tools to continually move forward in growth, connection, financial increase, business development and coaching which she has been passionate about for 20 years. Trena Morse is a well-respected and sought after coach for individuals, groups and businesses. With over 20 years of experience in management, business, ministry and the personal growth and development fields. Trena’s powerful and dynamic approach to coaching supports you in taking your personal and professional life to new levels of excellence coaching from a place of love and curiosity that creates a safe and confidential environment. She has successfully coached countless people in transforming their personal and professional lives. She has worked with New Zealand Police coaching women in abusive situations and people who have been released from prison and desire life to be transformed. Trena’s areas of expertise include: -Leadership development -Business development -Non-profit leadership development, clarity of vision, unity of staff -Creating the life you desire -Youth coaching -Health and weight loss -Divorce transitions -Breaking free from abusive relationships -Re-entry from prison -Creating clarity and vision in your life If you’re looking to create real results in your life, Trena will masterfully guide you into creating the life you say you want and you’ll have fun doing it!!! “I heard someone say recently that it can cost you to go after your dreams....My comment was, it can cost you even more not to! Are you ready to change your life?” Contact me now to schedule your free 20-min discovery session.

KCA Coach - Karen and Harris Murphy


Coaching for Attention Deficit Disorder, Adult ADHD, ADHD Families, Time and Life

Bayfield, CO
4 Stars.png

My name is Karen Sizelove-Murphy. I have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). I've had it all my life. I didn't know I had it until I was 33 years old. It affects me ... every... day. But I've turned a deficit into my greatest asset. Now, I'm in control. I no longer live with frustration, anger, and guilt. I see ADHD as a positive force that I can control from the inside. I no longer allow ADHD to work on me or control me. I was diagnosed in 1997, then took Joyce Kubik's training and COGMED Working Memory Training Program in 2005 and been on an amazing journey since then. My Klemmer journey began in 2009 when I was the Youth Education Coordinator for Northern Virginia Trout Unlimited. I've attended all the workshops, hosted a Champions workshop, and staffed many of the Klemmer events several times. I married my husband, Harris Murphy in 2012 who also has ADHD ...now 2017 we have completed our Foundational Coach certifications. We are completing our ADHD Family Coach certificates. Karen is a member of the ADHD Coaching organization (ACO). Both are members of the Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD) Organization. My name is Harris Murphy. I began my Klemmer journey in 2004. I've attended all the workshops, hosted several Champions workshops, and staffed many the Klemmer events several times. My teenage boys attended youth camp and many of the Klemmer workshops; a definite plus in their successful lives in the Washington, DC area. I became aware of my ADHD shortly after being married to Karen in 2012. Karen noticed the ADHD characteristics in my short attention span, challenge in focusing, often misplacing items, and being easily distracted. She had been diagnosed with many ADHD characteristics sixteen years earlier. At that time she was given accommodations with a note taker and a quiet place to test while attending college. That accommodation enabled her to complete a five year program and graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from University of Cincinnati, Design, Architecture, ART and Planning (DAAP), the number one design college in the country. During her youth Karen recalls being told to focus; that she could do anything she wanted if only she could focus. That turned out to be so true when she learned techniques from a Master Coach, Joyce Kubik. Joyce Kubik taught Karen time management techniques that are proven to work for clients with ADHD, enabling Karen to get all A's for two years (2014-2016) while attending Ft. Lewis College in Durango, Colorado, working toward a teachers certification. I joined the US Air Force after a challenging three years of college following high school graduation. The military structure and regimen proved highly beneficial for me. I thrived in that environment, was given a military scholarship to complete my undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree in Math, promoted to officer ranks, and earned a second military scholarship; completing my Master of Science degree in Statistics, Colorado State University while on active duty. I retired with 25 years honorable service, then worked for the defense industry 15 years in the Washington DC area. Karen insisted I complete COGMED working memory training while being coached by Joyce Kubik, as she had done seven years earlier. Both Karen and I have a heart for all youth and young at heart who say they are committed to making a positive difference in their lives but are challenged in getting results. We became Certified coaches and launched our coaching business ADHD Attitude of Gratitude Coaching Academy to help others who also desire to better their life. We also include time management coaching. Both of us use Joyce Kubik's Plan For Success Planning Journal with a tickler file. Joyce Kubik's coaching and Journal works for everyone and is highly beneficial for those with ADHD. We continue to move forward in acquiring ADHD specific coaching techniques from David Giwerc at ADDCA and Joyce Kubik at Bridge To Success that are highly beneficial for everyone. We have focused on Time and Life Coaching to work with and help others who face unique Life challenges so that they can experience Abundant Living.

KCA Coach - Carla Palazzolo


Coaching Specialties: Teens-Adults-One on One-Groups
Forward Movement-Weight Release

Champaign, IL
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Carla began her Klemmer journey in 2007 with her husband Michael, together they have completed Personal Mastery, Advanced Leadership, Heart of the Samurai and Sam Camp. This has been an amazing journey for Carla along the way as she has set goals, reached goals and surpassed goals. She believes that in order to expect others to have forward movement in their lives, you have to show that you are making forward movement too. Carla’s forward movement has included releasing over 84 pounds, writing a children’s book, and raising over $3000 for her local Humane Society. To make a difference in the world you have to make a difference in your own life. Carla takes the time to help you set SMART goals, work through being stuck or work past your limiting beliefs or obstacles, and celebrate your accomplishments. If you want to make a difference, Carla says, “Let’s talk”. Coaching Testimonial: “I have enjoyed my sessions with Carla. Having someone listen without judgment, encourage me in my goal setting, and add visual elements to their coaching was awesome. I am a Trusting, Confident, Courageous and Beautiful Woman. ” -Carla M., client Medical Office Assistant-Pediatric Practice

KCA Coach - Alana Palm


Coaching Specialties: Relationships, Past Hurts & Hang-ups, Physical & Emotional Health, Leadership (Children, Teens, Adults)

London, ON
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Alana began her journey with Klemmer when she attended her first Personal Mastery in March 2017. She went on to Advanced Leadership in August 2017, Heart of the Samurai in November 2017 and completed Samurai Camp in April 2018. Alana believed in the work so much that she chose to be a Champion for 2 Personal Mastery classes (2017 & 2018), as well as a staff member at Advanced Leadership in March 2018. The Klemmer work has allowed Alana to lead a more purposeful, quality-driven life. She has experienced extreme transformation and is thriving now as a much more joyful, peaceful and confident woman. Alana’s passion for this work, and all her experiences within it, led her to become a certified coach with Klemmer Coaching Academy. She is excited to work with others and empower them to realize the vision they have for their lives. Alana is described by friends and clients as trustworthy, focused, creative, compassionate, loyal, vulnerable and authentic. Her purpose is to spread love, create heart to heart connections and empower others to embrace their own worthiness. Alana’s coaching philosophy is to support clients in getting what they say they truly want. She uses her experience and training to help others let go of past hurts and hang-ups, transform their minds and focus on forward movement. As well as coaching adults, Alana is passionate about working with children and teens, as she has been a school teacher for 15 years. If you want something more, better or different in your life, Alana’s approach will empower you to realize it in fun and creative ways. Living life on purpose with clear intention is her passion and she looks forward to working with others who want to suit up and play BIG! “I’m so happy I had the opportunity to work with Alana. She is so caring and compassionate. She is honest, even when difficult, and very trustworthy. I became more aware of myself and those around me. I continue to learn how to gain more self-respect and grow from the inside out. I am learning to be bold with positive outcomes.” –P.H. London, ON.

KCA Coach - Camille Paterson


Coaching Specialties:
Peak Performance, Business & Life.

Seattle, WA
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Are you a manager, entrepreneur, business owner or executive and you want to get and stay in your peak performance? From understanding how to set clear attainable goals to accomplishing them and everything in between Camille partners with you to create an individualized system that will get you to your peak and stay there. She believes this is the place in your life where you are truly thriving and living your purpose everyday. That this kind of life is possible and you can accept and live out your greatness daily. Whether it is defining your purpose & mission, business planning, time management, goal getting, transitions in life or career or communication development Camille is your coach. She does one on one, group & in business coaching. Camille grew up in a entrepreneurial household and has continued on that path from starting multiple business, building large non-profits, running small to large scale ministries, speaking, leading, facilitating, managing thousands of volunteers and large to small scale events and conferences she is well versed in many areas. With a degree in communication and leadership from the University of San Diego, Dream Releaser Coach training and all of her Klemmer leadership training that she continues has prepared her to be your coach. Camille started her Klemmer work through her husband and completed it in under a year as it was such a powerful addition to her season of life and coaching career. She continues to support Klemmer local events, YLC and the KCA program by facilitating calls monthly. She believes that the Klemmer work has been eye opening, foundational and helped launch her into her now full-time coaching career. Call her for a free discovery session today! 425.890.8181 or www.camillepaterson.com Here is what Camille’s Clients are saying: "Before meeting with Camille I didn’t think it was possible to realistically reach goals I have had for years. Using SMART goals and Camille’s other techniques and exercises I can happily say that I met my goal of being debt free, grew my businesses beyond all of my what I thought unattainable goals and hit some personal goals I really wanted. One of the major components to reaching these goals was the coaching & accountability that Camille provided for me." "The approach Camille brings is so positive and I genuinely feel like she cares and wants to see me accomplish my dreams/goals. Camille is so articulate and intentional in each session. She listens to me and challenges me to go/see beyond where I am now to where I can be by offering valuable insights and practical steps I can implement into my life. Camille has a passion and gifting for Coaching which was evident from our first meeting." "Camille has been such a source of knowledge, energy and strength to me this past year. We started working together in a time when so many external challenges kept arising in my life. It was draining my energy and focus from where I wanted to be and what I needed to do. My gut response was to feel quite powerless. But Camille helped me find a focus, a can-do attitude and balance that had been eluding me. I can’t tell you what a pleasure it is to spend an hour on a regular basis zeroing in on your true purpose, and having a helping hand to help you realign and guide you back on your course. These words don’t seem quite enough… Thank you Camille!" "I have always struggled when it comes to having structure and discipline in my life. I set up a session with Camille not knowing what to expect and I came out encouraged and feeling like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. In just that one hour session she helped me to identify what was hindering my effectiveness in different areas of my life and then helped me to come up with a game plan. But this game plan wasn’t just a new schedule or rules to add in my life, she helped me focus in on specific areas that are priorities in my life and figure out how to implement a lifestyle that supports those priorities. What I loved most was that she doesn’t just tell you what to do but she actually works through what is holding you back and how to remove that barrier to become the most effective you. If you are looking to reach your full potential I would highly recommend Camille as your coach."

KCA Coach - Jason Pride


Coaching Specialties: Business Consulting, Financial Freedom, and Debt Elimination

St. Louis, MO
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Do you feel stuck or trapped with your finances? Does money stress you out or negatively impact your relationships? If you want more money to spend, more time to do what you love, less financial stress and better work-life balance, Jason is the coach for you. Jason Pride is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA). After earning a Master’s Degree in Accounting from St. Louis University, he began working for PricewaterhouseCoopers in the tax department. After 3 years growing his business acumen at PwC he left the corporate world in search of a life of financial freedom. Using his knowledge and experience from his CPA background as well as self-taught principles from Rich Dad Poor Dad, Profit First, 4-Hour Work Week and other influential financial books, he built a life for himself over the next three years that allows him to work where he wants when he wants. In that time period, Jason bought, built and sold a franchise, invested in 6 real estate deals, and opened online businesses all while going through the Klemmer personal development course work. Jason completed his K&A journey in April 2020 and was invited to be a Team Leader in Sam Camp #40 where he helped four students step into their greatness and reach their goals. Jason believes that money is a tool to be used for freedom, joy, and contribution. No one should feel “trapped” or “stuck” in their current financial situation. Everyone is worthy and capable of financial abundance! Jason would be honored to help you achieve your financial dreams.

KCA Coach - Tami RECESSO


Coaching Specialties: Choosing Priorities, Taking Action, and Creating Results

Plaistow, NH
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Dr. Tami is a successful real estate entrepreneur and healthcare business owner celebrating over 20 years in private practice. She has found a way to make amazing accomplishments look easy. She is a mother of three incredible boys, one who requires special care. Are you looking for someone to help you get out of your own way and get moving? Tami is gifted at helping her clients let go of the past by letting go of the stories that don’t serve them. She is a five-star coach having been a Sam Camp team leader. She will coach you into making your dreams a reality. She specializes in helping her clients choose priorities, take action, and create amazing results regardless of obstacles. She is intuitively gifted in helping her clients visualize their dreams in great detail, allowing clarity to flow, and attracting abundance around their deepest desires and dreams. There are no limits to your potential. Let’s grow together!

KCA Coach - Wendy Retzer


Coaching Specialties: Health & Wellness, Mind/Body Integration, Life Coach

Carlsbad, CA
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Professional women hire Wendy to help them connect the puzzle pieces between their mind, body & spirit. They feel too busy, overwhelmed, and stressed to try and start to make improvements, and they’ve been sacrificing their health and funds on quick fixes to gain more time, balance and peace in their lives instead of getting the coaching they need to take care of themselves on a daily basis. Wendy understands at a personal level what it takes to go from overwhelm and no energy to waking up feeling grounded and connected. In her late 30’s, Wendy had a breakdown and learned she had a heart condition. That diagnosis alerted her to wake up, change her life, and evaluate how she was living each day. She hired mentors and coaches to help guide her to the tools she needed. This is where she started her own Klemmer journey in 2009. Client Testimonials after working with Wendy: “I’m more present now. I’m more aware of possibility and opportunity.” PR - Oceanside, CA Management & Sales/Mom “I’ve given myself permission to take care of me!” BG - Davis, CA Professional Opera Singer/Mom/Music Teacher “Empowerment of the power of No! To pause and take care of myself without guilt.” RB - Carlsbad, CA Business Owner/Mom Wendy’s Coaching Certification Is Complemented By: •Serving clients from 0-105 years old for more than 25 years as a Holistic Physical Therapist. •Helping co-found and start a non-profit. Active board member for 4 years. •Married for 29 years - with a relationship moving to 10/10. (Pre-Klemmer 5/10) •Raising two active boys to adulthood Wendy’s Specialty Areas: • Dealing with Mom Guilt • Being authentically YOU • Overcoming self doubt • Mind-Body integration • Marriage • Spiritual Growth • Managing Healthcare-Professional burnout Are you ready to step out of overwhelm? Are you ready to stop trying to do everything on your own? Wendy is here to be a guide by your side to help you get clear on your goals and provide a safe space for you to explore, create and connect to a life you love so you can feel energized, healthy and connected with your life and family again. Reach out today and book your complimentary 30 minute clarity session with Wendy. Klemmer Training: ALS #133, Heart #29, Samurai Camp #19, SCV#4, KCA Certification June 2020. Staffed: Multiple PM’s, ALS #222, VHOS#1 & #2, Team Leader for SCV#6.

KCA Coach - Sam Reyes


Specialities: Spiritual growth, Relationships, Tools for releasing past hurts or resentments, Moving past Divorce, Physical & Emotional Goals, Leadership development (Children, Teens, Adults), Recovery and addiction, LGBT understanding, Finding your greatness, Loving your age.

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My life has been a journey of joy, laughter, success, failure, happiness and pain. The one thing that has remained consistent is my faith and belief in God. I have read countless books, attended seminars, gone to school and even watched Youtube to discover tools to help myself and others achieve, peace, success and happiness. One thing that I have discovered is we are all unique human beings. We all have different beliefs, likes, dislikes and ways of being. For this reason I am a firm believer in allowing you to discover what it is you want and finding the best way to achieve that for you. I have no cookie cutter solutions for anyone. I can give you tools and help you develop the insights that will best serve you to achieve the goals that you may not even know you want. Lets build a foundation of mutual trust and respect and move forward. My commitment is to gain an understanding of who you are and to help you recognize the many gifts you have and come together with your faith and beliefs of the world to live in your divine purpose. I invite you to get to know me and to let me get to know you. Let’s get started.

KCA Coach - Leah Rezin


Specialties: - Authentic Friendships, Self-Awareness & Emotional Intelligence, Powerful Networking Skills

Tomah, WI 
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It is not always what you know in life. It is who you know. Connections Expand Your Influence and Impact. Do you have goals and dreams and a heart to make a difference in this world? Does it involve people to achieve them? How could strong personal and professional relationships support you in achieving your purpose? What if you could have fun doing it? Along with being a certified coach, I have over 600 hours experience in a personal development and leadership setting as a student or as a staff member. I actively engage with coaching 5 hours/week. I have a degree as a Doctor of Chiropractic with over 6 years of patient communication and consultative care plus over 500 hours in seminars studying neurologically based and emotional healing. I co-built a business that hosted the largest ribbon cutting the community has ever seen with over 120 people in attendance. I call myself a connection catalyst. Connection implies establishing rapport, a linked connection. A catalyst increases the rate of reaction without having to change itself and remains separate from the end product. For me, this means I support you in increase the rate of connection and results in your life while remaining separate from the final result. The final result is your accomplishments, your support system, and your stronger foundations. I believe that we were made for connection, relationship, and vulnerability. When we choose vulnerability, we free ourselves from fear. How much more willing are you to discover, trust, heal and do the work when you have permission to be yourself and process in a safe space? I am looking forward to being in that space with you.

KCA Coach - Michelle Riddell


Specialities: Busting through Limiting Beliefs, Communicating Effectively, Life Visioning Work, Leadership & Management, Career/Business Development, Managing Change

4 Stars.png

Michelle coming alongside her client on the path of transformation and change. “I believe in your potential as a human being, and it is my privilege to guide your discoveries about what is around the next corner. I lead my life with love for God, self and others. You’ll be delighted to experience this during our work together.” Her client’s dreams, hopes and goals guide the coaching work. “My focus is to hold you capable and resourceful to what you say you want to be, do and have. I am here for accountability on progress, give feedback on behaviors and motivate you to create habits that are resourceful and beneficial.” She is a practitioner of the work and continuously enjoys learning. “I would not suggest anything that I have not embraced myself. I am a consummate learner. I will ask powerful questions to stretch your mind and perceptions.” Michelle lives with integrity. “I seek joy in commitment as an expression of living fully. You will see me as I am. I believe that modeling authenticity cultivates a trust-based coach-client relationship.” Background: Michelle Riddell joined Educational Media Foundation in December 2009. She’s the Vice-President of Digital Communications and is a member of the ministry’s executive team. She oversees the teams that produce multi-media assets, manage all things digital (websites, apps, socials) and handle listener interactions. Under Michelle’s leadership, various initiatives are underway to further extend the digital reach of K-LOVE and Air1 brands. When working with her staff, she pays close attention to leadership development, cross-functional collaboration, building confidence in others, and team performance strategies. Michelle’s professional history includes roles in business development, marketing operations, information technology and supply chain management. Over the last 20 years, she gained extensive experience with implementing consumer-based digital engagement solutions. Michelle received her Bachelor of Science degree in Decision and Information Sciences at Santa Clara University (Santa Clara, California). She obtained her master’s degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Technology Innovation from the Graduate School of Management at University of California (Davis, California). Her current educational interests include media & storytelling, communications, and co-active coaching. Michelle teaches as an adjunct professor at William Jessup University’s School of Business. She lives in Meadow Vista, California with her husband, Eric, where they enjoy numerous outdoor activities including hiking, backpacking, kayaking and whitewater rafting. Their daughter, Elli, is married to Nick, and they live in Omaha, Nebraska.

KCA Coach - Katy Ridgway


Executive & Business Coaching

Portland, OR
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Katy has a fire inside for growth and creation. To ignite her flame to more and in the process lead others to their spark. She started her Klemmer journey in 2011 walking in the PM room as a gift from her mother. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! She completed the work within the year as part of ALS 156, Heart 33, Sam Camp 23. After 2 years in the practice of the work, she had an epiphany, that somewhere along the way she had heard you can come back and staff. With this realization and decision that she was “qualified” and worthy to serve, she jumped back in the dojo and started the journey all over from the beginning as a student/staffer, being a part of ALS 189, Heart 33, and Sam Camp 33. Katy uses the work daily as she builds and creates successful executives and workplaces. Katy has over 6 years in human resources, working with many business executives in a multitude of industries. Katy’s discovered the biggest unanswered question from executives and business owners is how to lead, develop, and motivate the people. Igniting leadership is the solution for moving your people forward through training, development, and self-discovery. Katy will partner with you to build a custom plan for your business. A true partnership to give your team the time and guidance deserved. Whether you’re seeking clarity on business goals, wanting to sharpen leadership skills, or have a desire to develop and engage your team, together we’ll create and refine your plan for success.

KCA Coach - Roni Rumsey


Coaching Specialties:
One on One Coaching, Small Group Coaching,
Weight Loss, Health/Wellness/Fitness,
Recovery/Codependency, Relationships,
Network Marketing/entrepreneurship,
Goal Setting and Achievement

Seattle, WA
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Roni Rumsey began her Klemmer journey to appease a friend and has never looked back. After attending a personal mastery, she knew that the experiences she was going to have would change her life. The journey led her to discover her passion for supporting others in their quest to overcome past situations and/or thoughts that do not support them in achieving what they say they want. Her journey with Klemmer has included completion of Advanced Leadership, Heart of the Samurai, Samurai Camp and Klemmer Coaching Academy. She has staffed Personal Mastery, (several times), Heart of the Samuari, and was a team leader for Sam Camp. Coaching began in education when Roni received several years of coaching training around professional growth for teachers. She carried this coaching into her Isagenix business and successfully coaches hundreds of people to goals for weight release, health and creating successful network marketing businesses. She also works with groups to identify goals and the steps necessary to achieve their goals. Roni has additional experience in working with and coaching individuals and groups in regards to substance abuse, codependency, entrepreneurship and family relationships. Roni was a Love and Logic trainer and incorporates these principles when working with hundreds of families and educators. Melding Love and Logic with Klemmer coaching allows families to look at relationships and have strategies to work with their children and assist young people through opportunities that may seem challenging. As an intuitive individual, Roni is able to listen to the words behind the words and coach for results. Her compassion, strength and humor enable her to tune in to hidden “programs” keeping clients from achieving their dreams. Roni’s purpose is to inspire others to find the greatness in themselves. Working with individuals ready to make changes is one way she is using her gifts to cause a ripple of change in the world.

KCA Coach - Susan Seay


Coaching Specialties:
Intentional Parent Coaching, Life Coaching for Moms

Austin, TX
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Hi there! I'm Susan Seay! If you’re looking for a way to apply the tools you've learned through Klemmer and Associates, to your family, I have good news for you. That’s exactly what I offer. I’m a mom to 7 kids and married to my hubby for over 20 years. That means there’s 9 different personalities mixed a lot of strong opinions living in the same house. (pray for me) My goal is to help parents create a home where their family can thrive- physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually. It’s time to live every area of your life with intention. Live on purpose and full of purpose. If you want the same for your family, contact me right away.

KCA Coach - Don Self


Coaching Specialties:
EMDRIA Approved Consultant, Health, Wellness, and Life Coach

Grand Junction, CO
4 Stars.png

Looking for a fulfilling, purposeful, healthy, and full life? Working through challenges in life that have held you back? Wanting the “whole package” - physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually? Meet Don Self, a counselor/coach who brings 30 years of professional experience to bear in service of your goals! There are three principles that Don works by... ● “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” - Theodore Roosevelt Care and compassion are necessary components of a successful coaching relationship. The kind person speaks the truths that need to be heard. Don will provide that! ● Gestalt (German) - an organized whole that is perceived as more than the sum of its parts.You are more than the sum of your parts, much more! When you consider the wheel of your life, it is not the individual spokes that matter. It is how the spokes interact and the balance achieved that determines the shape of the wheel. The goal is abundance in all areas of life. Roll with Don! ● Temenos (Greek) - “a peaceful place where warriors can lay down their weapons and armor and find peace.” Safety is a necessary ingredient in growth. The coaching relationship provides a safe space for goal development and risk-taking. Together, the coach and client create the boundaries necessary for a growth-producing, risk-taking experience. Be the whole package! Don’t settle for anything less! Coaching available in person, by phone, and by video!

KCA Coach - Elizabeth Shopland


Coaching Specialties:
Personal and Business Leadership Coaching

Windermere, BC
5 Stars.png

Since 2009, Elizabeth continues to be a well-respected and sought after coach for individuals, groups and businesses. With over 25 years of experience in management, business, and the personal growth and development fields, Elizabeth’s powerful and dynamic approach to coaching supports you in taking your personal and professional life to new levels of excellence. Elizabeth started her journey with K&A in 2009. She has completed all seminars and coaching, she returns as a volunteer staff member to seminars, is currently mentored by Kimberly Zink and works with K&A as the Regional Director for Western Canada and Client Services for Heart of the Samurai and Samurai Camp. Elizabeth calls the mountains of BC, Canada home and enjoys spending time in nature with her family and friends. As a coach, Elizabeth is “Effective! She’s a coach who helps me get out of my own way – fast” “What can I say, Elizabeth puts a capital ‘M” in momentum” “Elizabeth is a caring coach who really listens. I feel better after our sessions and more focused on where I’m going with my life” Specialty Coaching Areas: Leadership/Life Coaching Business & Project Management Communication & Team Building Staff Team & Customer Service Excellence Health & Wellness Coaching qualifications and experience: Klemmer & Associates KCA Certified Coach, Klemmer & Associates Samurai Camp Coach, Certified Solution Focused Coach, NLP Certified Coach/Practitioner, Timeline Therapy Practitioner, Hypnotherapist Practitioner, Certified Customer Service Excellence Trainer, Certified Horticulturist, Honors Bachelor degree from Lakehead University, Part-time Instructor for the College of the Rockies, Home Based, Retail and Network Marketing Business Owner, Writer/Author, Outward Bound and YMCA Alumni.

KCA Coach - Chelsea Sitzman


Coaching Specialties:
Health & Fitness, Business Leadership/ Life Coaching, Team Building, Cash Flow Creation Coaching

5 Stars.png

Chelsea, is a dynamic and sought after coach for individuals looking to create more, better, different in their lives. With over 10 years of experience in coaching athletes in all levels of their health, fitness, and skills she has dedicated her life to moving people forward. In 2014 she started her own personal development and leadership journey with K&A which has given her an even greater edge. She has incorporated the lessons and tools she learned into her own life and continues to grow as a person and coach. She is a coach who is willing to go the extra mile and do what she ask her clients to do. Chelsea brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to each individual she works with and is dedicated to their success. Chelsea works for the international Klemmer & Associates- The Premier Leadership & Personal Development Company as a client support specialist and social media marketing. Specialty Coaching areas: Health & Fitness Business Leadership/ Life Coaching Team Building Cash Flow Creation Coaching Coaching qualifications and experience: Klemmer & Associates KCA Certified Coach, Bachelor's in Psychology, Associates in Coaching, Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Substance Abuse and Specialty Training (SAPST), Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASSIST), Mental Health 1st Aid Certified, Certified Facilitator for Nurturing Parenting Curriculum, Coaching experience (2014-2016) Coach 14U Triple Play Softball (2013) Coach 12U Bulldogs, (2006) Assistant Softball Coach Dickinson State University "The value created thus far in working with Chelsea has been a constant guiding voice of wisdom. She has a great way of allowing me to set my own goals, risks and rewards in a safe, non-judging manner. Chelsea has coached me to reach far and play big while not being pushy or imposing. I'm excited to see all the blessings that her mentorship helps bring into my life and those I'm involved with." Matt A. "Coaching with Chelsea is always a fun adventure. She is masterful at shifting from loving, gentle and supportive, to assertive and "just get your butt out there and do it all ready!"...whatever I'm in most need of from my coach, she is willing to go the extra mile to be that for me, to help me move. Chelsea is committed to my success in getting what I say I want, and holding my feet to the fire when my comfort level is tested and my excuses come out. She is an exceptional coach who has helped me find my answers on more occasions than I count. It's an honor to have been and to still be coached by you. Thank you!" -Danielle B

KCA Coach - Cindy_Solberg


Specializes in Overcoming Divorce,
Co-Parenting and Personal Happiness Coach of Moms

Chippewa Falls, WI
4 Stars.png