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Personal Mastery Leadership Training

Create the lasting results you've always said you wanted. 

We are going to suggest that 99% of the decisions you think you are making, you are not actually making. Think about it. Take an honest look. Have you ever done something you didn't want to do? Have you ever said you WEREN'T going to do something, and then did it anyway? Have you ever done something and didn't even realize you did it until after it was done? 




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Why do you think that happens? 

We are going to suggest it is because every decision you make is based on a subconscious belief system that you may or may not be aware is there. At Klemmer, we refer to subconscious beliefs as 'sunglasses'. Your sunglasses dictate the way you see the world and shape your reality. Subconscious belief systems are simply ideas that you buy as reality and then operate accordingly. They may or may not be true, yet you operate as if they are true. 

This is why how-to's by themselves are not enough to create lasting change. 

What you need is transformation, not motivation. 

When it comes to making a large amount of change in a short period of time, how-to's by themselves are not enough. Why? It's simple - people don't do what they are told. Everyone knows how to lose weight. The how-to's have been well documented: eat less, workout more...this is not rocket science. Yet, the vast majority of people don't do what they know will work. Why? 


There is a belief system they have in their heart that is preventing them from doing the behavior that they KNOW would serve them. THAT is why we created Personal Mastery. 

At Personal Mastery we work with you to uncover your own belief systems (aka sunglasses) that you don't realize are there. 

The sunglasses you know about already are not the ones that are tripping you up. It's the stuff that you don't realize is there that is holding you back from the life you say you want. At Personal Mastery we help you uncover the subconscious belief systems that are running you. 


Life costs a high tuition. 

There is a high price to pay for learning a lesson in life. Business owners, think of a time you learned a lesson the hard way. It was expensive. 

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Experiential learning in a training setting gives you the same lesson, without the high price life charges to get it.  

We provide a safe space for you to have experiences of yourself in action so that you can take an honest look at how you actually think at a heart level. Not how you think you think... how you actually think based on results. 

How to discover your sunglasses: 

  1. Notice your feelings and behaviors. 

  2. Work backwards to discover the thinking that is driving your behavior. 

Now you are having a revelation! The beautiful part about a revelation is it demands a response from you. Once you respond to the revelation you can create a large amount of change in a short period of time. 

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Personal Mastery is a 3-day training, hosted in cities all over the world. 


Personal Power, Trust and Influence

Ability to Enroll & Selling Strength

Personal Liberty & Freedom

Discover the Strategies

The Million Dollar Formula

Behavioral Matrix & Creating Positive Relationship Dynamics

The Power of A Growth Mindset

Handling Resentment in a Fraction of the Time

How to solve a problem when you don't know what to do

Our Graduates Report

Increased Income

Better Family Dynamics

More Time Freedom

Heightened Resiliency 

Skills that keep giving an advantage in life

Increased Sense of Purpose & Passion

Better Skills in Conflict Resolution

More Meaningful Relationships 

A More Fulfilled Sense of Self

Healthier Lifestyles (weight loss, mental health, emotional well being)

Increased Success in Setting and Achieving Goals


Tuition is $995

(use invite code to apply discount). 

Ready to take action? 

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