Lions are one of nature's best examples of team and community - that's why we named our team after them. Our pride is united in teamwork to serve you. 


President & CEO

Kimberly is the co-owner of Klemmer. After a career in insurance and network marketing, she began her Klemmer  journey 14 years ago. She is a true example of the work applied to life and is committed to leading others to their greatness. Kimberly is an author, sought-after speaker and Lead Facilitator at Klemmer events worldwide.


Chief Operations Officer

Kristie's passion is to be instrumental in facilitating positive change in people's lives.  She believes that help and hope should revolve around showing people that they are valued, gifted, worthy, and loved; that change is possible; and that the future is brighter than they can imagine. 



Michael joined the Klemmer Family after practicing law for over twenty years.  A perennial student, one of his greatest strengths is his willingness to be open and to learn in the coaching experience while coaching his clients to stretch, grow, and achieve now. 


Klemmer Coaching Academy

Jenny began her Klemmer journey in 2010 and has now joined the team as Headmaster of the Klemmer Coaching Academy, where she is writer and developer of the online coursework that Klemmer is creating to serve their grads in attaining Coaching Certifications. Jenny is a tenacious leader who believes there is more for every person on this planet and leads others to discover the very best they can become.


Regional Director, Canada

Andrea joined the team in 2013, serving as Regional Director. She is driven to support people in creating results by embracing their God-given greatness and sharing it with the world. A full time entrepreneur, her passion for people, leadership, travel, culture, health, photography and music are enjoyed both leisurely and professionally. 


Client Services

Traci began her journey in 2010 as administrative assistant to Brian Klemmer and advanced to Client Services, where she truly utilizes her gifts in helping and inspiring others. She is committed to helping others step into their greatness through her leadership, strength and enthusiasm.


Database Manager

Jeff has been programming professionally since 1999. In 2002, he left an SDET position at Microsoft Corp to start a website and database programming business, and has been supporting K&A since 2004. 


Vice President

Krystal is co-owner of Klemmer and the daughter of founder, Brian Klemmer. She is a transformational facilitator in experiential leadership training. Krystal currently facilitates at multiple levels in the organization including Samurai Camp, Personal Mastery and Youth Leadership Camp. She is committed to continuing the legacy of the organization as it continues to positively impact lives all around the world. 


Senior Facilitator

Diane is a veteran in the industry who has conducted trainings worldwide since 2000. She created the coursework for Klemmer's "Quickening" series which is designed specifically for the Christian Community. She also co-created Klemmer's Samurai Camp Curriculum.  



Sheri is a Co-Facilitator for Playful Mastery, a beautiful branch of Klemmer that supports children ages 5-11 as well as their families with the tools to handle everyday life. 


Director of Client Solutions 

Kathy Fairbanks leads the Corporate & Organizational team providing experiential training introductions to clients worldwide. She's honored to serve as the weekly host of "The Compassionate Samurai Business Hour" on Voice America Radio where Kathy and guests share stories and tools for overcoming obstacles and creating short cuts for sustainable results in business. 


Director of Client Services

Susan is a radiant, authentic, abundant and connected woman! She is on a mission to to provide exceptional customer service while supporting, encouraging and preparing people to attend and get the most out of these amazing seminars!


Client Services

Kari loves supporting individuals to lead the life that they have always dreamt of having. She is on the Advanced Leadership team and also supports the Youth Leadership team. She has a passion for youth and seeing them overcome life’s challenges. 


Client Services

Chelsea joined the team in 2016. She is filled up by supporting others in this work. Her purpose in life is to inspire others to live happy and fulfilled lives through joy and love, and she gets to live in her purpose everyday working with Klemmer.



Elizabeth is a seasoned, award-winning marketing strategist and certified Project Manager. She joined the Klemmer team in 2017 as a creative strategist. Her let’s-get-real approach dives deep into the root of human nature and has earned her a reputation as a powerful change agent in the industry.

Tel: 800-577-5447


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