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Advanced Leadership Training

Now that you've had revelation, it is time for breakthrough.

While the Personal Mastery Seminar is experiential, Advanced Leadership Training (ALT) takes it to a whole new level. You are IN an experience from the moment you show up until the moment you leave. You will have the opportunity to see yourself in action, creating in real time, a different result than what you're used to. The experience is designed to create breakthrough in multiple areas of your life.

Are you looking for a relationship in your life to be better?
There is a specific exercise at Advanced Leadership that is designed to take a relationship to another level.


How about a better team dynamic?

There are multiple exercises that are specifically designed to increase your ability to work on a team and to lead a team.


What about Trust? Are you looking for more of that?

At Advanced Leadership you will get to experience trust in a powerful way. You will leave the Advanced Leadership Training trusting in yourself and others more than you ever have before. 


Advanced is



Do you ever get overwhelmed with everything that's happening on the planet right now?

A lot of people are experiencing anxiety, stress and overwhelm.

There is an experience created at the Advanced Leadership Training where the same "stuff" can be coming at you, yet you can experience yourself remaining grounded. Circumstances will be flying your way and you will be steadfast, strong, and decisive. It's the number one tool we know of for conflict resolution, because when you're in that place, you have an ability to actually communicate with others at a different level and capacity and resolve conflict. 


If you have programs around money this course has a piece specifically designed for you to see your mindsets around money so you can see what's working for you and what's not working for you. You will be able to identify solutions and opportunities that you never have before because you'll have made a complete wealth consciousness shift. 

What about fun? Are you longing to have more fun in your life? We will take you outside for one glorious day of play where you'll truly get to experience yourself on a team. Playing at heart and experience that true joy that maybe you've been missing in your life for a long time.


At Advanced Leadership Training we 
do significant release work of letting go of the past.

Ultimately Advanced Leadership is designed for breakthrough. 

Personal Mastery is about having a revelation, but the Advanced Leadership Training is about breaking through being on the other side. When you leave Advanced Leadership, we call you Samurai. Brian Klemmer talked about the code of conduct that Samurai live by in his book The Compassionate Samurai. They lived by that code and they were known for their honor. They were known for their integrity.


There are two types of people in this world. 

Those who are compassionate, kind, loving people but tend to not be able to get squat done.

And then there are get-it-done people who tend to accomplish things at all costs, even if it means carnage. 

At the Advanced Leadership Training we train you how to combine the best qualities of both types of people. 

We provide a safe space for you to practice, and ultimately master what it means to be A Compassionate Samurai; somebody who has a heart of service and contribution and also knows how to get it done (and is not afraid to get it done). 

You will walk away knowing the 10 qualities of the Compassionate Samurai that we at Klemmer KNOW work. 


Advanced Leadership Training is a 5-day training, hosted in Bandera, Texas.

It starts on a Tuesday where you and others will gather to invest a week into continuing your personal growth. 

Trust in Self and Others

Capacity to Contribute on a Team

Problem Solving & Rebound Rate

Discover the Strategies

Grounding in During Difficult Times

Conflict Resolution

Establishing Trust

The Power of Play

Our Graduates Report

Increased Influence

Better Family Dynamics

More Time Freedom

Heightened Resiliency 

Skills that keep giving an advantage in life

Increased Sense of Purpose & Passion

Deeper Spiritual Walks

Better Skills in Conflict Resolution

More Meaningful Relationships 

A More Fulfilled Sense of Self

Healthier Lifestyles (weight loss, mental health, emotional well being)

Increased Success in Setting and Achieving Goals

Pastor Ken Hart
Alycia & Ben Testimony

Tuition is $3,095

Ready to take action? 

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