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Someone you know had an incredible experience, and they are inviting you to have the same. 

We are so excited that your friend or loved one shared this link with you. Chances are they recently returned home from a Personal Mastery and shared with you the incredible value they created from their leadership weekend. Klemmer has been helping leaders around the world since 1995 and we've pulled a special webinar out of the archives to share with you the value of the experience, straight from our vice-president, Krystal Zellmer!


We invite you to join us for Personal Mastery!


Personal Mastery is a 3-day seminar, hosted in cities all over the world. 

It starts on a Friday evening where you and others will gather to invest the weekend into your personal growth. 

Personal Power, Trust and Influence

Ability to Witness More Effectively

Personal Liberty & Freedom

Discover the Strategies

The Million Dollar Formula

Behavioral Matrix & Creating Positive Relationship Dynamics

The Power of A Growth Mindset

Handling Resentment in a Fraction of the Time

How to solve a problem when you don't know what to do

Our Graduates Report

Increased Income

Better Family Dynamics

More Time Freedom

Heightened Resiliency 

Skills that keep giving an advantage in life

Increased Sense of Purpose & Passion

Deeper Spiritual Walks

Better Skills in Conflict Resolution

More Meaningful Relationships 

A More Fulfilled Sense of Self

Healthier Lifestyles (weight loss, mental health, emotional well being)

Increased Success in Setting and Achieving Goals


Tuition is $995

(use invite code to apply discount). 

Ready to take action?