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Private Team Training

Shape the culture of your organization through leadership training and character development.
The Statistics


2022 Statics Show

Say This

A 2022 survey of organizations revealed that 63.3% of business leaders feel it is harder to retain employees than it is to hire them. 69% of employees said they would work harder if they felt appreciated. 85% of all employees are not engaged and 73% are thinking about leaving their jobs, right now. That's a lot of statics that pretty much say the same thing: something isn't working and chances are, you are feeling that in this very moment. 

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Why do you think this is so common for teams?

We are going to suggest that the WHY is because every choice a person makes is based on a subconscious belief system that they more than likely don't even know is there. At Klemmer, we call these sunglasses. At it's surface it a silly analogy, yet the impact it has literally shapes a person's reality. Subconscious belief systems are simply ideas that a person buys as reality and then operates accordingly. They may or may not be true, but they operate as if they are true, and its ripple effect impacts your team culture.

In today's business world, leadership and character development has taken a back seat and the results show that this simply isn't working. Similar to all problem solving strategies, if the root cause is not identified, growth cannot occur. Think about it. If the culture of your team is struggling with communication, no amount of meetings will solve that until you discover WHY communication is struggle. That's where Klemmer's custom-tailored Corporate Workshops offer the most efficient support that is proven to improve team dynamics and increase ROI. Our team focuses on the root of the opportunities, creating awareness to what is working, what is not working and allowing space for your team to step into what's next. 

What Teams Need

How-to's by themselves are not enough to create lasting change for your team.  

What your organization needs is transformation, not motivation. 

When it comes to making a large amount of change in a short period of time, how-to's don't work. Why? It's simple - people don't do what they are told. Everybody knows how to lose weight. The how-to's have been well documented: eat less, workout more...this is not rocket science. Yet, the vast majority of people don't do it. Why? 


Because there is a belief system they have in their heart that is preventing them from doing the behavior that they KNOW would serve them. When you have a team of people who throw in their individual belief systems into the culture of the organization, you run into conflict. THAT is why we created the opportunity for teams to dig deeper together to create both individual and organizational strides in creating better results. 

Through Private Team Training we work with your team to uncover the individual belief systems (aka sunglasses) that are being contributed to the team culture. 

Effective leadership is a quality that must be shared by employees from the top down. Klemmer's Corporate Mastery workshops focuses on key topics to equip each person's development into a highly productive and ethical leader.Team members throughout an organization will have the opportunity to recognize their role in fulfilling the company's mission. They will be equipped with tools and tactics to seek the right solutions to the hard challenges of doing business. They will be able to recognize the strengths in others.   


Life costs a high tuition. 

There is a high price to pay for learning a lesson in life. As a business owner or leader, think of the last lesson your team got to learn the hard way. It was expensive. 

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Experientially learning in a seminar setting is less expensive and safer. 

We provide a safe space for your team to have real life experiences of yourself in action (how you show up) so that they can take an honest look at how they actually think at a heart level. Not how they think they think...but how they actually think based on results. 

How to discover your Sunglasses: 

  1. Notice your feelings and behaviors. 

  2. Work backwards to discover the thinking that is driving your behavior. 

Now you are having revelation! The beautiful part about a revelation is it demands a response from you. Once you respond to the revelation you can create a large amount of change in a short period of time. Life will never be the same (in the direction of your choice). 

Staff Meeting
Private Corporate Mastery

Private Corporate Mastery is a custom tailored seminar, hosted on location at your place of business. 

Our team will partner with your leadership to determine the focus and duration of your Private Team Training.  

Personal Power, Trust and Influence

Ability to Enroll & Selling Strength

Personal Liberty & Freedom

Discover the Strategies

The Million Dollar Formula

Behavioral Matrix & Creating Positive Relationship Dynamics

The Power of A Growth Mindset

Handling Resentment in a Fraction of the Time

How to solve a problem when you don't what to do

Our Graduates Report

Increased Income

Better Family Dynamics

More Time Freedom

Heightened Resiliency 

Skills that keep giving an advantage in life

Increased Sense of Purpose & Passion

Deeper Spiritual Walks

Better Skills in Conflict Resolution

More Meaningful Relationships 

A More Fulfilled Sense of Self

Healthier Lifestyles (weight loss, mental health, emotional well being)

Increased Success in Setting and Achieving Goals

Some of the brands we've word with include:

The Honolulu Police Department, General Electric, Aetna Healthcare Services, Hewlett Packard, Walt Disney Attractions, Mary Kay Cosmetics, San Francisco City Planning Dept., Los Angeles Federal Credit Union, and Suzuki Motor Company. From small organization to large municipalities we've helped organizations like yours increase the results and resilience of their teams.  

"We kicked off Specialty’s exciting new leadership training program by sponsoring 12 customized Corporate Personal Mastery seminars over a 2-month period for our organization. I am pleased to report that Specialty’s results have been most satisfying! We have seen substantial changes in our overall openness in communication styles, more trust among fellow Mastery participants and other team members, more willingness to take risks, and a refreshing ability to deal with constant change in a dynamic work environment.  Our long-term return on investment should be reduced turnover and associated costs, less external recruitment at the supervisor/managerial level, increased retention and most importantly, satisfied and happy team members – and we are well on our way to achieving these sustained results thanks to your Corporate Personal Mastery program!"

- Nick Shauer, Assistant Vice President Human Resources
Brands We Work With
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