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What Comes Out of You? by Krystal Zellmer

Updated: 5 days ago

Imagine with me for a second that we are in a seminar room together and in my hand I have an orange. A big, ripe, juicy orange. Then I start to squeeze this orange right in front of you and liquid is oozing out of it and dropping onto the carpet. What is that liquid? Most of you would reply that it is obviously orange juice. Here is the million dollar question… Why did orange juice come out of the orange?

Orange juice came out of the orange because that is what was inside of it, and pressure was applied.

You are exactly like that orange. The only emotions and reactions that can come out of you are the ones that are already inside of you. Oftentimes people don’t realize what is truly within them because they work to avoid situations where they experience pressure. Pressure is coming. I don’t care how hard you work to avoid it, I don’t know anyone who is able to experience a life where they have no pressure. Pressure can come in all shapes and sizes and it is still pressure. If you don’t have something you say you want in life… guess what… you are experiencing pressure between what you want and what you currently have.

The time to work on what’s inside of you is ideally before the pressure is applied. After 9/11 Brian Klemmer took our entire company to New York to visit where the Twin Towers had fallen. It was an incredible reminder of why we are in business. While we were there Brian asked the firemen questions. Shockingly enough not one of them thought they were being brave. They all just thought they were doing their job. They had trained going into the man made fire so many times, that when the real emergency happened it was instinctual for them to run into the buildings.

What is your instinctual behavior? If you were to evaluate yourself right now on your automatic processes and responses would you want to keep them? The time to work on you is now. If you are someone who wants more financial abundance, are you practicing now what it will take for you to become more financially abundant? If you desire a deep connected fulfilling relationship, are you practicing right now being the person who has that relationship? Whether it is with someone in the future or your spouse or family, you want to change what is inside of you so that what comes out of you when you are squeezed is congruent with what you want to see. This is a practice. With every choice you make to invest in your own growth you are changing the fruit of your heart. You are course correcting your automatic responses. It may not happen overnight, and with time you will respond automatically with the qualities and character traits that you are actively cultivating in your life right now.

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