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Thoughts for the New Year-Diving Deeper Into the Heart of a Compassionate Samurai by Krystal Zellmer

Updated: Jan 3

As we launch into 2024, many people have set new year's resolutions on what they will create throughout this year. How many of you reading this have things that you have committed to yourself that you will create in the year 2024? Have you chosen to release weight? Are you committed to a new sales goal or financial target? Is your aim to have healthier relationships and better communication with those you care about?

We want to take this time to encourage you. Generally in the first few weeks in any venture in life there is excitement! That is when people feel motivated and enthusiastic to achieve their goals. Leverage that energy. Use that motivation to its greatest capacity. Motivation is a great thing as it gets you excited and moving. Also, be aware that there is a downside to motivation and that is it gets to be renewed often. Imagine having been to a motivational training and you are so excited, until you walk out to the parking lot and find someone has keyed your car? This is why we say we are a transformational company, instead of a motivational company. Our goal is to give you the tools to change your thinking at a heart level, so when you encounter that kind of challenge in life, you may be disappointed and you have the tools to still choose forward movement regardless of the circumstances.

When you transform your thinking at a heart level you do not need to be deterred by a lack of motivation. You can choose to be focused, and committed even when the excitement has worn off. Here is where the encouragement comes in. True mastery is developed in the plateau. If you feel yourself waning from your resolution, if you feel yourself beginning to slip or let slide on the little things, now is the time to re-engage in why you set that resolution in the first place. Do something to refresh your heart and your mind and get yourself realigned with the purpose behind your commitment. If you are experiencing a plateau, the game isn’t over just because you cannot see instant gratification towards your goal. You are in the practice. That means being diligent in all things you do towards the bigger picture of your life. Yes, even when super-bowl sunday comes and challenges your commitment to the weight you were committed to releasing. Choose qualities or character traits that will serve you in being the person you get to be in pursuit of your goals, and watch everything in your life begin to shift.

10 traits, that as a company we continuously lean on for success, are the 10 traits of the Compassionate Samurai: abundance, personal responsibility, commitment, contribution, honesty, knowledge, focus, trust, honor, and courage. Where can you embrace these traits in your life to be extraordinary in an ordinary world? Perhaps choose one quality this week that you are committed to walking in. Test yourself. Embrace that quality even when you don’t feel like you embody it. Begin to give yourself new evidence of who you truly are at a heart level. Implement that quality in the pursuit of your goal or resolution. Watch your results shift. Feel the empowerment to proceed, even if you find yourself in a plateau.

Interested in diving deeper into the heart of a Compassionate Samurai? Follow us on social media as we launch into a 10 week look at being a Compassionate Samurai. Or, purchase a copy of The Compassionate Samurai by Brian Klemmer on

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