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Leadership Communication

"As you know, we kicked off Specialty’s exciting new leadership training program by sponsoring 12 customized Corporate Personal Mastery seminars over a 2-month period for our organization. By engaging in your program, we were expecting our team members to be able to independently set bigger goals, take more risks, understand the dangers associated with the “victim mentality”, become more influential leaders and most importantly, become more sincere and honest in their communication styles.

I am pleased to report that Specialty’s results have been most satisfying! We have seen substantial changes in our overall openness in communication styles, more trust among fellow Mastery participants and other team members, more willingness to take risks, and a refreshing ability to deal with constant change in a dynamic work environment. Our long-term return on investment should be reduced turnover and associated costs, less external recruitment at the supervisor/managerial level, increased retention and most importantly, satisfied and happy team members – and we are well on our way to achieving these sustained results thanks to your Personal Mastery program!"

- Nick Shauer, Assistant Vice President Human Resources

Specialty Laboratories

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