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Release the Wait

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

We often speak of releasing physical weight, and are we as diligent about releasing our wait?

I was on a coaching call with a group of Champion’s out of New Hampshire, and said I was releasing weight. A beautiful friend of mine said that what she heard is that she gets to release her wait. I thought this was such a profound conversation. How many times do we sit in indecision, and use it as a great excuse to not get what it is we say we want. We turn our unknowingness into a great reason to not take action, and wait.

What is it you are currently waiting on? Are you waiting to feel more confident? Maybe more educated? Maybe you are waiting for things to feel more stable before you are willing to take the next step. Are you waiting for the right time? Maybe you are waiting for permission? Whatever you are waiting on is keeping you from being closer to getting what it is you say you want. Are you more committed to your result or are you more committed to waiting?

What I have come to learn is that the fastest way to acquire confidence is to begin taking action before you know what to do. Commit first and take action. Release your wait. Release the need to know what it is going to look like before you get started. Release overanalyzing all the potential outcomes before you begin. A good friend has continued to remind me of a quote from Dan Zadra, “Worry is a misuse of imagination.”

Another root of procrastination that I experience a lot when coaching people is that they want things to be perfect. When perfection becomes the reason to procrastinate, there is a deeper belief system running that may or may not be serving you. I am not suggesting that you do not aim for excellence. However, after many years of being mentored by Kimberly Zink, I have learned from her that there is a big difference between aiming for excellence and aiming for perfection. When I am striving for perfection, I tend to be stunted in my progress and barely move. Or, I constantly feel like I am never enough because I cannot reach the illusion of perfection I have laid out for myself in my mind. However, when I aim for excellence, I am liberated to do my absolute best. I learned that when I set the bar of achievement really high and then give 100% of myself to a result or a process - this is more than enough. The majority of the time, when I implement this mindset I release my waiting and get started, and bounce much faster after mistakes than I ever do when my aim is perfection.

Get as busy talking yourself into action, as you may have been talking yourself out of action. You will always move in the direction of your dominant thoughts, therefore choose wisely. If you find yourself in a set of sunglasses that are not moving your forward you have the capacity to shift the paradigm and try something new. Release the wait. Take action. Live in excellence. Watch your life flourish.

We want others to judge us on our intentions, while we judge other people by their actions.

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This really resonates with me. I think I know why I sometimes seek perfection and why that stops me. Going to work on removing that filter!


WOW! Starting a 3 day fast for direction and focus....was led to this post. Powerful, Powerful. Thank you Krystal for your walking in your Dad's and dad's footprints.


That was exactly what I needed to hear today and be reminded of, excellence, not perfection! Thank you Krystal.

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