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How are you enrolling people?

I get to work in enrollment in so many areas of my life. There is a lesson I learned from my mentor, Kimberly Zink, that will reside in my heart forever. The question I always get to ask myself is - What kind of energy am I bringing to any enrollment? Am I pushing people or am I pulling people?

Neither is bad, and they are both useful at different times. For me, the key is being able to choose what I am leveraging in any given moment or conversation.

Have you ever experienced yourself pushing something in terms of a conversation? A sign that I am pushing energy is that my conversation feels forced. I am trying to make something happen instead of allowing it to happen. I am working hard to create energy. Generally, the response to me pushing in the context of enrollment is that people tend to feel like I am on top of them. They feel pressure.

I started this blog by stating that pushing is not a bad thing. There is a time to push. Inertia states that things in motion stay in motion. Things at rest stay at rest. If you have something at rest, you may get to push in order to get something back in motion, in order to create momentum.

When I switch my come from and begin to pull while enrolling others versus pushing, I become more in alignment with every conversation. Instead of it being difficult, the conversation begins to flow. I allow people space to be heard, without losing my grounding on why what I have to offer matters. There is more connection when pulling someone into a space.

It is the knowledge of how to do both and when to use both that creates the maximum power. You may have one that is easier for you than the other, so practice the one that is more of a stretch for you.

Have you heard the old adage, it’s like pushing a rope uphill? That is a great image for this concept. You can push the rope or you can choose to come from another angle and pull the rope uphill. Choose the best strategy that gives you the most leverage at the moment. This is active non-resistance.

“Enrolling someone is creating value for other people to do what it is you want them to do for their reasons,” Brian Klemmer. This is actively creating win-win scenarios for yourself and for others. The path may feel foreign yet when you begin to get muscle memory it makes making a difference on the planet so much more fun.

This lesson is relevant in the area of enrollment and because enrollment is in everything, this lesson is relevant in all areas of life.

If you aren’t pushing or pulling are you apathetic? Brian Klemmer used to always say that he would rather work with a person going 100 miles an hour in the wrong direction than someone who was standing still any day. Energy is energy and you can redirect someone going in the wrong direction far easier than getting someone who is stuck to move.

There is a time and a place to push energy and there is a time and a place to pull.

Looking for a practical application formula on how to pull people in enrollment instead of push? Check out the chapter on our Ultimate Sales Formula in Brian Klemmer’s book When Good Intentions Run Smack into Reality.

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