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It’s A Choice by Krystal Zellmer

Every moment is a choice and every choice has prices and benefits.

So, what about the choices we go victim to on a regular basis? For most people, there are multiple areas in life where they would say they believe they aren’t choosing. Average people - not YOU - but average people, believe that feelings are not a choice but an instantaneous reaction. This month we suggest that you take a deep dive into the feelings and emotions that you are choosing that you might not recognize YOU ACTUALLY CHOSE.

If any of the following pushes your buttons… GOOD!. This is the perfect place for you to do your own self-discovery. Hunt for sunglasses. You get to look at your life and decide for yourself what you want to believe. I choose to believe that I am not victim to my feelings or my emotions. Why? When I am at choice, I am in the driver's seat. When I take responsibility it is a choice which means I can also choose differently. When I choose differently, I experience my life differently.

At Klemmer it is the suggestion that:

Tired is a choice.

Overwhelm is a choice.

Being offended is a choice.

Resistance is a choice.

In the same way that:

Joy is a choice.

Commitment is a choice.

Compassion is a choice.

Forgiveness is a choice.

Were there any of these “choices” that were listed above where your instant reaction was WHAT?! That isn’t a choice. That was a reaction. I’ll ask, who is in charge of your reactions? Who is in charge of your feelings and emotions? I’m not suggesting that you will not have an automatic response. The question is how long will you choose to stick with that automatic response?

Because our subconscious is so much more powerful than our conscious mind, if we choose to believe that we are victim to our feelings we will begin to justify and defend how we feel. In this, because of our need to be right, we actually create more of a reason to recreate and regenerate more of those feelings and emotions. This works both ways. If you are choosing stories that do not serve you, and your heart or subconscious gets in alignment with those beliefs, you will create more of those feelings and emotions. When you switch the belief system and actively interrupt the pattern you will actually begin to create more moments that support the new thought process.

You have the ability to choose every second of every day. That is the gift God gave you that no one can take away. What you choose creates the reality in which you live. What are the benefits you are receiving from the choices you are currently making? What are the prices you are paying for the choices you are currently making? Where can you shift your choices to get more of the long term effects you say you want in life?

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1 Comment

This was a GREAT reminder. It's so empowering. At any moment I'm not in peace, I get to look deep, look squarely at the emotion, and dare to ask, "Well shoot, where did that come from," and choose right out of it." The self-discovery is where I keep getting heart healing and self-discovery. And I do love peace. Thank you Krystal.

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