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It is not About Anything but Rebound Time by Krystal Zellmer

Who is still beating themselves up for finding yourself in the 3 R's? Or upset that you instantly made up a negative meaning to a situation? Maybe for you it is that you are still arguing to "Be Right" when you can see beyond that vantage point. That's great news! It means you are still human!

It is not about whether or not you fall back into pairs of old sunglasses, but how quickly you can remove them. The shorter your rebound time is, the more efficient you will be. Don't beat yourself up; move yourself forward! This might sound simple but it is truly an art form. For tools to improve your rebound rate, we recommend revisiting the work as much as possible. Come back and staff. Read a book by Brian Klemmer. Find a way to keep yourself immersed in the process of growth.

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