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Fact/Meaning - Do you have 360 Degree Vision on Every Situation by Krystal Zellmer

Fact/meaning has been one of the most enormous breakthroughs in my Klemmer journey. The notion that I get to choose to create whatever meaning I want, applied to every fact in my life, is absolutely liberating! I have gone back to a few dark places in my life, and re-wrote my own meaning around the situations. But for me, it is the everyday application of fact/meaning that has been such a blessing. How much time would you say that you spend daily in your made-up meaning of a situation? Minutes? Hours? Sometimes the smallest comment can be made and we can create such a meaning around it that it will ruin our entire day. When I truly got a grasp that a fact literally has zero inherent meaning, I started saving an incredible amount of time. Are you still spending time spinning your wheels in a meaning you created? Have you ever noticed that a negative feeling can last so much longer than a positive feeling? Almost as though we are trapped in what we did wrong, and yet need only take a blink of an eye to acknowledge ourselves. Why not make up a meaning that serves you? Something that will help move you forward. Neither meaning is the truth. Save yourself an hour or two today by creating your own fact/meaning relationships.

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