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The Giver's Marketplace Story

Many Klemmer graduates are highly skilled, caring and compassionate business owners. These are exactly the type of businesses that anybody would want to work with. But for many years K&A has had a strict no-solicitation policy in place, this policy is in place for the protection of both K&A and our clients. Unfortunately it also means that our grads haven’t been able to share their businesses with each other.

The Giver's Marketplace has been created to allow our grads to connect and support each other’s business and charitable causes; while remaining in integrity with the non-solicitation policy.

The Giver's Marketplace is a triple win. Business owners benefit by finding new customers. Our grads win by being able to find businesses with likeminded owners whom they can trust. Finally deserving individuals who don’t have the financial means to pay for our seminars also win because every business that advertises on the Marketplace pledges a percentage of the sales generated through the Marketplace to K&A’s non-profit foundation, the Mustard Seed Scholarship Fund. The Mustard Seed Scholarship Fund provides money for deserving youths and adults to participate in Klemmer seminars. We are very pleased to provide this service to our grads. Offering the Giver's Marketplace is an important step towards our vision of a world that works for everyone.

Mustard Seed Scholarship Fund Your use of the Giver's Marketplace supports
the Mustard Seed Scholarship Fund.
Thank you!

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