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Add your Listing to the Klemmer Marketplace

Current Students and Grads may apply

Klemmer Marketplace was created to give our graduates the opportunity to do business together while also keeping their word of non-solicitation.

This buyer-driven directory allows alumni to search for products, services and non-profits they are looking for.


As a Klemmer graduate, you have all agreed to a non-solicitation policy. This policy is  to protect our graduates. We know that when you choose into an authentic, real raw space, like a Personal Mastery room or an Advanced Leadership room, there's a lot of assumed trust; and with trust comes responsibility and we don't take that lightly.


We also know that many of our graduates have incredible skill sets, talents, resources, and products. Many of our graduates would prefer to do business with people that are Compassionate Samurai. 

As a Marketplace member, you will be able to publish your listing for other grads to see. 

How it works
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How the application process works.

  1. Submit an application with your mustard seed pledge & listing fee (valid for 5 years).

  2. Our team will review your application. 

  3. Once approved, you'll be given a link to create a login and listing on the marketplace. We will also send you the mustard seed link to start your pledge. 

​Every business that advertises on the Marketplace pledges a percentage of the sales generated through the Marketplace to Klemmer's non-profit foundation, the Mustard Seed Scholarship Fund.


Giver's Marketplace is not a place to solicit or market to any other Klemmer graduate. It is a space for Klemmer graduates to find services they are interested in and do business with people of like mind. 


Klemmer Marketplace Listing Application

Important Notes: this is NOT your listing.

Once approved you will be emailed access to login and create your profile.

Profile setup is REQUIRED in order to be listed in the marketplace.


If you are applying to list a coaching business, you must be a KCA Grad. 

Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions must be read and fully committed to before enrollment. By signing below and on the reverse of this application, you have agreed to all terms and conditions below.

Terms and Conditions of the Givers Marketplace agreement will include the absolute understanding of conducting their business with honor and integrity as well as a moral obligation to donate a portion of the profits from the transactions to the Million Dollar Mustard Seed program. The cost for the advertising subscription will be paid to Klemmer to cover the costs of the site and its maintenance as well as the follow-up reporting process with regard to fulfillment of the commitments made. The seller will be required to report the transactions made with every applicable lead and the donation made in its honor. Not all advertisers will be accepted. Businesses that are in direct or indirect competition with Klemmer (seminar companies) or its affiliates (coaching certification programs, etc.) will not be permitted on the page. In order to list your coaching business on the Giver’s Marketplace you must be a KCA graduate.Businesses engaged in the sale of items deemed to be of questionable ethical standards (weapons, alcohol, certain party favors, etc.) will not be permitted to subscribe. Payment for subscription is expected at the time of application and will only be processed if the advertisement is approved.

Advertisers will be held to the highest of Samurai standards and must maintain integrity at all times. This includes prompt and appropriate donations be made on all sales transactions generated through the Givers Marketplace. In the event of a business alliance in a multi-level marketing company, it is the up-line business owner’s responsibility to carefully monitor and track the income generated by the signed customer or distributor and to make regular donations honoring that income. Should Klemmer become aware of any violation of any part of the agreement, in thought or in deed, Klemmer reserves the right to terminate the subscription of the advertiser without refund of dues paid. Seller may further be sanctioned for inappropriate behavior by being added to Klemmer’s PUBLIC NOT AUTHORIZED list.

Since its inception, it has been the Klemmer mission to create bold, ethical leaders who will create a world for everyone with no one left out; as the number of Klemmer graduates increases we feel it is our duty to provide a space for grads to conduct business with one another. By signing below I acknowledge that I am authorized to sign for the advertising agency and agree that I will uphold the above stated standards. 

Thank you for submitting your application.Our team will review and be in touch with your approval status.

  • Why an online course? Why not a live seminar?
    In the age of technology, people are looking for convenience opportunities for personal and professional development. This course can be attended any hour of any day at a pace that is suitable for you. There are ZERO travel costs to complete the course, you can cross this finish line in the comfort of your own home, and you will graduate ready to move forward in being a trained coach in all areas of your life.
  • When is the course ready?
    The course is ready now.
  • Who can attend this course?
    Klemmer grads of Advanced Leadership or beyond can attend. If you have done Personal Mastery, and have yet to move on to Advanced, then you get to first take that step. The Coaching Level you receive from the academy is dependent on the work you have completed in your Klemmer journey. Upon approval and certification, you will be named a: **Two Star (Advanced Leadership Grad) ***Three Star (Heart Grad) ****Four Star (Samurai Camp Grad) *****Five Star Coach (Samurai Camp Leader)
  • What is the general content of the course?
    Course work will cover mostly Personal Mastery and Advanced Leadership work - from a place of training you as the coach, to equip you to be sharing the work effectively with others. Some Heart and Sam Camp principles will be introduced. Course work will be taught by Klemmer Coaches and Facilitators: Topics include: Module 1 Deciding Necessary Groundwork (Coaches Know & Grow the Foundational Truths) Module 2 Determining Mindset Shifts in Coaching (Coaches Lead Clients to Major Shifting) Module 3 Defining Principles in Effective Coaching (Coaches Implement Best Practices) Module 4 Delivering Your Intentional Message (Coaches Speak from Clarity & Call to Action) Module 5 Developing the Powerful Coach Within (Coaches Develop Daily and Deeply) Module 6 Designing Your Innovative and Successful Coaching Business (Coaches Risk More)
  • What previous Klemmer work must I complete before entering this course?
    You must have attended Advanced Leadership (or beyond) in order to take this course.
  • What does completion of the course look like?
    Many coaching programs simply buy and sell the certificate. We at Klemmer and Associates want to see you win, and we want to see your clients and those you influence in your world win. In order for this to happen, we believe you need to truly have course work that equips you, and we believe you need to experience what being The Coach is all about. Brian Klemmer founded this company on experiential learning. So, this fits that strategy of learning.
  • What determines whether I receive my Klemmer Coaching Certificate at course end?
    You will receive your Coaching Certificate after you complete the entire course and all required assignments are turned in (within the six month window). Every module has several assignments that must be turned in and complete, including working with real clients that you "generate" and work with as part of the course. A total number of Hours coaching is required as well. At course completion we want to BE ASSURED THAT: You are highly knowledgeable in the material you are leading from. You are effective at coaching others and this is proven in your homework and client experience. You have reached your client with the content and they are moving forward because of your coaching.
  • What does the 6 month journey look like? How long will it take me to finish?
    Each student that chooses the Klemmer Coaching Academy will have a game that he/she played. It can be a big game, or a medium game. Depending on the freedom in your present every day schedule, some will have freedoms to complete coursework faster than others. Others will be fitting the KCA into heavily scheduled lives, making time for it before and after "normal" work hours. The way you work through the course is up to you. You will demonstrate completion of course within a six- month period from your date of purchase (or if you selected Pre Launch pricing then your start date is the first day of the course being launched). Regardless, all course work must be complete within six months of start date, and course work being complete includes having turned in ALL required assignments, including the proofs of your working with real clients, and total hours with clients.
  • Will the certification be nationally recognized?
    At this point, the government has not legally set standards for certification. Different organizations hold different standards. We are not officially connected to other coach certification programs, however, as said before, this coaching course is designed to give you effective coaching with experience and practice, from the Klemmer and Associate's tools that have already shaped your journey. Not only are you becoming more equipped in your personal and professional life, but you are also influencing each person you coach into the best life they have ahead of them. There are nationally and internationally recognized programs out there that are in essence 'pay to play' certificates. This is not a pay to play. You want to sign up for this course as if it is a college semester of coursework. This is a way for you to invest bigger, to grow deeper, and to play bigger in your life and in the lives of every person you meet. This coaching certification is going to be a Win for you, a Win for all those you meet, as well as a Win for Klemmer - as we together, continue: Creating bold, ethical leaders who will create a world that works for everyone with no one left out.
  • How much does the KCA course cost?
    Price is: $4995 for Advanced Leadership graduates $3995 for Heart graduates $2995 for Samurai Camp graduates. Tuition is non-refundable. Full payment provides you with six months access to your coursework. After the six months, you will no longer be able to access your course or turn in your assignments. If you are ready to pay your $1000 NON refundable deposit, Klemmer and Associates will allow you to make your second payment within a 6-8 week period to get into the course with two payments (if needed).
  • What value will this course bring (what am I getting for the money)?
    The value you create in life is always up to you. This training will equip you at a level that you have yet to obtain with Klemmer and Associates, both for your own personal/professional growth as well as how you will lead and influence others for the rest of your life. Per your graduation from this course, you are eligible to be named by K&A as a referred Klemmer Coach Upon approval and certification, you will be named a: **Two Star (Advanced Leadership Grad) ***Three Star (Heart Grad) ****Four Star (Samurai Camp Grad) *****Five Star Coach (Samurai Camp Leader) This is ONLY with approval. Not all applicants will qualify.
  • Will someone be coaching me one-on-one?
    At any point during the course that you encounter concerns, you can email and get support.
  • How does the program work? How is this program/set up different from other coaching certifications out there?
    Your course completion/graduation is dependent upon your full participation and engagement in the work. You are accountable to turn in assignments with a passing grade of 70 or higher, verify coaching has taken place with real clients, including their feedback to you, completion of hours, and your course progression (course MUST BE completed within a six month period, start effective at your full payment). Many of the coaching certifications out there are a purchased ticket to get your training fast. This is NOT that. This training requires full accountability. By course completion, you will be trained to more effectively coach and serve the people/clients in your life.
  • What are some practical tools that I will gain?
    All the Klemmer tools that you have learned will be re-emphasized from a place of "now you are the coach". You have learned these tools on many levels already, particularly as you have advanced on to Heart and Sam Camp, however, the practical application of living them as The Coach, and applying them into the lives of others most effectively is the biggest win for this course - to serve you and others.
  • Is there group support during my time in the academy?
    Jenny Price, as Headmaster of the academy, will be available via email during all course work. There will be one weekly conference call where you can ask live questions as well. In addition to this support, your experience is your guide. The bigger you dig into your life, and your journey on the course, the more growth you get and the greater coach you become.
  • Can I share this program with friends outside of Klemmer?
    We are confident that during and after your Klemmer Coaching Academy experience, much like all the other courses you have attended with Klemmer and Associates, that you will want to tell many people about the work and learning you have found. You can share it with anyone and everyone while in your coaching sessions, however, the only way someone can purchase the course is if they are already a graduate of the ALS course, or beyond (Heart or Sam Camp grad). We believe that many will be motivated to move forward in the Klemmer work because of your coaching influence and effective work on this planet. We want to create a triple win - for you, for your clients, and for Klemmer to touch more lives than ever before.
  • How does this training compare in price and content to other certifications online?
    The price range of this coaching certification is extremely competitive with similar courses. The extensive material included in the modules is seemingly more than what we have seen most other courses offering. Additionally, the accountability you will receive by moving through the work and applying it to real life clients is the biggest difference we have seen of our course compared to others. Lastly, the value of your K&A experience prior to jumping in to the course is the other bonus. You have already received and even applied much of the material you will learn. Now you are hearing it from the coach's perspective.
  • How much time a week do the classes require? How much time out of class will the course require (like homework?) 
    The more you put in, the more you will receive - now and in the long term. Like all the Klemmer work, play big and create bigger results. If you paced yourself to complete the course in the 6 month window, we anticipate you spending 3-5 hours on the material per week. If you wait and fit the course into a smaller window, you will have to spend more hours per week. Consider it as an enrollment into a semester of graduation program work. This is your investment to your future. Spend the time, faithfully, week after week, and grow deeper as you invest.
  • Does Klemmer offer support after I complete the academy?
    You have full access to every course that Klemmer and Associates has to offer. You can staff a PM, an ALS week, attend Heart as a staff once you have attended as a student, and go to Sam Camp again as a Team Leader with approval from K&A staff. All of these exciting growth opportunities are per approval of facilitator/host of the course. But they are ways that you can keep accountable to the work and begin applying your coaching skills in the most effective rooms on the planet: The "Klemm-inars" of K&A!!!!
  • How many students will the academy take at a time?
    There is no limit to how many students enroll. This is a unique quality of the online course training. Hundreds can be enrolled, all at the same time, changing lives in the thousands, in just a few short months! We expect our first year of enrollment to exceed the hundreds and therefore the impact and the reach of this training is immeasurable. It's thrilling to know - this course can be an impetus in your growth in exponential ways.
  • Are there any books/instruction manuals that will be required for the course? If so, how much will they cost?
    There are no other required purchases that you will have to make in order to complete the course work. We will reference many materials that Brian Klemmer and K&A have created; however, they will not have to be referred to necessarily.
  • Is there a money back guarantee offer on this course work?
    Klemmer offers money back guarantee only at the Personal Mastery level. There is NO money back offer for this course. When you choose in to the KCA, you are ready to move not just your life, but also the lives of those you influence - to the next level - for the rest of your life! Again, there is NO money back offer. Before your make your final purchase, as you enroll, you will agree to our Terms and Agreement - which clearly notes that NO MONIES will be refunded once payment is made.
  • How much access will I have to you and other leaders in Klemmer?
    There will be unlimited email support with Headmistress Jenny Price,, as well as a weekly Tuesday night support call at 9pm EST every week during the course (and these calls are for all KCA students and grads long term indefinitely).
Marketplace FAQs
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