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Add your Listing to the Klemmer Marketplace

Current Students and Grads may apply

Klemmer Marketplace was created to give our graduates the opportunity to do business together while also keeping their word of non-solicitation.

This buyer-driven directory allows alumni to search for products, services and non-profits they are looking for.


As a Klemmer graduate, you have all agreed to a non-solicitation policy. This policy is  to protect our graduates. We know that when you choose into an authentic, real raw space, like a Personal Mastery room or an Advanced Leadership room, there's a lot of assumed trust; and with trust comes responsibility and we don't take that lightly.


We also know that many of our graduates have incredible skill sets, talents, resources, and products. Many of our graduates would prefer to do business with people that are Compassionate Samurai. 

As a Marketplace member, you will be able to publish your listing for other grads to see. 

How it works
Image by Leone Venter

How the application process works.

  1. Submit an application with your mustard seed pledge & listing fee (valid for 5 years).

  2. Our team will review your application. 

  3. Once approved, you'll be given a link to create a login and listing on the marketplace. We will also send you the mustard seed link to start your pledge. 

​Every business that advertises on the Marketplace pledges a percentage of the sales generated through the Marketplace to Klemmer's non-profit foundation, the Mustard Seed Scholarship Fund.


Giver's Marketplace is not a place to solicit or market to any other Klemmer graduate. It is a space for Klemmer graduates to find services they are interested in and do business with people of like mind. 


Klemmer Marketplace Listing Application

Important Notes: this is NOT your listing. Once approved you will be given a link to create a login to customize your profile.


If you are applying to list a coaching business, you must be a KCA Grad. 


Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions must be read and fully committed to before enrollment. By signing below and on the reverse of this application, you have agreed to all terms and conditions below.

Terms and Conditions of the Givers Marketplace agreement will include the absolute understanding of conducting their business with honor and integrity as well as a moral obligation to donate a portion of the profits from the transactions to the Million Dollar Mustard Seed program. The cost for the advertising subscription will be paid to Klemmer to cover the costs of the site and its maintenance as well as the follow-up reporting process with regard to fulfillment of the commitments made. The seller will be required to report the transactions made with every applicable lead and the donation made in its honor. Not all advertisers will be accepted. Businesses that are in direct or indirect competition with Klemmer (seminar companies) or its affiliates (coaching certification programs, etc.) will not be permitted on the page. In order to list your coaching business on the Giver’s Marketplace you must be a KCA graduate.Businesses engaged in the sale of items deemed to be of questionable ethical standards (weapons, alcohol, certain party favors, etc.) will not be permitted to subscribe. Payment for subscription is expected at the time of application and will only be processed if the advertisement is approved.

Advertisers will be held to the highest of Samurai standards and must maintain integrity at all times. This includes prompt and appropriate donations be made on all sales transactions generated through the Givers Marketplace. In the event of a business alliance in a multi-level marketing company, it is the up-line business owner’s responsibility to carefully monitor and track the income generated by the signed customer or distributor and to make regular donations honoring that income. Should Klemmer become aware of any violation of any part of the agreement, in thought or in deed, Klemmer reserves the right to terminate the subscription of the advertiser without refund of dues paid. Seller may further be sanctioned for inappropriate behavior by being added to Klemmer’s PUBLIC NOT AUTHORIZED list.

Since its inception, it has been the Klemmer mission to create bold, ethical leaders who will create a world for everyone with no one left out; as the number of Klemmer graduates increases we feel it is our duty to provide a space for grads to conduct business with one another. By signing below I acknowledge that I am authorized to sign for the advertising agency and agree that I will uphold the above stated standards. 

Thank you for submitting your application.Our team will review and be in touch with your approval status.

Marketplace FAQs
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