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The Power of Possibility

Do you want to open up possibilities in your life? There are crucial differences between living out of possibility versus probability.

Living from probability takes place when you look at what you are capable of and what you have done in the past. From this perspective, you calculate whether you think you can do something and whether you can get incremental, or minute, increases for your life.

Living from possibility, on the other hand, is the experience of knowing that you can create incredible results or miracles in your life that have no relationship to what you've done before. When you live from possibility, your future is not tied to the mathematics of your previous experiences and how feasible it is to create something.

Everyone has lived from possibility when they created something from nothing whether it was learning to ride a bike, falling in love, or writing a first book. In the case of writing a book, something inside said, "That's possible," when everyone around was saying, "I think you ought to get a nine-to-five job." There's an energy in possibility that's not evident in probability.

How do you nurture possibility in your life? Take small steps toward your dreams all the time. Get outside of what you normally would do and be willing to be uncomfortable in new experiences. Be committed to and consistent with it; keep after it. Seeing progress from the steps you take — coupled with believing — creates results. In this sense, there's also a lot of surrender in possibility. This means doing the footwork you need to do, and then turning the rest over to God. You're not quite sure how it's going to happen, but that's not necessary. You only need to believe that it is going to happen.

Another way to nurture possibility is to hang around with people who understand this way of life. If you're around people who inhabit the smaller, more calculated world of probability, it's possible to lose your vision or become discouraged.

If you want your everyday experience to be, "WOW, this is really possible!" then practice the art of living from possibility. It's a huge, amazing space that creates an exciting and fulfilling life.

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