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The Equation by Jim Stovall

I offer my contact information in each of my over 50 books and more than a thousand weekly Winners’ Wisdom columns—including the one you’re reading right now. With millions of books in print and countless people around the world reading this column each week in newspapers, magazines, and online publications, you can imagine that we have a lot of people who reach out to us.


Besides people’s kind and encouraging comments about my writing, which I always appreciate, the most common topics people ask about are financial independence, physical fitness, and having great personal relationships. In these three areas, as in most things in life, we all have more than enough information and knowledge to be successful already. We don’t fail because we don’t know what to do; we fail because we don’t do what we know.


Within each of these three vital areas of our lives, there are simple principles and equations that can bring us success. Please note I said “simple,” not “easy.” It’s very simple to tell someone how to complete a marathon. You just run a little over 26 miles until you get to the finish line. It’s incredibly simple, but anyone who has completed a marathon will assure you it’s not easy.


To be financially independent, you must spend less than you earn and put the excess funds to work for you. All wealth is built using this simple equation. It’s not complicated, but it’s never easy. To become physically fit, you must burn more calories than you eat while building muscle. Virtually all of us have known how to do this for years, but we’ve put very little time, effort, and energy into doing it.


Having a great relationship involves being willing to give more than you receive. It is a matter of being committed to reaching out more than halfway to connect with your significant other. While most people think it’s a matter of finding the right person, reality tells us it’s a matter of being the right person.


My late, great friend and colleague Brian Klemmer wrote a book entitled If How-To’s Were Enough, We Would All Be Skinny, Rich & Happy. It was a gift to be able to work with Brian during his life, and today, I am privileged to be able to continue building upon his legacy through my work with Klemmer & Associates. As Brian’s book title implies, if you want to change your life, you need to look beyond the current fads and magic pills, go back to the time-tested equations you already know, and revisit them with a new attitude, commitment, and mindset. 


As you go through your day today, focus on doing more with what you already know.

Today's the day!

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