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Do You Need to be Right? by Krystal Zellmer

We all share a common pair of sunglasses, or belief systems, known as our need to be right. This is the need for one person to be right, and the other wrong. Please do not hear this in the sense of morality. This program runs rampant among us, and can be one of the most difficult programs to change. If you can remove this set of sunglasses, right and wrong would not even exist. What would open up would be abundant opportunities and possibility.

The thought that "responsibility" is "fault" is an example of the need to be right program. Many people view responsibility as, "I am responsible, so you are not," or, "you are responsible, so I am not." If you disregarded the set of sunglasses of right and wrong, everyone would be responsible. An indicator that you could be wearing "be right" sunglasses is if you are viewing a situation as an either/or.

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Love this Krystal! I was reflecting on the concept of either/or and how it presents me with an opportunity to choose scarcity, rather than YES/AND and choosing abundance!! Love you! - W

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