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Affirmations by Krystal Zellmer

There are two ways to learn something; emotional involvement and repetition. At Klemmer and Associates we strive to create opportunities at our seminars where you can have an experience with emotional involvement to create a large amount of change in a short amount of time. Repetition is also an effective tool for change.

Positive affirmations can be extremely effective. What do you tell yourself about you? Is your self-talk riddled with positive feedback, or overwhelmingly negative? What if you were to declare positive qualities about yourself, or a positive statement about who you are? Could that eventually shift the context of how you see yourself? State your declaration to yourself as many times a day as you can. Repeat it for five minutes in the shower every morning. Write it on an index card and stick it on the dashboard of your car. Post your statement in visible places where you will be reminded of how amazing you are.

For some of you this could be one simple word. For others it could be a Bible verse that hits your heart. This week take the positive affirmation challenge!

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Russell Wahl
Russell Wahl
08. Juli

For me it was difficult to go from negative to positive. I built a mechanism in my mind that shifted the negative to neutral. I chose to sing a song in my head when I saw myself go negative and that created the space in my mind for the shift to positive to happen. This took conscience awareness of self and choice over time. It was a practice and I wouldn't allow myself to stop practicing.

Discipline is self love and to the degree that I'm willing to be disciplined will result in the change I want to see.

Thank you for all that you do Krystal !!!!

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