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Join date: Nov 7, 2023

About Me:

I am an abundant, confident and worthy woman. I am a creative.

I've written the first two books of the NAMELESS Trilogy, an historical fiction series, about three women in the New Testament of the Bible, whose stories are powerful and well-known, but their names are not listed in the Bible


I've also published Stories of Good Grief, a collection of 20 people's stories of grief and how they are working through it. Grief never leaves you. It is always there, and when you process it in a healthy way the sharpness of the pain seems to lessen.

I am currently writing my memoir, to be published later in 2024.

I love to speak at events, sharing my story with people who could use some encouragement in their faith.

I lead a Women's Ministry Team at my church and I co-lead a Life Group with my husband.

I have 3 grown children, and a 6 month-old angel in heaven who I look forward to seeing when my time here on earth is complete. I'm also blessed with a step-son.

I live with my amazing husband on the east coast of Canada.

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