Samurai Camp Coaching

Samurai Camp Coaching is a one-on-one coaching program that gives you, as a Samurai Camp graduate, the opportunity to work one-on-one with one of our highly qualified coaches. All of our coaches have been personally mentored by Brian Klemmer or Kimberly Zink. Klemmer and Associates has hand picked these coaches and we believe that they are amongst the best coaches you will find anywhere. Support from our coaches will be invaluable as you take on the bigger goals and purpose that your Klemmer training has prepared you for. You can choose to work with any of the coaches listed below for twelve one-hour, one-on-one coaching sessions. To enroll with one of our coaches, simply click the sign-up button next to your chosen coaches name. The pricing for one-on-one coaching is $3995 for a twelve session series. When you enroll, your chosen coach will be notified and they will contact you. If you have already participated in a series of coaching and would like to sign-up for more sessions please contact your coach directly, or call the K&A office to discuss pricing and availability. Take a minute to read about these life changing coaches. If you are looking for EXPERIENCED, PROVEN, and EFFECTIVE coaching from the best coaches in the business, you've found it here!


Diane Beinschroth

Diane Beinschroth was personally trained by Brian Klemmer, and has been a facilitator with Klemmer and Associates since January, 2000.

“Diane brings an experiential dynamic …, challenging participants to go far beyond where they have ever gone before. -Brian Klemmer

Diane brings a wealth of experience to her coaching. She has facilitated leadership trainings around the world for large corporations, small businesses, churches, the direct sales/ network marketing industry and was the first facilitator to present a Seminar for K & A in China.

Throughout her career, Diane has facilitated many of the courses offered by Klemmer and Associates including Personal Mastery, Advanced Leadership, Samurai Camp, Youth Leadership Camp. Champion's Workshops, and Guest Events. Diane is the creator and facilitator of the Quickening, K & A's unique leadership training designed specifically for the Christian Community and the exploration of Biblical principles of Leadership. Diane is a certified Christian Life Coach and earned her certification through PCCCA - Professional Christian Coaching and Counseling Academy.

Jenny Price

Having been mentored and nourished by the K&A work since 2011, along with Kimberly Zink as a personal mentor, Jenny Price coaches the truth in love and holds nothing back, to most effectively support you in moving forward faster on your journey.

As your coach, Jenny "is transparent, courageous, and kind. "As a coach Jenny is focused on delivering results while caring for the person; this is what I appreciated the most."

"Jenny will help you uncover your superpowers, will listen in a reflective manner, will give valuable and specific praise, and she will call you to your next steps."

"What i most enjoyed about our coaching sessions is 'they are fun'! Jenny has the ability to put the fun back into work. She leads by example, covering a lot of ground in a short amount of time."

Specialty Coaching areas include (and are not limited to):

  • Leadership/Life Coaching
  • Relationships/Building Communication
  • Clarifying Goals and Crossing Finish Lines
  • Maximizing Marriage/Ministry/Mission
  • Growing Sexual & Emotional Intimacy in Marriage and Couples Coaching
  • Recovery/Overcoming Past Hurts and Habits/Calling You to Live in Freedom (addiction, sexual abuse, etc.)
  • Having More Fun in Life - It can be Easy!

Other coaching qualifications: Headmaster of Klemmer Coaching Academy, John Maxwell Leadership Team, where Jenny is a certified coach/speaker/facilitator. She also holds her Bachelor's Degree from Florida State University. Jenny coaches from her Life Experience as well as her expert training. While a Sam Camp student herself, Jenny authored her first book, 7 Shifts, and has used this as a coaching tool for over 200 people. Jenny has been in a flourishing marriage for 23+ years, has spent 18 years parenting five children, 25 years in ministry, and 20 years in fitness industry. 

Kim-michelle Pullan

As a certified life coach I think my responsibility is to support you in creating the life that you are deserving, worthy and expectant of having. This means that for me, my goal is to allow you a safe place for you to explore the "thinking" that is getting you what you have and at the same time may be holding you back from what you deserve - a life of abundance, love, grace and compassion for yourself as well as for others. A life that acknowledges the perfect in the imperfect and the power that comes from owning your choices. 

I graduated from Southern Utah University with a degree in Interpersonal Communications as well as a Secondary Teaching Degree. For twenty years as a high school speech and debate coach I was able to put my degrees to work as well as the principles of possibility and creation as I encouraged our young people to choose to play in a bigger game, a game that allowed them to lean into their stretch. Passionately embracing this belief while creating very measurable goals with real results produced 10 State Champion squads at four different high schools. 

My life's mission has always been to support people in recognizing and embracing their unique giftings while encouraging them to step into possibility. For the last 10 years I have been working with Klemmer and Associates as a coach, facilitator and manager. In these roles I have had the opportunity to coach hundreds of students, champions and coach clients through the process of creation while using the K&A principles as the backdrop to this process. 

I have been married to my amazing husband Scott for over 32 years and we are blessed to be the parents of five beautiful children, all of whom are graduates of the K&A work. I believe that we are examples of this work and continue to be committed to continued growth, exploration and joy. 

I am committed to supporting everyone in owning their true, authentic and genuine power and in creating the life that they are deserving of having.

Andrea DeCourcey

There are goals you want to achieve, but they seem so impossible you dare not even name them. You are facing obstacles that you feel are immovable. I know what it's like to feel like there's no way out of a situation. No solutions or options. Let me assure you that impossible dream you are thinking about right now is possible. When I started my training with K&A in 2008, my view of what was possible changed dramatically. This renewed perspective opened my eyes to opportunity, and I could not keep what I learned to myself. Doors began opening which enabled me to support others in creating their life by design rather than default. - Andrea DeCourcey

In 2007 Andrea discovered her passion for empowering business professionals across North America to achieve a greater level of success and excellence in every area of their lives, and according to her clients she does so with an "angelic grace" that "produces results."

As the Producer of Heart of the Samurai and Regional Director of Canada for K&A, she has had the blessing of empowering Klemmer grads throughout North America take control of their lives and achieve their dreams! Those who have worked with Andrea appreciate her exuberance, dedication and truly enjoy the experience. One of her clients said, "I had a blast dreaming up new possibilities for my life."

Through her dynamic one-on-one coaching relationships and custom-designed programs, Andrea is masterful at taking her clients from successful to extraordinary. Andrea is adept in achieving significant, positive changes through the creation of structured goals, increased self-awareness, breakthrough techniques, leadership development and communication skills. Andrea is highly trained and experienced to support professionals who desire to create results quickly and effectively.

Certified by: Klemmer Coaching Academy; Association for Integrative Psychology (Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Mental and Emotional Release techniques, and Hypnotherapy).