Samurai Camp Coaching is a one-on-one coaching program that gives you, as a Samurai Camp graduate, the opportunity to work one-on-one with one of our highly qualified coaches. All of our coaches have been personally mentored by Brian Klemmer or Kimberly Zink. Klemmer and Associates has hand picked these coaches and we believe that they are amongst the best coaches you will find anywhere. Support from our coaches will be invaluable as you take on the bigger goals and purpose that your Klemmer training has prepared you for. You can choose to work with any of the coaches listed below for twelve one-hour, one-on-one coaching sessions. To enroll with one of our coaches, simply click the sign-up button next to your chosen coaches name. The pricing for one-on-one coaching is $3995 for a twelve session series. When you enroll, your chosen coach will be notified and they will contact you. If you have already participated in a series of coaching and would like to sign-up for more sessions please contact your coach directly, or call the K&A office to discuss pricing and availability. Take a minute to read about these life changing coaches. If you are looking for EXPERIENCED, PROVEN, and EFFECTIVE coaching from the best coaches in the business, you've found it here!


Diane Beinschroth

Diane Beinschroth was personally trained by Brian Klemmer, and has been a facilitator with Klemmer and Associates since January, 2000.

“Diane brings an experiential dynamic …, challenging participants to go far beyond where they have ever gone before. -Brian Klemmer

Diane brings a wealth of experience to her coaching. She has facilitated leadership trainings around the world for large corporations, small businesses, churches, the direct sales/ network marketing industry and was the first facilitator to present a Seminar for K & A in China.

Throughout her career, Diane has facilitated many of the courses offered by Klemmer and Associates including Personal Mastery, Advanced Leadership, Samurai Camp, Youth Leadership Camp. Champion's Workshops, and Guest Events. Diane is the creator and facilitator of the Quickening, K & A's unique leadership training designed specifically for the Christian Community and the exploration of Biblical principles of Leadership. Diane is a certified Christian Life Coach and earned her certification through PCCCA - Professional Christian Coaching and Counseling Academy.

Jenny Price

Having been mentored and nourished by the K&A work since 2011, along with Kimberly Zink as a personal mentor, Jenny Price coaches the truth in love and holds nothing back, to most effectively support you in moving forward faster on your journey.

As your coach, Jenny "is transparent, courageous, and kind. "As a coach Jenny is focused on delivering results while caring for the person; this is what I appreciated the most."

"Jenny will help you uncover your superpowers, will listen in a reflective manner, will give valuable and specific praise, and she will call you to your next steps."

"What i most enjoyed about our coaching sessions is 'they are fun'! Jenny has the ability to put the fun back into work. She leads by example, covering a lot of ground in a short amount of time."

Specialty Coaching areas include (and are not limited to):

  • Leadership/Life Coaching
  • Relationships/Building Communication
  • Clarifying Goals and Crossing Finish Lines
  • Maximizing Marriage/Ministry/Mission
  • Growing Sexual & Emotional Intimacy in Marriage and Couples Coaching
  • Recovery/Overcoming Past Hurts and Habits/Calling You to Live in Freedom (addiction, sexual abuse, etc.)
  • Having More Fun in Life - It can be Easy!

Other coaching qualifications: Headmaster of Klemmer Coaching Academy, John Maxwell Leadership Team, where Jenny is a certified coach/speaker/facilitator. She also holds her Bachelor's Degree from Florida State University. Jenny coaches from her Life Experience as well as her expert training. While a Sam Camp student herself, Jenny authored her first book, 7 Shifts, and has used this as a coaching tool for over 200 people. Jenny has been in a flourishing marriage for 23+ years, has spent 18 years parenting five children, 25 years in ministry, and 20 years in fitness industry. 

Andrea DeCourcey

There are goals you want to achieve, but they seem so impossible you dare not even name them. You are facing obstacles that you feel are immovable. I know what it's like to feel like there's no way out of a situation. No solutions or options. Let me assure you that impossible dream you are thinking about right now is possible. When I started my training with K&A in 2008, my view of what was possible changed dramatically. This renewed perspective opened my eyes to opportunity, and I could not keep what I learned to myself. Doors began opening which enabled me to support others in creating their life by design rather than default. - Andrea DeCourcey

In 2007 Andrea discovered her passion for empowering business professionals across North America to achieve a greater level of success and excellence in every area of their lives, and according to her clients she does so with an "angelic grace" that "produces results."

As the Producer of Heart of the Samurai and Regional Director of Canada for K&A, she has had the blessing of empowering Klemmer grads throughout North America take control of their lives and achieve their dreams! Those who have worked with Andrea appreciate her exuberance, dedication and truly enjoy the experience. One of her clients said, "I had a blast dreaming up new possibilities for my life."

Through her dynamic one-on-one coaching relationships and custom-designed programs, Andrea is masterful at taking her clients from successful to extraordinary. Andrea is adept in achieving significant, positive changes through the creation of structured goals, increased self-awareness, breakthrough techniques, leadership development and communication skills. Andrea is highly trained and experienced to support professionals who desire to create results quickly and effectively.

Certified by: Klemmer Coaching Academy; Association for Integrative Psychology (Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Mental and Emotional Release techniques, and Hypnotherapy).

Kristie Powers

Kristie was introduced to the Klemmer & Associates work in mid-2015 and completed all of the training, along with the Klemmer Coaching Academy in early 2017. Experiencing the value of the Klemmer work and daily utilizing the tools to create positive shifts and abundance in her own life, Kristie developed the desire to coach others from her past experience, formal education and Klemmer training.

Kristie's passion is to be instrumental in facilitating positive change in people's lives. Kristie loves coaching people looking to set and reach new goals, those who desire to create dynamic relationships in their lives and those looking for transformational change in any area. Her heart is to give support, encouragement, direction, and hope to people who may be stuck or those struggling with spiritual, mental, emotional, and/or physical problems which rob them of joy and freedom in their lives. Kristie believes that help and hope should revolve around showing people that they are valued, gifted, worthy, loved, that change is possible, and that the future is brighter than they can imagine.

Prior to her introduction to Klemmer, Kristie worked in the healthcare administration management field for over 15 years where she was involved with hospital management, medical and dental practice management as well as long term care management. Approximately 10 years ago, Kristie decided to make a career move. A lifetime learner, Kristie added a Master's degree in counseling (Trinity Theological Seminary, 2008) to her undergraduate degree in psychology (Indiana University, 1988).

As a coach, Kristie's desire is to collaborate with those who understand commitment, agreements and accountability to make a real difference in this world. Kristie wants to coach the “world changers” and has the gift of seeing the greatness in others before they do. If you are looking for coaching from someone who is just as invested in your growth and success on your journey as she has been her own, Kristie would love to talk with you!

Kristie resides in Southern Indiana with her husband of over 25 years, Mike. Mike and Kristie have two adult children, Taylor (YLC graduate) and Michael.

Michael Coviello

Michael Coviello is a member of the Klemmer Facilitation Team concentrating on Personal Mastery and Advanced Leadership. Michael joined the Klemmer Family after practicing law for over twenty years. As a practicing attorney, Michael’s clients include law enforcement officers, not-for-profit corporations, and charities. He has leveraged his legal education and experience to create, develop, and present multiple-topic seminars throughout the United States for attorneys and law enforcement. In addition to being an attorney, Michael has a wide variety of professional experience having worked in construction, building maintenance, as a pizza chef, a furniture mover, a truck driver, an executive consultant to large international corporations, a manager of small businesses, retail sales, and charitable fund raising. Michael’s passions are as diverse as his professional experience including photography, skiing, scuba diving, sky diving, fitness, football, music, hiking, sailing, and flying. As an instrument rated private pilot he also supports Vital Flight, a charitable organization that provides free flights to people with medical, compassionate, and humanitarian needs, including an annual event that provides free adventure flights to special needs children. Michael is committed to adventure and fun as well as continuous growth and success for himself and others. In addition to facilitation training, Michael is a certified coach through the Klemmer Coaching Academy. As a coach, Michael focuses his skills and talent on developing leadership, goal setting and achievement, relationship building and communication, effective management, team building, sales, and corporate/business organization, efficiency, and proficiency. A perennial student, one of Michael's greatest strengths as both a facilitator and a coach is his willingness to be open and to learn in the coaching experience while coaching his clients to stretch, grow, and achieve now.

Testimonial: "Coaching with Mike has been one of the most growth-accelerating experiences I've had in my life. He listens to understand, and has an almost uncanny way of lifting my perspective in each coaching session, which has produced an incredible clarity of my vision for my life. Mike has a straightforward yet kind way of inspiring me to live to my very fullest every day. I requested strong accountability for some huge goals, and Mike not only asked the hard questions that supported my journey, but (more importantly) guided me into discovering how I can sustain incredible productivity while being completely at peace. I've become a much more grounded, confident, and joy-filled man as a result, and I can't imagine ever going back." -Darin Dillon

Marcie Rodriguez


You matter.

The world needs the best you.

Your gifts. Your purpose.

What is keeping you from having it all?

Marcie has a passion for people and their vision. She leads with compassion and drives for results. Marcie is in your corner reminding you of who you are and what you are truly capable of. She will ask the hard questions and you will find YOUR truths. Here is where Marcie's coaching begins…


Balance. Joy. Alignment. Results.



Balance of career, family, and purpose
Parenting with confidence and truth
Joy in the journey because life happens while we are attaining results
Time creation
Action move past perfection and stagnation
Clarity and alignment



I have had the privilege of knowing & being coached by Marcie for a little over a year and during that time, she has become a major constant in my life.
Our conversations are so simple & easy. She turns every situation into a learning experience, with you in the driver's seat, making you feel empowered, and also cognizant of your choices and the whys behind them.
Marcie is passionate, yet, she challenges you. She is thoughtful with her words and quick to ask meaningful questions. She sees your potential and shows genuine interest in your growth.
Conversations with Marcie are intimate and, if you're ready, life-changing.
-M. Sanchez


My story:

Marcie originally came from a corporate background, graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, Texas with a degree is in Sociology. Currently, she is a Co-Facilitator for Playful Mastery, a beautiful branch of Klemmer that supports children ages 5-11 as well as their families with the tools to handle everyday life.
Since marrying the man of her dreams in 2005, she works alongside her husband in their family business. She is a proud “mama,” chauffeur, mediator, cheerleader, and dramatic storyteller to an 8-year-old and 5-year-old twins.


“Paul is all about moving you forward, and not letting you be okay with “stuck” mindsets. His work with me was extremely helpful and he holds you to the standard of no excuses. He is engaged in the work of coaching with you but is not doing the work for you. I learned so much about where I am still stuck in certain patterns and how simply freeing it is to choose a new belief and live from that place. I get to BE the best me ever and Paul helped me see that even more. He’s a compassionate and courage-giving coach.”


“Jenny Price is highly intuitive and creative.  She empowered me in ways I never imagined and she made it fun and easy. Do yourself a loving favor and spend some quality time with a stellar coach. She used my intention to press me even further and farther then I thought I could go. She helped me see a bigger picture of what I am capable of. Thank you Jenny Price for believing in me and being my Life Coach!"
Carol Matthews
Toronto, Ontario


“As a direct result of my coaching sessions with Diane, I am now leading  a team of 26 pastors and their wives in India -  I speak at women’s conferences and opened my second care home for destitute children in India. Thank you Diane for walking by my side and faithfully living out your own calling and being a world changer."
Karen Niemela”


"Over the past 3 months, Diane has coached me through the completion of several goals: a fundraising event with a goal of $2500 and as a result of her coaching I raised $5400... “
Nicole King


"I have 5 recruits which is more than I have ever created in my Mary Kay career (2 before).  The most important benefit for me is the confidence that I have to pursue my purpose in life, playing full out in true choice."
Julie Coppinger


"Diane continually surprises me every week -then I get on my next call and she gives me even more to make my business successful and for me personally to live on a higher level. I love my weekly coaching calls with Diane and my business is growing every week!"
Pam Neubauer


“I found her wisdom and insight invaluable and am so grateful to have shared this time with this amazing woman of God”.
Sandy Park


“Elizabeth is a focused, bold and committed coach. She has an endless amount of energy and her enthusiasm and positive attitude are infectious. Elizabeth set her intention for me to succeed and because of her constant “You can do it!” attitude and belief in me, I was encouraged to trust in myself and to really go after my goal – and I achieved it! If the opportunity presented itself, I would jump at the chance to be coached by Elizabeth!”
Sarah K,
Vancouver, Canada


Jenny was a terrific coach for me. She has an informal style so she made me feel very comfortable in our sessions. She listens well and asked me questions related to what I shared. She is a wealth of knowledge and is especially gifted in the area of brainstorming. Jenny is a gem and a natural coach. She leans heavy into incorporating self-honoring activities and fun into life. If you are someone who desires more of those two vitally important elements, then Jenny will not disappoint you.

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