Samurai Camp

Samurai Camp is a program designed to establish powerful daily habits and practices to produce on-going results in your professional life. You will work in a small group with a team leader on weekly conference calls to accomplish bold goals set by you. With the help and support of your team, you will learn the habits that create success and discover habits that are inhibiting your success.

All of the groups and leaders within Samurai Camp meet as a group at the beginning and end of Camp. The first three day weekend will involve powerful training and exercises that will solidify your commitment to completing your goals. You will also have the opportunity to breakthrough more sunglasses and belief systems that might still be impacting your success. Your individual group and the entire Samurai Camp will bond together as a team in order to support one another throughout the next 8-12 weeks.

The second three day weekend follows from 8 to 12 weeks later. At this training, you will have completed your goal. This weekend experience is designed to reveal the daily habits and activities that helped you achieve your goals. You will also have the opportunity to evaluate those habits and practices that did not move you toward success.

After completing Samurai Camp, you will know and understand the system for setting and achieving goals. This course is a powerful experience in learning the things you must do daily to create the career you want. In this training, you will:

  • Complete specific, measurable, risky goals set by you.
  • Experience "commitment" at the level to produce future success in achieving goals.
  • Receive professional coaching that will assist you along the way.
  • Develop an accountability system.
  • Learn to live from balance, honoring yourself as you accomplish your goals.
  • Eliminate conflicts between your values and goals.

Tuition: $5295 USD

*This program is open to Heart of the Samurai Graduates only.


First weekend: Friday 9:00 a.m. through Sunday 8:00 p.m.

Second weekend: Friday 9:00 a.m. through Sunday 8:00 p.m.

    I am better able to give and receive honest feedback with my wife, kids and staff. I'm choosing to make my experiences mean positive, constructive, loving and productive things. I am actually beginning to revive my dreams.
    The main point is to learn and apply concepts that produce results. As a Non-Commissioned Officer on my second tour in Iraq I use this training to overcome serious mental strain, accomplish my goals and increase productivity. I would recommend this to all soldiers in combat zones that want to improve their leadership and achieve their goals.
    I was so blown away by the Champions Workshop that I flew from Kansas to Florida for the Personal Mastery. In just 8 months I replaced my teaching income with my networking income and then retired from teaching. I have since tripled that income. Without K&A, it would have never been possible!
    Since becoming associated with K&A, we have seen virtually every facet of our lives significantly improved. Our business has improved dramatically both financially, and from the enjoyment we get from watching others grow. This truly is the "missing link" if you're looking for that one thing in your life that can connect you to your dreams.
    The value I have created from attending K&A workshops is infinite. I have learned to shift into a more powerful, effective, authentic me. I now enjoy life more and have more fulfilling relationships with my friends, children and business associates.
    If you think advanced was something, you've got to come to Heart of the Samurai.
    The two biggest obstacles I had in getting to PM were finding a babysitter for my four kids and the money. I made it to the weekend, and am now a much stronger and more powerful woman. It was worth every penny!
    Before ALS, I dealt with Anger & Control issues in my marriage, family and business. One week after returning from ALS, my husband said our Marriage is perfect!! I'm calmer and so my family is calmer and we are enjoying our time as a family.
    I have reunited with my mother because of the K&A Seminars.
    Our Marriage went from a 3 to 10
    I've been to a lot of trainings for church, business, marriage, and personal growth, and the Personal Mastery has made more of a difference in my life and business than all of the other trainings combined!
    Since attending our Personal Mastery in 2005, we have seen our household income triple, our USANA business has seen a 30 fold return, and I have lost 65 pounds. These blessings are just the tip of the iceberg as our journey with K&A continues and we grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ.
    The work I began five years ago with Klemmer and Assoicates is the BEST in comparision with all the other workshops/conferences, etc that I have been to and that I am familiar with. It is the ground bases for all other positive influences I have encountered since.
    When my coach suggested that the Personal Mastery seminar might be a good fit for me, I did not hesitate. Little did I know I would find the answers to all of the little things that were leading my life astray. I have an Associate Degree, 5 master journeyman ratings, a private pilot rating, and there are countless other courses and classes I have taken. I would trade them all for what I learned in just this one three day seminar. This is the only seminar that I will give my "Life Changing" award of excellence to.
    The difference between motivational workshops and the Klemmer Sessions I have attended is in the sustainability of the results. Motivated workshops gave me tools to build myself up to feel my greatness. My results were superficial and short lived because I didnít really believe and accept any of it. My Klemmer work gave me the experiential support I needed to discover and accept what my qualities of greatness were, then accept them and live every day in them.
    Personal Mastery was the catalyst for helping me recognize faulty programming and disempowering belief systems that were holding me back. Within completing the K&A work, my income went from $1,000 a month to $8,000 a month. Within the next year I become one of the top 25 income earners in the company. 15 of my team members who attended the K&A courses are currently earning six figure incomes. I have earned over $2 million since my Personal Mastery course in 2004.
    I have met the love of my life, bought 2 houses (in the process of buying two more), got 1000% relief from an eating disorder, created magic and happiness in every corner of my life and enjoy gorgeous relationships with friends and associates.
    In January of 2011 during a two week period I negotiated a $500,000.00 DISCOUNT on the purchase price of a business that my wife Cathy and I take over commencing March 1, 2011. The negotiating skills I used were learned primarily from the seminar work that I did with Klemmer & Associates.
    No tougher crowd to impress anything upon than some 60 combat tested marine corps sergeants major. Tonight, I heard reference to your presentation many times. A sergeant approached me and said "The message I got today in those 45 minutes, was worth 2 weeks of any leadership training I've ever received." In our world of USMC leadership and attention getting, that's not a home run, it's a grand slam. Thanks for your leadership.
    I can honestly say that I have learned more about how to be an effective listener and an insightful counselor from my Klemmer training than I did from 3 years of Adult Psychiatric residency followed by 2 more years of Child Psychiatric fellowship.
    I wanted to let you know how much Klemmer & Associates has changed my life. I believe in myself for the first time in my life and know I can achieve the things in which I have a passion for. I wouldn't have had the courage to start my own business without the strength you give to others and your truthfulness and positive approach.

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