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Wendy Retzer

Carlsbad, CA

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Coaching Specialties: Health & Wellness, Mind/Body Integration, Life Coach

I am a worthy, valuable, surrendered and bold woman.

Phone: 760-815-5632


Professional women hire Wendy to help them connect the puzzle pieces between their mind, body & spirit. They feel too busy, overwhelmed, and stressed to try and start to make improvements, and they’ve been sacrificing their health and funds on quick fixes to gain more time, balance and peace in their lives instead of getting the coaching they need to take care of themselves on a daily basis. 


Wendy understands at a personal level what it takes to go from overwhelm and no energy to waking up feeling grounded and connected. In her late 30’s, Wendy had a breakdown and learned she had a heart condition. That diagnosis alerted her to wake up, change her life, and evaluate how she was living each day. She hired mentors and coaches to help guide her to the tools she needed. This is where she started her own Klemmer journey in 2009.


Client Testimonials after working with Wendy

“I’m more present now. I’m more aware of possibility and opportunity.” 

PR - Oceanside, CA Management & Sales/Mom


“I’ve given myself permission to take care of me!” 

BG - Davis, CA Professional Opera Singer/Mom/Music Teacher


“Empowerment of the power of No! To pause and take care of myself without guilt.”

 RB - Carlsbad, CA Business Owner/Mom


Wendy’s Coaching Certification Is Complemented By

•Serving clients from 0-105 years old for more than 25 years as a Holistic Physical Therapist.

•Helping co-found and start a non-profit. Active board member for 4 years. 

•Married for 29 years - with a relationship moving to 10/10. (Pre-Klemmer 5/10) 

•Raising two active boys to adulthood


Wendy’s Specialty Areas 

• Dealing with Mom Guilt

• Being authentically YOU

• Overcoming self doubt

• Mind-Body integration

• Marriage

• Spiritual Growth

• Managing Healthcare-Professional burnout


Are you ready to step out of overwhelm? 


Are you ready to stop trying to do everything on your own? 


Wendy is here to be a guide by your side to help you get clear on your goals and provide a safe space for you to explore, create and connect to a life you love so you can feel energized, healthy and connected with your life and family again.

Reach out today and book your complimentary 30 minute clarity session with Wendy.


Klemmer Training: ALS #133, Heart #29, Samurai Camp #19, SCV#4, KCA Certification June 2020. 

Staffed: Multiple PM’s, ALS #222, VHOS#1 & #2, , Team Leader for SCV#6,