Trena Morse

Roscoe, IL

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Coaching Specialties: Personal and Business leadership Coaching, Divorce Transitions, Creating the life you say you want, Group business seminars, Teen Training, Speaking engagements

I am a Powerful, Abundant, Connected and Intuitive Woman

Phone: 815.980.4892


Trena Morse began her Klemmer journey in 2016 in the midst of a challenging season of her life and knew she was where she was meant to be. She competed her Klemmer journey in just over a year and went on to staff PM, Heart, Advance and become a TL for Sam Camp. This work gave Trena the tools to continually move forward in growth, connection, financial increase, business development and coaching which she has been passionate about for 20 years.


Trena Morse is a well-respected and sought after coach for individuals, groups and businesses. With over 20 years of experience in management, business, ministry and the personal growth and development fields. Trena’s powerful and dynamic approach to coaching supports you in taking your personal and professional life to new levels of excellence coaching from a place of love and curiosity that creates a safe and confidential environment. She has successfully coached countless people in transforming their personal and professional lives.


She has worked with New Zealand Police coaching women in abusive situations and people who have been released from prison and desire life to be transformed.


Trena’s areas of expertise include:

  • Leadership development

  • Business development

  • Non-profit leadership development, clarity of vision, unity of staff

  • Creating the life you desire

  • Youth coaching

  • Health and weight loss

  • Divorce transitions

  • Breaking free from abusive relationships

  • Re-entry from prison

  • Creating clarity and vision in your life


If you’re looking to create real results in your life, Trena will masterfully guide you into creating the life you say you want and you’ll have fun doing it!!!


“I heard someone say recently that it can cost you to go after your dreams....My comment was, it can cost you even more not to! Are you ready to change your life?”


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