Bill Livingston Novato, CA

I am a pastor and have been a student of leadership and transformation for many years, and the K & A seminars opened up new areas of transformation in my life as well as added significantly to my ability to lead others. When you put all four seminars together they are a dynamite package for empowering anyone who is willing into their destiny.

Brandon and April Willer Fremont, OH

Since attending our Personal Mastery in 2005, we have seen our household income triple, our USANA business has seen a 30 fold return, and I have lost 65 pounds. These blessings are just the tip of the iceberg as our journey with K&A continues and we grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ.

Barbara Livingston Novato, CA

My husband and I have been in Christian mininistry for over 30 years. K&A guided me to a spirit & soul connection that I had never experienced before. All four seminars gave me the confidence and tools to help others find their giftings, and see them move into their God-given destinies.

Kathie Sonner Temecula, CA

The value I have created from attending K&A workshops is infinite. I have learned to shift into a more powerful, effective, authentic me. I now enjoy life more and have more fulfilling relationships with my friends, children and business associates.

Kathy Hellwig Colorado Spgs

After attending Personal Mastery my Isageni xincome began to increase dramatically. So much so that I retired my husband from his real estate job in September 2006 and have increased my income to nearly 10 times the income he was making as a broker!

Todd Norcross Huron, OH

I flew from Ohio to Phoeni xto go to Personal Mastery, and one week later I reached one-star Golden Circle in Isagenix, increasing my income by $500/week. Then, after Advanced Leadership I went two-star and doubled my total income. After Heart of the Samurai, I went 3-star and doubled it again! The key to me is that it was immediate results!

Karen Spaulding Kalispell, MT

I increased my Usana income by 50% the month after Personal Mastery. I've been to a lot of trainings for church, business, marriage, and personal growth, and the Personal Mastery has made more of a difference in my life and business than all of the other trainings combined!

Tony Daum Palmetto, FL

Since becoming associated with K&A, we have seen virtually every facet of our lives significantly improved. Our business has improved dramatically both financially, and from the enjoyment we get from watching others grow. This truly is the "missing link" if you're looking for that one thing in your life that can connect you to your dreams.

Deneen Manesiotis Peoria, AZ

After going through PM, I went from being fearful in my business to stepping into the unkown of being a leader, and got to Area Manager in 3 months and RVP in a year. That's nearly four times my original income! I would recommend K&A to everyone, regardless of what they want in life!

Shannon Atkinson Colo Spgs

My wife and I almost didn't go to Personal Mastery because we didn't have the money, and I thank God we got creative and found a way. Through the trainings, we tripled our massage business and took our network marketing business from nothing to $1000/month! We also took our struggling marriage and turned it around to become a passionate, purposeful and, dynamic marriage.

Greg Pregon Kansas City

I was so blown away by the Champions Workshop that I flew from Kansas to Florida for the Personal Mastery. In just 8 months I replaced my teaching income with my networking income and then retired from teaching. I have since tripled that income. Without K&A, it would have never been possible!

Pat Christopher Tucson, AZ

I increased my Mary Kay business from $2500/month to $7000/month through the K&A trainings, and also received recognition for the National Court of Sales. The seminars were worth more to me than my college education!

Charles Leroux Quebec

As a chiropractor, I have done many seminars and was skeptical at first about K&A. Now I can say it was one of the best trainings I've ever attended. My chiropractic business and my Usana business are growing like never before!

Lisa Ramlogan Quebec

The two biggest obstacles I had in getting to PM were finding a babysitter for my four kids and the money. I made it to the weekend, and am now a much stronger and more powerful woman. It was worth every penny!

Francois Bedard Ontario

Before Personal Mastery, I was afraid to talk to people about my Usana business, and now I am confidently approaching people and telling them about Usana. I am confident in myself now!

Ladd Mcnamara San Diego

If it were not for the work I did with Klemmer and Associates I would not be enjoying the life that I have today. I quadrupled my income and jumped up two pin levels directly due to the Klemmer workshops!

Emmanuele Larose Quebec

As a Ruby Director in Usana, it is obvious that K&A is changing the face of our business. Sending our associates through has made a huge difference in their willingness to be responsible in moving forward. As a result, we can now spend more time building our business!