Susan Stevenson

I LOVE this work! It is SO very powerful - as are YOU!

I am a personal trainer for your Mindset Muscles. In the gym of life, I encourage you to stretch, strengthen and improve your form, challenge your limits, acknowledge and then celebrate your wins!

We will move at the pace that works for you and we will have FUN! I am a coach for your Olympic life, your first step in a new direction and anywhere in between.


  • CPA in the corporate world and then ran my own CPA business (with 3-5 employees)

  • A stay-at-home Mom for close to 10 precious years

  • Married to my high school sweetheart for almost 30 years with two amazing kids (19 and 20).All are Klemmer grads and our marriage is at it’s all time best after using and using and continuing to use the tools :) It truly has been a blessing in my life.

  • Director of the Client Services Team for Klemmer and a KCA coach in the trenches each and every week with both students and clients. I specialize in busting through all forms of scarcity (time, money, love, opportunities, mechanisms, etc) AND I’m a gifted writing coach and editor as you craft the story that IS YOUR LIFE!

"Coaching with Susan has been life-changing. The ‘hamster wheel’ I was on was my every day ‘normal’ which was causing a great deal of stress instead of joy. After starting my coaching sessions with Susan, I have come to know and experience that money and time can come with “joy and ease”. I have created an extra $1500 over the past 2 weeks just from believing it is possible and being open to that possibility. I know that she will lead me in a way that I can bust through any self-doubt or struggle that I have been going through. Every day is a journey on the path to prosperity that I now believe is mine to create thanks to Susan and her tremendous guidance and support. I will be forever grateful for having met and worked with her.”

- Lisa H.