Susan Stevenson

London, ON, Canada

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Health, Business and Life Coach

I am a radiant, connected, authentic and abundant woman.
phone: 1-519-636-7901

Susan has been married for close to 30 years and has two children. She had her own successful CPA practice for over 10 years before realizing that life was calling her in a new direction. It began with winning a free month of co-active life coaching that turned into a beautiful self exploration journey which included her husband and daughter. Next was a network marketing approach that asked what her life would look like if time and money were no object. After processing the resistance around that question and the idea that courage (and not time) was the biggest obstacle - the opportunity of Personal Mastery was presented and the rest is a journey that she will forever be grateful for.


Susan began her Klemmer journey in January 2015 with a Personal Mastery in London, ON. Coming back from Advanced Leadership in March 2015, she encouraged her husband to join her on this magical journey and he did! They both completed Heart in June and Samurai Camp in the fall of 2015. After that came the Klemmer Coaching Academy and volunteer staffing many seminars at all levels. Both teenagers attended Youth Leadership Camp in July 2016 and she had the honour of staffing Advanced Leadership again in June 2017 alongside her daughter.


Susan is excited to share the tools that have helped her and her family shift in such amazing ways!! To quote Mary Oliver “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” Susan invites you to partner with her to create it sooner, easier or bigger than you think is possible! How exciting is that!?!?!


Testimony from a client:

"The Coaching I received with Susan was powerful! Susan's coaching often in one session brought me from a place of confusion or stagnant energy through to a place of understanding, awareness and excitement!! Which followed by positive action forward!

I felt honoured always! She always supported from a loving place which is what made the process so successful! I wish this type of support for everyone looking to make positive shifts in their life!

I feel it can speed up the process of realizing your vision of Happiness, Success and Abundance and Love for yourself and others! "

MW, Ontario