Susan Seay

Austin, TX

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Coaching Specialties:
Intentional Parent Coaching, Life Coaching for Moms

I am an intentional, vulnerable, and worthy woman

Hi there! I'm Susan Seay

If you’re looking for a way to apply the tools you've learned through Klemmerand Associates, to your family, I have good news for you. That’s exactly what I offer. I’m a mom to 7 kids and married to my hubby for over 20 years. That means there’s 9 different personalities mixed a lot of strong opinions living in the same house. (pray for me) My goal is to help parents create a home where their family can thrive- physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually. It’s time to live every area of your life with on purpose and full of purpose.If you want the same for your family, contact me right away.