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Children, Teens and Ages: 18-65

Faith based

Healing and Forgiveness 

Health and Fitness 

Identity, Purpose and Fulfillment 

When life doesn’t look the way you thought it would, hire ME. 

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Email: davidandshabana@gmail.com

Can I just be real with you all? Life is challenging with all it’s ups, downs and spins. Sometimes we get lost in the mix and have a hard time finding ourselves through the chaos and stress! Believe me I know I have been there! One time my husband was on a business trip and I was home with our 3 children under the age of 8 - I woke up at 1 am to a toilet that overflowed EVERYWHERE. I chose to step into my power and tackle this disaster. Long story short: we ended up moving into an apartment for 3 months while our house was being remodel – so thankful for insurance! 

Sometimes we feel like this on the inside- an unexpected overflow disaster, or bits of rage or anger? 

Do you find yourself saying or thinking?

“I’ll never release these 10 pounds!”

“Why am I so depressed?”

“If I knew parenting or being a mom was this hard, I would have never signed up for this!”

“I just want to feel happy and I’m not, what’s wrong with me?”

“Why am I angry?”

“Why am I stuck?”

“Will my life ever not suck?”


If you answered YES to one or more of the above questions, I believe coaching would really serve you in this season of life – IF AND ONLY IF you are desiring change and growth in your own personal life do yourself a favor and keep reading. Healing is not found in isolation; healing happens in relationships.


Getting started can be simple, but first: Why do we allow fear to hold us back? Is it because we are comfortable how it feels around us or we just don’t know what is truly available out there for us to experience? If you’re ready to make just one step contact me and let’s talk. There was a reason you were drawn to my bio --curious why? Let’s find out that reason AND step into possibilities! Let’s create more peace, joy and energy in your own life to get you unstuck and moving in your right direction. You were designed and created for the abundant life, come on what are you waiting for? Take that step because you and your family are worth you feeling your best. Healing is not found in isolation or hiding, healing happens in relationships. Create a legacy and life you love! Start your journey today! 


Cheering for your greatness! 

Shabana Knight