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Camp Starts August 10, 2020


Official Start Date August 10, 2020

First Weekend and Beginning of Goal Period September 11-13, 2020

Second Weekend and End of Goal Period November 20-22, 2020

Are you a Samurai Camp graduate? Do you remember what it felt like to be 100% committed? 


This year we have all experienced brand new life opportunities and each of us have experienced those circumstances differently.


Want to know what has been working for us to keep our lives moving forward? Community, accountability and choosing joy! 


We are all on this journey together. Some of us are knocking it out of the park and some of us are struggling to hit a t-ball. Maybe you can identify with being so busy right now that you know you are doing lots of things, and are you doing the right things? Possibly you have no motivation or drive to grow right now? We will say it again, we are all on this journey together. Wherever you are you are not alone. You don't have to stay where you are. Growth is an option. 


There is a tribe of people committed to growth. 


Samurai Camp Virtual was designed to bring all the results of Samurai Camp back into your life. The best part... YOU design it. We have created the structure in an a-la-carte system, so you can choose in and out of the pieces of the process that serve you. Have questions? We would love to chat with you about possibilities and find out how you are and how we can best support you. You can message us here or always call 800-577-5447


What are you still committed to creating in 2020? Join us. 

In Connection & Growth, 

- The Klemmer Executive Team

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You are all set! 

"The value I have created from attending Klemmer's workshops is infinite. I have learned to shift into a more powerful, effective, authentic me. I now enjoy life more and have more fulfilling relationships with my friends, children and business associates."​

-Katherine S.