Roni Rumsey

Seattle, WA

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Coaching Specialties:
One on One Coaching, Small Group Coaching,
Weight Loss, Health/Wellness/Fitness,
Recovery/Codependency, Relationships,
Network Marketing/entrepreneurship,
Goal Setting and Achievement

I am a playful, abundant and invaluable woman 

Roni Rumsey began her Klemmer journey to appease a friend and has never looked back. After attending a personal mastery, she knew that the experiences she was going to have would change her life. The journey led her to discover her passion for supporting others in their quest to overcome past situations and/or thoughts that do not support them in achieving what they say they want. Her journey with Klemmer has included completion of Advanced Leadership, Heart of the Samurai, Samurai Camp and Klemmer Coaching Academy. She has staffed Personal Mastery, (several times), Heart of the Samuari, and was a team leader for Sam Camp.

Coaching began in education when Roni received several years of coaching training around professional growth for teachers. She carried this coaching into her Isagenix business and successfully coaches hundreds of people to goals for weight release, health and creating successful network marketing businesses. She also works with groups to identify goals and the steps necessary to achieve their goals. Roni has additional experience in working with and coaching individuals and groups in regards to substance abuse, codependency, entrepreneurship and family relationships. Roni was a Love and Logic trainer and incorporates these principles when working with hundreds of families and educators. Melding Love and Logic with Klemmer coaching allows families to look at relationships and have strategies to work with their children and assist young people through opportunities that may seem challenging.

As an intuitive individual, Roni is able to listen to the words behind the words and coach for results. Her compassion, strength and humor enable her to tune in to hidden “programs” keeping clients from achieving their dreams. Roni’s purpose is to inspire others to find the greatness in themselves. Working with individuals ready to make changes is one way she is using her gifts to cause a ripple of change in the world.