Klemmer KASH!!

We have been looking for a way to thank our graduates for their great work and the way in which so many continue to support and introduce K&A to others. And we think we've found it!

Now you can earn Klemmer Kash reward points that are completely transferable to a value of up to $200 per seminar ($100 max toward Personal Mastery, $200 toward Advanced Leadership and higher). That is great news for everyone who is looking for a way to create a win-win.

Why would you want to gain points? It's a fantastic way to offer the benefits of our work to friends, family and co-workers who might be ready and just need some help from you!

Someone new can have the opportunity to experience the work and move forward in their life or you can reap the reward of being able to participate in more classes yourself. The points are transferable for equal dollar value towards the tuition of any class.*

Click here to get your referral code, and to see your usage history.

The best part is that reward points are transferable to others!
Here is a sampling of the points you can achieve:
  • New referral attends Champion's Workshop 20 POINTS
  • New referral attends Personal Mastery after a Champion's Workshop 30 POINTS
  • Direct referral to Personal Mastery 60 POINTS
  • Hosting a Champion's Workshop of 75 or more eligible students 750 POINTS
  • Hosting a Personal Mastery of 30 paid participants 500 POINTS

Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity.
To get your referral code or check your points balance, click here.

If you need to contact the office, click here.

  • To earn points on a Champion's Workshop enrollment, the student must purchase
    their ticket on the website and enter your referral code at that time.
  • All other Rewards referrals are applied through the office.

  • Reward points are equivalent to one US dollar, but are not exchangeable for currency, and are not eligible to use toward deposit - only for paid tuitions (staffing tuitions are not eligible).
  • Rewards must be applied at the time of registration: there will be no retroactive credits.
  • The maximum number of points that can be applied to any given seminar is $100 toward Personal Mastery, and $200 toward Advanced Leadership and higher.
  • No points can be earned or redeemed for the Playful Mastery class.
  • A Champion's Workshop host and their spouse are only eligible for the 750 points - not for the 20 points for each Champion's Workshop signup.
  • Not to be combined with any other offer.
  • You may not "earn" and "redeem" Reward Points on the same referred student.
  • Reward points expire after 12 months.
  • Program may change at any time.