Rebekka Jensen

Abbotsford, BC, Canada

4 stars.png

Specialities: Big Picture Purpose, Balancing Logic with Intuition, Streamlining Goals

Rebekka is a graduate of the Klemmer seminars and a certified Klemmer 4 star coach since 2018. She originally trained as a holistic wellness practitioner and has been incorporating coaching principles into this work for over ten years. Writing, proofreading and creating art are also part of her versatile skill set. Rebekka’s multi-cultural background has gifted her with seeing alternate perspectives, helping her to create bridges on multiple levels. Because of her avid curiosity she loves noticing significant patterns and making meaningful connections for her coaching clients, often by offering ingenious exercises and powerful metaphors to build intention. Rebekka’s coaching sessions effectively address and involve both the logical and the intuitive mind of those she works with. She delights in navigating direct paths to her clients’ self-understanding and inspiring them to self-responsible, purposeful and fruitful next steps in their lives.



  • Working with strong, logical leaders 

  • Understanding and focusing creative minds 

  • Nurturing a healthy relationship to self 

  • Integrating a multi-faceted identity 

  • Training empowering self-talk 



“I am so thankful for how Rebekka has moved me forward. She understands how my thoughts and feelings are connected to my choices. Her coaching is efficient and she finds a way to support me in creating shifts in my results.” SW/BC


“Rebekka demonstrates perceptive listening skills and packages her insights in a manner that inspires, unblocks and allows for self-generation of solutions.” SA/AB


“Rebekka brings a genuine and curious spirit to all she does. Her wisdom and breath of (wellness) modalities make her a fantastic motivator and coach.” AB/BC