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Writing Life By Intention

Updated: Apr 23

Here I was, May of 2020, frustrated with cancelation after cancelation of live events we had planned. In the middle of a global pandemic, I remember feeling extremely victim to the scenario and all of the circumstances we were getting to navigate as business owners. Our company, Klemmer Leadership Seminars Inc., is a live events company; there was a huge issue in May of 2020! As business owners, Kimberly Zink and myself were pivoting as fast as possible to bring our services to our clients in unique ways like we never had before. I was proud of what we were accomplishing, and if I am completely honest, I still felt like I was dog paddling through my year. I found myself believing that I was going to look back at 2020 with not-so-fond memories.

It was around this point in time that I began to ask myself a question that changed the trajectory of my year… What could I do or create that I would be proud of in 2020? Basically, I was refusing to let the “feeling” of 2020 win. An unexpected question entered my mind.

With that one thought, I made an intentional choice that I would write a book in 2020. At the time I made this bold declaration to my team, I hadn’t even narrowed down the topic of the book. I just knew that Klemmer has tools that people deserve to have access to in this difficult season. Apart from a live class, a book is the best way to get those tools out where they can be most effective. Many times before, I had thought about writing a book. I had just never put the idea into action.

What happened next? I sat on it.

You know what I mean? I sat on the idea and the bold declaration for TWO MONTHS without making any significant forward action towards the goal. Have you ever done that in your life? You gather all this energy and enthusiasm, put your stake in the ground for what it is you say you want, and then… crickets. I want to encourage you, if you are in that space, it isn’t over. The seed was still planted, and the clock hasn’t run out. Whatever it is you said you wanted to do and haven’t started yet, today is your day. Choose now that you are going to take immediate action towards your goal or dream and watch your momentum begin to build.

That is exactly what I did. I began speaking about the book again. I began placing it on the forefront of my mind even though I had zero idea how I was going to complete it in the year 2020. I chose to write the book on a formula all about solving problems when you have no idea what to do! This book I was invested in writing is now called Life By Intention, and it is focused on the formula of champions. A formula that could support you in creating over a million dollars if you were committed to that. And the formula is Intention + Mechanism = Results.

I used that formula to write this book in under 6 months. I didn’t do it alone. Support was critical in my success. On December 31, 2020 I had the first rough draft in my hands as evidence of my intention. This is my encouragement to you; it’s possible. That dream you have… it’s possible. That relationship you want to heal… it’s possible. That business you want to launch… it’s possible.

With self-awareness and success tools you can have a life that you design. A life by intention. If you want to leverage some of the same tools I have used to create success in my life, give this book a read. It may just be the key you were looking for to change the trajectory of your life.

I would like to invite you to stay updated on launch progress and important dates! If you are interested, visit https://www.klemmer.com/lifebyintention

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