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What are You Prejudiced About? by Krystal Zellmer

A major problem with changing our programming is that most of the time we do not even know that programs are running us. Sometimes I desperately want to take off my sunglasses, but just cannot seem to find them. One easy way to locate a pair of sunglasses is to examine that about which you are prejudiced. What you are prejudice about?

Ever think that the "young crowd" is texting too much at the table? Or wonder why every single detail of their lives is on Facebook? The other day I was on a call with a few teens from our Youth Leadership Camp (a combination of our Personal Mastery and Advanced Leadership Course for teens age 12-18; if you would like more information on what we offer for youth please contact Kari Roman at kari@klemmer.com). While on the phone, one teen asked another if she had found friends yet at college. I was astonished! These are two people who hadn't talked in months, yet they had kept up with and supported one another via social media platforms! My personal set of sunglasses (prejudice) was that social media was just another thing that sucked away at my time. In removing that particular set of sunglasses, I realized that it could be so much more than that, and truly a tool for people to feel a sense of connection.

There are many places in our lives that we are prejudiced about something. My challenge to you is what are you prejudiced about? Are you willing to take a second look? What do you find yourself in judgment around? It might be one more time in your life where you get to take off a pair of sunglasses and see a color that you previously could not have seen.

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