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Welcome to Spring!

Updated: Apr 6

Spring is one of my favorite seasons for many reasons. It represents new life and fresh starts. Spring symbolizes the opportunity to bloom in your own life. There is hope. In the past months many of us have been repeatedly tested. Repeatedly given an opportunity to shift and pivot quickly. If you are anything like me I am welcoming the idea of a fresh start and a new season.

Over the past month a theme for me, and others have expressed they have felt, that has stood out is how afraid I have found myself to make a mistake. I want to take this opportunity to encourage you as a friend to allow yourself to embrace the idea of making mistakes. We are living in a fragile culture that seems to have pulled back in order to protect ourselves and survive. I truly believe we are being called in this time to spread our wings and practice living large again.

Brian Klemmer was such an inspirational man. He taught so many of us incredible lessons in life. Kimberly Zink and Diane Beinschroth were telling me a story of when they were training to facilitate with Brian. They each got this lesson when they were new in facilitation with Klemmer Seminars. After delivering class after class and doing well they began chatting with Brian. As he was reviewing their progress he noticed they hadn’t made any mistakes recently. They were hitting every mark and every goal. At that point he said something that still takes my breath away, “If you're not going to take any risks, if you won't be more authentic, then you don't deserve to be in front of the room.” My words not his, if you won't risk there are going to be prices.

Can you believe that? Most of us have spent our entire lives avoiding making mistakes so that we don’t feel like we are failing. If you are anything like me, one of my biggest fears is making a mistake and disappointing someone I love. Brian Klemmer was not only encouraging his team to make mistakes, he was requiring them to. Why? He explained that unless you were willing to make mistakes you would not take the big risks required to make the kind of impact you were designed to make. If you were unwilling to make a mistake, you would never truly take a big enough risk to grow. It’s not that Brian Klemmer needed his team to fail, he needed them to be willing to risk big enough to make mistakes and to know it was not only okay, it was encouraged. He wanted to create a culture where courage was the driving force. In order to create that kind of culture you get to give permission to the people around you to play big, risk big and potentially make big mistakes.

How are you operating in regards to risk management in your life? Allow this to be your wake up call. It’s time to be ALIVE again. Practice taking risks. Practice making mistakes. I encourage you to begin celebrating those mistakes. Give yourself a high five when you slip up. When you make a mistake, thank yourself for being willing to play a big game. Call a friend and celebrate that you were willing to make a mistake today. Shift your belief system around what it means to make a mistake.

Take risks! Celebrate the risk! Welcome mistakes in your life and watch your courage muscles grow exponentially. Allow this to be a season for you of new life and permission yourself to make mistakes as you grow. BE BOLD! Happy Spring!

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