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Up Intention

Written by Krystal Zellmer

It is a tradition for Americans and others in the Western Hemisphere to set New Year's resolutions. These resolutions can vary from losing weight to getting out of debt. Basically New Year's resolutions are goals that start on the first of the year. Did you know that roughly 88% of people that set New Year's resolutions fail? (Weismen, 2007) Did you set a New Year's resolution? Are you on track for completion?

Your goal is something about which you gave your word. Brian Klemmer said, "A Compassionate Samurai follows through whether it feels good or not; average people do what they feel like doing." So if you are committed to your New Year's resolution, but feel like you are losing steam, up your intention.

One way to up your intention is to put something at risk. Choose something that you are not okay with losing, and if you do not hit your goal that is the price you will pay. Another way to up your intention is to make a bold declaration. Find someone that will hold your feet to the fire, or an accountability buddy. The more people you declare your goal to the better. Imagine if you tell your children the goal you are going after. Do you think they are going to let up on you when you start wavering? Would you want to not accomplish what you told them you were going to do? Now that is a high level of accountability!

Let's be the change we want to see in the world! Go after your dreams with the tenacity that they deserve.

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