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The Legend Lives On

Blog Written by Jim Stovall

Recently, a group of approximately twenty high-performers and thought-leaders flew into my hometown to spend the weekend with me and my amazing colleague, Rebeka Graham.  They toured our offices and the Narrative Television Network studios.  We had a deep-dive discussion throughout the afternoon and then enjoyed a celebration dinner in honor of our passion for life, success, and significance.  These incredible people, and thousands like them whom I get to interact with, are not fans, students, or followers of mine, but they are enlightened people committed to the message, mission, and memory of my late, great friend and colleague, Brian Klemmer. Brian founded and built an amazing training and performance company called Klemmer & Associates.  I have met countless authors, speakers, trainers, and thought-leaders through my own work in the field, but rarely have I met anyone who lived their message like my friend Brian Klemmer.  We worked together for over 20 years, and then—in what would have been the prime impact period of his life—Brian unexpectedly passed away.  The obituaries are full of people who died long before they had planned or anticipated, but few, if any of them, had a written 500-year legacy plan like Brian Klemmer. 

Wise teachers for centuries have taught that the impact we leave behind when we’re gone is nothing more than the impact we have when we dip our hand into a pool of water then pull it out.  The water rushes back into place leaving no sign that we had ever passed that way.  This would be a good analogy and teaching tool unless you’re like my friend Brian Klemmer who pulled his hand out of this earthly water only to have dozens, hundreds, and thousands of people thrust their hands into the same pool.  This kind of legacy and life impact is the only one that really matters.  Monuments will fade away, memories will disappear, and legends will be silenced unless the message and the mission are adopted by those following the same path to the summit.  When you learn something, you can change your own life.  When you teach something, you can change other people’s lives. But when you teach people to teach, you can change the world now and forever.

Brian’s company, Klemmer & Associates—run by my friend Kimberly Zink and Brian’s daughter Krystal Zellmer—will be celebrating its 25th anniversary of changing people’s lives in the coming months. While this might be a miracle or a milestone for other companies, for Brian Klemmer and Klemmer & Associates, it is merely the launchpad on a 500-year journey. If you and I can find a way to go beyond simply doing something in this life, or even leaving something behind, we can expand our impact into planting seeds that will bear fruit long after we are gone. As you go through your day today, work here and now to create an impact far beyond the present. Today’s the day! 

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