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By Jim Stovall

When I was a kid, Superman was the main comic book hero. All my friends and I wanted to be like Superman. His powers came from the fact that he was from another planet and was not bound by earth’s gravity. Then, I remember when Batman burst onto the scene with both a comic book and a TV show. Batman was great because he used his mind and ingenuity to outwit the bad guys. Superman and Batman were like the age-old balance between brawn and brains. Then as I entered my teenage years and began losing interest in superheroes, it seemed they began to proliferate and it was as though a new comic book hero or TV show launched every few months. Some of these new superheroes became a permanent fixture in our culture, and others were a flash in the pan and disappeared as quickly as they came onto the scene.

In thinking about all the superheroes from an adult perspective, I believe there are everyday heroes that possess super powers who have never been featured in a movie, TV show, or comic book. To rectify this shortcoming, I would like to introduce you to the real modern-day superheroes.

Consistency Man cannot leap tall buildings with a single bound, but he will climb the stairs or confront any obstacle in his way every day. He turns heroic activity into part of his daily routine. He doesn’t wear a cape or mask and is known only by the long-term results he creates.

Smart Woman is well educated and can be found successfully working in many different fields or careers. She values the education she received, but what really makes her a superhero is the fact that she continues to read and learn on a daily basis. Smart Woman knows that knowledge and wisdom are more powerful than a locomotive.

Givers are superheroes. They are men and women who do not need to be called when they are needed like Superman or Batman. Givers constantly observe the world around them, find places where they can get involved, and make a difference. Sometimes, givers are known for their generous sharing of their time, talent, and treasure, but other times, they are more than happy to remain private and accept the fact they are making a difference as their only reward.

Mentor Man has made it to the top of his field or profession and knows that part of long-term success is helping others reach their destiny. Mentor Man realizes he did not succeed without the influence of others, and he is dedicated to being a positive influence for young people around him.

Parent figures are superheroes. They most commonly appear as moms and dads who realize that parenting is the most important pursuit, but often parental figures are grandparents, aunts, uncles, coaches, teachers, or anyone who sees a need in the life of a young person and fills it.

I realize there are many other superheroes all around us, but hopefully, this will get you thinking about how we can all live super lives and be heroes.

As you go through your day today, find ways to be a superhero.

Today’s the day!

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