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Is Caring Worth It? By Krystal Zellmer

Have you ever had an experience where you felt burned by a relationship? Do you ever feel like you stick your neck out for people and it gets chopped off? Can you accept that people are human and are going to occasionally disappoint you?

Your choice is where you go from there. How do you truly live your life as a Compassionate Samurai? Use three of the exercises from Personal Mastery to help you overcome your last heartache. Start by looking at the situation from a responsible place versus from a victim mentality. Responsible not meaning, "I am responsible, so you are not." Responsible also does not mean, "You are responsible, so I am not." Responsible is a viewpoint for everyone to take. So coming from a place of responsible you can look at the facts of the situation at hand, and the meanings you made up around those facts. Create a new meaning that serves you in moving through this situation. Lastly, recognize if you are in the 3R's. If you are there are 3 ways of moving yourself out of the 3R's that you might remember from Personal Mastery; giving, open honest responsible communication, and a fair fight.

The pain from relationships is real. However how you choose to move through it makes you Compassionate Samurai. Sometimes I think back to before I went through this work and wonder to myself, "Wouldn't it be easier if I didn't know? I honestly feel like a victim in this situation!"

One universal gift we were all given at birth is the gift of choice! That means we never have to be a victim.

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6 comentários

It's all Kimberly and the teams fault, at Leadership Training....I went a unloved, not enough money for Anchorage re:MADE or the non profit I was going to restart New Focus. unfocused and not honest woman to a loved, abundant, focused, honest woman.

On April 21, 2024 God is going to do the impossible. Debt free or interest free building.


This came at the most perfect time...a great reminder of how I can handle the situation I am dealing with. Thank you Krystal!


Wow you hit the nail.

You always appear as i need you Kristal. How do youreally know it ? I want you more than you want me ..❤️

I was under so much pressure from so many people from family/ friends for asking me to learn not to be too kind to human nowadays as someone did unacceptable unkindness while kindest act is received for her .

It is painful , however still I believe that i am truly kind only when someone is unkind . Thank you for helping me to cultivate boldly.



Maurice  Caya
Maurice Caya
02 de abr.

Personal Mastery reminded me of the importance of choosing, and the gift of choice propels me to see life as an adventure. Rather than living in the darkness of my past I am choosing to develop the creativity with which I have been endowed. Thanks for reminding me that I can choose to be responsible in creating a bridge, and connecting, to build relationships with my children. 


Tammy Robinson
Tammy Robinson
01 de abr.

What a timely reminder for me as I'm going to my brother's for Easter dinner. I will come from a place of responsible. I will create new meanings. And I will not be in the 3 Rs. We will create a new relationship from a place of responsibility.

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