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Introducing Jenneagram Marriage Course!

As a coach and pastor’s wife, I often find that people want to work with me to improve their health, build their business, grow their influence, and what it ends up we always talk about is…relationships – relationship with God, with self, with others. As my husband and I are celebrating 30 years of marriage this coming summer, it thrills me to talk to others about marriage, intimacy, building a marriage that lasts.

The content I created in this course is meant for married couples, engaged couples, and can absolutely be enjoyed by a single person. The course is interactive and full of tools that help you learn to strengthen and deepen your intimacy and communication. This course covers the topics of having more fun, communicating more effectively, building increased intimacy and so much more.

The folks who have worked through this material already have praised the interactive content and have raved about how many ways it has brought them closer together. If building a stronger marriage is your goal, living in a real marriage together and having more grace for one another is your goal, if preparing for the next transition in your relationship is your goal – this course is designed for you.

If you are interested in more information or ready to get started visit https://online.klemmer.com/courses/jenneagrammarriage

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