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Get in the Short Line

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

I am fond of reminding my audiences at arena events that "life isn't fair."  Life can be great, grand, and wonderful, and it's the only game in town, but life is never fair.  It's important to realize that we don't have to play fair either.  There are areas where you and I can have unfair advantages.  I'm not talking about cheating or being dishonorable.  I'm simply talking about playing to your strengths.  It's much like going to the grocery store, filling your basket, and being ready to check out.  Some of the lines are shorter and move faster than other lines.  It's important at the grocery store and in life to get in the short line that is moving.  

Unfortunately, our aptitudes and strengths are not always apparent to us.  You may be great at things you have never tried before. 

There are a number of tests that will indicate your areas of interest, skill, and aptitude.  If you want to find out the areas where you will be most productive, you can take an assessment test at www.UltimateProductivity.com and get a free productivity profile.  Just use the access code 586404.  There is no charge for this test.  I simply developed it so people could determine what working methods and environments were the most conducive to them being productive.  Productivity can be boiled down to motivation, communication, and implementation.  We all do things differently, and once you find your strengths, you will enjoy your work more and get more work done.  

As a young man, I was a champion weightlifter.  Through a lot of hard work and training, I became one of the strongest people in the field; but ironically, my strength was only within a narrow range of motion created by our training techniques.  Within this "power groove," I could lift a great deal of weight, but if I got out of line and lifted slightly in front of or behind my power groove, my results fell off dramatically.  

Just because you're good at something, it doesn't mean that skill or aptitude can translate.  Michael Jordan was arguably the best basketball player of all time, but when he switched to baseball, he was an average minor league player.  The fact that he could switch professional sports at all is remarkable, but obviously, his fame, fortune, and success was on the basketball court and not the baseball diamond.  

If you feel as if you are running in sand and not making the progress you want to make, or if you're not enjoying the journey, you may want to consider the fact that you could be in the wrong line impatiently waiting for something you don't really want in your life or in your career.

As you go through your day today, remember that what you do is as important as how well you do it.

Today's the day!

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