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Changing Your Script

Written by Jim Stovall

I've been privileged to have eight of my books turned into movies with several more in the works.  If you have read any popular novels that have been turned into films, you know that, generally speaking, books and movies are different. 

Novels have the time to develop characters, prolong descriptions, and have the advantage of being able to give you the internal dialogue or what the characters are thinking.  Movies can show you unbelievable vistas and panoramas demonstrating that a picture is worth a thousand words or, in a great film, a lot more than a thousand words.

I have written over 40 books.  When I began writing, all of my titles were nonfiction.  They gave success principles, insights from world leaders, and profitable business models.  After several years of writing these types of books, I wrote my first novel entitled The Ultimate Gift.  That little book changed my life and the lives of millions of people around the world who have read it.  It spawned three sequel books thus far and three movies:  The Ultimate GiftThe Ultimate Life, and The Ultimate Legacy.  It is fun to create characters such as Red Stevens, Theodore Hamilton, and Gus Caldwell and be able to keep them as a part of the story line in future books and movies.  

My participation in the film industry continues to be very gratifying.  I have played a cameo role in all the movies based on my books, and I have been involved with casting and the scriptwriting process.  Writing movie scripts can be a very detailed and tedious process because one minor change in the plot involving just one character can dramatically change the outcome of the entire story.  

I remember working on the film script for The Ultimate Life which involves a flashback to the Great Depression and World War II to explore where the modern-day characters had come from.  It was fascinating to see how tiny character traits or insignificant incidences could turn into wide-sweeping success or failure in the ensuing decades.  

I remember the moment it dawned on me that small habits and traits turning into huge success or disastrous failure was not simply a product of motion picture scripts, but it is also an element of our lives.  You or I could change a few minor habits or activities surrounding our family, finances, fitness, or faith which would make amazing differences in our lives and, in many cases, the lives of generations to come.  Actors and directors have to work with the scripts they are given by screen writers, but you and I can write our own scripts or edit the script we have to make the changes we want to see on the giant screen of our lives.

As you go through your day today, take control of your script and your life.

Today's the day!

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