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Anyone Feeling Like They are Running on an Empty Battery?

Sometimes does it just feel like your battery is drained? Feeling uninspired or underwhelmed with your results? Life is full of moments where we tend to feel stuck in a rut. There are many ways to shake up your routine to change your outcome!

One way to change your routine might sound incredibly simple… SET A GOAL! Choose an area in your life that you feel you want to improve, and set a SMART goal in relation to that area. You can find a full explanation of a SMART goal in Brian Klemmer's book If How To's Were Enough We Would All Be Skinny Rich and Happy. Have a huge goal in mind and have no clue where to start? Break that large goal down into smaller goals. Give yourself actions steps to set yourself into motion because life is not slowing down any time soon. Looking for some true accountability around your goals? Samurai Camp is the perfect place to set four separate goals and have the support to achieve your dreams.

Another way to recharge your battery is to staff a seminar. I believe staffing is one of the best classes we at Klemmer offer. Staffing gives you an opportunity to dive into the material, another time around, while being of contribution… a total WIN/WIN. On top of being a part of the work again, it is another chance to connect with like-minded people. Please take the opportunity to come and staff Personal Mastery, Advanced Leadership or Heart of the Samurai. We would love to see you again, and support you in your dreams and goals.

Take life by the reins and fill up your cup. You are worth honoring yourself and living a life of passion and purpose.

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