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Agreements by Krystal Zellmer

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Commitments do not exist within a vacuum.

Brian Klemmer always said, “Context is everything.”

It becomes easy to heighten the level of certain commitments when we have a high level of accountability in those areas. What is interesting is where we choose into that level of accountability.

When I look at my life, I can evaluate how healthy I am in terms of my relationships with my word based on how I am treating my agreements. I begin to look at which agreements I am devaluing, underestimating, or breaking all together. I may be more willing to renegotiate those agreements or ask to cancel.

When you look at your life, what do you view as a small agreement? Maybe you don’t believe there are big agreements or small agreements, yet based on results there are places you are much more likely to bend to circumstance or blur the lines. Who are the people you do this with? Friends? Family? Yourself? God? Why do you believe you treat your agreements that way with that person or people?

What is fascinating to me is that it has always come true in my life; context is everything. This is a lesson I have been taught and trained by every incredible mentor I have worked with. The context of the way I treat my agreements does not exist in a vacuum. Without being able to explain it, the context I set in my life around how I treat my agreements in any and all areas affects any and all areas of my life as it is setting context around agreements in my life.

Accountability simply puts a spotlight on our behavior. It yolks one person to another, raises the expectations they have of each other and thus raises their bar of behavior. What if you treated every agreement in your life as if it had a spotlight of accountability on it? Meaning, if you told yourself you were going to workout today, you did it, regardless of who else knew about that agreement you had with yourself. What if when you gave your word, towards anything, you gave it the tenacity towards accomplishment that you would give it if you were in a seminar room?

Not feeling like you can do that alone? Not a problem! Find an accountability partner! Someone that you will hold accountable and they will hold you accountable to a high level! You want to play on a high performing team. Now, don’t just tell them about your goals (although that is important too) tell them about the things you haven’t been consistent on keeping your word on lately. Begin to retrain your agreement muscle in that area. Begin to change the evidence you are providing yourself around your word and how much it matters. Begin to see yourself as the compassionate samurai that you are; honest, trusting and committed.

At the end of the day, you deserve to look in the mirror and know that you know you are a person of your word. You are that person! You can and you will! Believe in yourself long enough to show yourself that you are trustworthy and capable and experience the liberty that comes with being a person that is impeccable with your word.

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