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12 Days of Christmas Klemmer Style

We at Klemmer are thankful for all of you and want to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! You are the blood that pumps through the heart of this company. Every testimony you have shared has filled someone at Klemmer up to keep pressing on. Bigger than that, the results you are producing are making the world a better place, and for that we are grateful.

As the holiday season is upon us, there are many opportunities to celebrate and sometimes, there are opportunities that may try to disrupt your peace with the hustle and bustle of the season. Don't let anything infect your peace.

We've compiled 12 different Klemmer tools this holiday season. Serving as reminders and encouragement for you to continue to BE from a place of peace and continue on with the dreams and goals within your heart. Continue reading on for our list of 12 tools.

We have been posting daily on our social media platforms for each individual tool (you can follow us @klemmerseminars on Instagram and on Facebook to stay connected).

On the first day of Christmas Klemmer gave to me...One life by intention!

We define "Intention" as your most deepest, most passionate commitment.

Intention is not will power. Will power comes from the conscious mind, or head.

What are you committed to this holiday season? What kind of life are you committed to create in this new year?

Remember the Million Dollar Formula:

Intention + Mechanism = Results!

On the second day of Christmas Klemmer gave to me...Two islands!

We also refer to the two islands as the Illusion of Separateness vs. the Reality of Oneness.

The reality is; we are all connected.

If we can set our judgement aside, we are one step closer to living in a world that works for everyone with no one left out.

Where are you seeing yourself as separate from others? Disconnected or different?

On the third day of Christmas Klemmer gave to me...Three ways to raise your intention!

1) Bold declaration

Find an accountability buddy. The more people you declare your goal to the better.

2) Risk

One way to up your intention is to put something at risk. Choose something that you are not okay with losing, and if you do not hit your goal that is the price you will pay. The focus here is for you to do whatever you can do to achieve your goal and not pay a price.

Understand we are NOT saying to put yourself in a situation that could physically or emotionally harm yourself or other individuals.

3) Visualization

Your subconscious is already seeing a picture of the current reality. To achieve your goal you must combat that image. Create a rhythm of imagining seeing yourself achieving your dream. Allow yourself to be in the moment. What do you see? How will you feel? What kind of sounds will you hear?

Or, create a psychological trigger device. This can be something such as a sticky note on your bathroom mirror that reminds you to visualize your achieved goal every time you see the sticky note.

On the fourth day of Christmas Klemmer gave to me...4 Criteria to "Be With"

"Be with" is a type of listening that allows you to actually listen to what another person is saying, rather than just hearing them. It is listening without any of your filters up.

There are four ways to engage in "be with" listening:

1) Be Here Now

Simply be present in the moment.

An example of being present in the moment is not thinking about what you had for lunch while someone is talking, nor is it trying to figure out how to respond before they have even completed speaking. Being present in the moment can take practice but it is worth it.

2) Notice Your Feelings

Notice what your feelings are, that are simultaneously occurring, around what is being said. This allows you to recognize what is going on for you, and put it to the side to become fully present again.

3) Clean Sheet

Clean sheet is sweeping the judgment from your mind. Things are always going to come up for you while you are engaging with others. This practice of "be with" listening is just training yourself on coming back to the present with the person in front of you as often and quickly as you can.

4) Ask Why

Let your heart go on a hunt for why you are feeling the way you are feeling. This will also help you in discovering sunglasses attached to those feelings.

On the fifth day of Christmas Klemmer gave to me...Five hundred year vision!

Brian Klemmer had a 500 year vision. In 1995, Brian Klemmer had a vision to create a world that works with no one left out. He began bringing leadership and personal development seminars to people all around the world.

Leaders develop the vision of the organization, others, and themselves.Vision is the ability to see with your imagination the potential that the physical eye cannot see.

The physical eye sees facts, such as an apple seed sitting in the palm of my hand.

Vision sees the potential of the tree it will become and the fruit of that tree, which has seeds and the trees of those seeds, etc.

Large visions grow out of little visions. Never underestimate your ability to make a difference.

On the sixth day of Christmas Klemmer gave to me...Six ranch cows!

Years ago Brian Klemmer had a vision for a Klemmer retreat center. While he did not see that dream come to life, it remained in the hearts and minds of those he mentored.

As of this year, it is finally here in Bandera, Texas after years of dreaming and fundraising.

On the seventh day of Christmas Klemmer gave to me...Seven ways the victim mindset shows up!

Two people that have been put in the exact same situation can choose either victim or responsible. It is not about the circumstances; it is always about your response to your circumstances.

Coming from a victim mentality will create an experience for you that you are not in control, or that you were exploited. Being responsible is not about whether or not you were victimized, but your outlook on the situation. It is about creating the liberty for you to move forward in your life however you see fit.

Here are seven ways the victim mindset may show up:

1) "Shoulda"

An example of this is when your self-talk is you or someone else "should have" done something differently.

It shouldn't have been this way! Or I should have said/done ______ (fill in the blank).

2) "Woulda"

An example is when your self-talk is that you or someone else "would have" done something different but felt like there was no other choice.

I would have done something different but _______ (fill in the blank).

3) "Coulda"

An example is when your self-talk is that you or someone else "could have" done something different.

I could have said/done ____ (fill in the blanks) instead of _____ !

4) Have To

An example is when you may find yourself saying "I have to" when referring to different activities or responsibilities.

I have to do _____ !

5) Shame

Shame creates feelings of inadequacy and over time fosters negative beliefs of one's self-worth.

Are there any places in your life shame tries to creep into?

6) Blame

Whether it's blaming yourself, other individuals, or circumstances; blame is another way the victim mindset shows up.

7) Guilt

Guilt can also create feelings of inadequacy and can reinforce negative self-belief patterns.

On the eighth day of Christmas Klemmer gave to me...Eight ways resistance shows up!

When you commit to anything that's significantly bigger than where you're at, your belief systems kick into gear to defend themselves. Resistance shows up.

What do most people do when they encounter resistance? They resist resistance. They give up on their goal. They shut down. Instead of resisting resistance, overcome it. Here are eight different ways resistance may show up:

1) Silent Treatment

2) Angry Cleaning

3) Confusion

4) Passive Agression

5) Procrastination

6) Powering Up

7) Avoidance

8) Sarcasm

On the ninth day of Christmas Klemmer gave to me...Nine dots!

What are the actual boundaries to you achieving your goals and dreams? There are no limits.

There is a puzzle called the "9 Dots". There are 9 dots you need to connect with 4 lines without lifting your pen. The purpose of the puzzle is to challenge us to think beyond any predetermined boundary to find a solution.

Take this as encouragement and a reminder today that you are more than capable to achieve your goals and dreams.

On the tenth day of Christmas Klemmer gave to me...Ten traits of the Compassionate Samurai!

In life there are two types of people. The first are those who are nice, good-hearted, and compassionate but can’t make much happen. The other kind can make everything happen—they’re the creators, the go-getters, and the aggressive producers in society—however, they’re often self-centered, greedy, and unethical.

Brian Klemmer coined the term "Compassionate Samurai" to mean someone with strong values who can absolutely make anything happen and yet whose whole life is about service.

1. Commitment

2. Personal Responsibility

3. Contribution

4. Focus

5. Honesty

6. Honor

7. Trust

8. Abundance

9. Boldness

10. Knowledge

You'll notice that all ten codes are character traits. What's exciting for you is that as you integrate them into your life, you'll have the potential for an exponential increase in your growth.

On the eleventh day of Christmas Klemmer gave to me...Eleven sunglasses!

We are going to suggest every choice you make is based on a subconscious belief system that you more than likely don't even know is there.

At Klemmer, we call these sunglasses. At its surface, it is a silly analogy, yet the impact it has shapes your reality. Subconscious belief systems are simply ideas that you buy as reality and then operate accordingly. They may or may not be true, yet you operate as if they are true.

Here is a list of 11 different sunglasses that people may operate from:

1) "Look good"

2) Perfectionism

3) Scarcity

4) Abundance

5) Self-Sabotage

6) Need to be right

7) Victim

8) Responsible

9) Proactive

10) People pleasing

11) Empathy

On the twelfth day of Christmas Klemmer gave to me...1 Fact / 12 Different Meanings!

Facts in and of themselves do not have any inherent meaning until meanings are assigned.

We make up meanings for everything that happens in life. Begin to realize that you are making the meanings up. Facts are not meanings! They are two separate things. Most people take meanings to be true and believe there could be no other meaning. This is huge! Leaders, on the other hand, recognize that facts do not mean any one thing.

How much time would you say that you spend daily in your made-up meaning of a situation? Minutes? Hours? Sometimes the smallest comment can be made and we can create such a meaning around it that it will ruin our entire day

Why not make up a meaning that serves you? Something that will help move you forward. Neither meaning is the truth. Save yourself an hour or two today by creating your own fact/meaning relationships.

Here is an example of a fact with 12 different meanings:

Example Fact: I am the oldest child

Example Meanings:

1) I am responsible

2) I am rebellious

3) I am creative

4) I am trustworthy

5) I am a leader

6) I need to be perfect

7) I am an overcomer

8) I am worthy

9) I am loved

10) I must always "have it together"

11) I am visionary

12) I am driven

Enjoy this holiday season! We appreciate our Klemmer friends and family.

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