Patti Marrin

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Life Coaching, Professional Coaching, Adoption Coaching

I am a Balanced, Powerful and Surrendered Woman
Phone: 952-240-4398

I am Known as the Vibrant Coach, I walk with you to reach your goals and dreams, to live a vibrant and wonderful life of your choosing.

I believe that every person is powerful and wonderful in their own unique way. I choose to walk your path with you until you find clarity and joy in your own choices.

I coach business professionals in their work goals as well as personal goals. Adoption: if you are adopted, are adopting or have adopted a child helping you meet those special challenges.

I am the asker of the questions so that you can find your clear answers. I believe that your answer(s) are already inside of you and just waiting for the right questions to be released.

"Patti is awesome as a coach, I feel listened to, validated, built up and encouraged every step of the way. Her manner is not overwhelming or overly enthusiastic! I appreciate that she meets me where I am and helps me look at WHY I might not be reaching for what I thought was a good goal".

"Thank you for helping me out of my slump. I have accepted a job offer and will begin in the next week or so. Thank you again for coaching me and helping me realize my dreams again"!


Tel: 800-577-5447

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