Michelle Riddell


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Specialities: Busting through Limiting Beliefs, Communicating Effectively, Life Visioning Work, Leadership & Management, Career/Business Development, Managing Change

Phone: 916-768-4531

Coaching Approach:

Michelle coming alongside her client on the path of transformation and change.

  • “I believe in your potential as a human being, and it is my privilege to guide your discoveries about what is around the next corner. I lead my life with love for God, self and others.  You’ll be delighted to experience this during our work together.”

Her client’s dreams, hopes and goals guide the coaching work.

  • “My focus is to hold you capable and resourceful to what you say you want to be, do and have. I am here for accountability on progress, give feedback on behaviors and motivate you to create habits that are resourceful and beneficial.”

She is a practitioner of the work and continuously enjoys learning.

  • “I would not suggest anything that I have not embraced myself. I am a consummate learner.  I will ask powerful questions to stretch your mind and perceptions.”

Michelle lives with integrity.

  • “I seek joy in commitment as an expression of living fully. You will see me as I am.  I believe that modeling authenticity cultivates a trust-based coach-client relationship.”



Michelle Riddell joined Educational Media Foundation in December 2009.  She’s the Vice-President of Digital Communications and is a member of the ministry’s executive team.  She oversees the teams that produce multi-media assets, manage all things digital (websites, apps, socials) and handle listener interactions.  Under Michelle’s leadership, various initiatives are underway to further extend the digital reach of K-LOVE and Air1 brands.  When working with her staff, she pays close attention to leadership development, cross-functional collaboration, building confidence in others, and team performance strategies.


Michelle’s professional history includes roles in business development, marketing operations, information technology and supply chain management.  Over the last 20 years, she gained extensive experience with implementing consumer-based digital engagement solutions.  Michelle received her Bachelor of Science degree in Decision and Information Sciences at Santa Clara University (Santa Clara, California).  She obtained her master’s degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Technology Innovation from the Graduate School of Management at University of California (Davis, California).


Her current educational interests include media & storytelling, communications, and co-active coaching.  Michelle teaches as an adjunct professor at William Jessup University’s School of Business.  She lives in Meadow Vista, California with her husband, Eric, where they enjoy numerous outdoor activities including hiking, backpacking, kayaking and whitewater rafting.  Their daughter, Elli, is married to Nick, and they live in Omaha, Nebraska.